Aaron Kwok Rumored to be Dating Model Anna Kay

Aaron Kwok (郭富城) seems content with his newfound bachelorhood, attending parties at nightclubs and getting drunk while surrounded by young, beautiful women. Although Aaron has been flaunting his single lifestyle, some say that the 47-year-old is secretly dating model Anna Kay (葉熙祺).

After his break up with former love Lynn Hung (熊黛林) in April, Aaron has been romantically linked to TVB actress Christine Kuo (苟芸慧). Christine repeatedly denied the relationship, and Aaron declined to comment on his private life. Recently, reports surfaced claiming that Aaron may actually be dating mainland model Anna Kay. Anna Kay first entered the public spotlight in September 2012 when she was rumored to have married actor Jaycee Chan (房祖名). The 26-year-old claimed that she had been dating Jaycee for two months and had even met Jaycee’s father, Jackie Chan (成龍). Jaycee quickly denied the reports, saying that he was not involved romantically with the model, and suggested that Anna Kay was simply using him to gain publicity.

A rising starlet, Anna Kay participated in several films in 2012, one of which was Patrick Kong’s (葉念琛) Natural Born Lovers <天生愛情狂>. While on set, Anna Kay reportedly became good friends with co-star Chilam Cheung (張智霖), who introduced her to his friend Aaron. Anna Kay got along well with Aaron, and the two became close over common hobbies and interests. Anna Kay also joined Aaron’s fan club and even attended his concert in March, posting several back stage photos on Weibo.

Last week, Anna Kay was seen entering the same building that Aaron currently lives at. The model remained for around 30 hours, sparking speculations that she had stayed with Aaron overnight. Reporters reached Aaron’s manager Xiao Mei (小美) yesterday for confirmation. Xiao Mei replied, “We do not intervene with our artists’ private lives. However, friends can be either male or female. It is the same for everyone!”

Anna Kay, who is currently filming in Guangzhou, admitted to knowing Aaron personally but stated that they are only friends. Reporters asked about her appearance at Aaron’s residential building, Anna Kay said, “I can only say that I was in Hong Kong a couple of days ago, and stayed at a friend’s home. I cannot comment on anything else because I don’t want to create trouble for my friend.”

Chilam Cheung appeared confused when reporters inquired about Anna Kay. He stated that he does not know the model very well, and that the two had lost contact after filming Natural Born Lovers. When asked about Aaron’s rumored relationship, Chilam simply said that he will not comment on false news.

Source: Ming Pao 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Apparently, if you have doe eyes and can pose with a vapid look into the camera, Aaron will find you.

    1. after christine no longer fresh, aaron now finds a younger doe eyed imported ‘goods’ to satisfy his middle age crisis

      1. He’s been having a middle age crisis for an awfully long time if that’s all that’s going on. Is it possible that he just likes women in their 20s? As long as he’s not forcing them, is it really something to be scornful about?

  2. Wow, she certainly looks cute but gosh the guy is 47 yes he is still HOT but wow…. what an age diff? whooo…. AK likes them young i see haha..

    1. Every man loves them young, except Kenneth Ma. The only difference is that there are not many man capable of (read: with a lot of money)finding the young ones.

    2. it’s an old pic of aaron kwok, can safety say that anna kay is a gold digger

  3. great – maybe this will save that other scapegoat from further trauma

  4. Why does she sound like a gold digger making up stories to promote herself?
    She isn’t pretty at all imo, just plain.

    Why would Chi Lam introduce her to Aaron if he barely knew her?

  5. Wow his new pair of shoes sounds like an opportunist. Oh well, since he has to spend money on them shoes, might as well get them while they are still fresh since they are all going to age anyway. Afterall, they are just shoes and you don’t want to wear the same pair till the end of your life. Right Aaron?

    You fussy, half a century old commitment phobe.

    1. Thing is… one day his feet are going to age as well, and then all those pretty new pairs of shoes won’t want to be anywhere near them 😛

      He better find a pair he likes and can live with sooner rather than later.

      1. Hi TvbFanatic,
        Lol yes that is so true. Also he must start finding a new pair of shoes soon since he likes to wear them for 7 to 8 years before finding out that they don’t fit right.

        Like the Rosy Business quote, how many 10 years can he have in his shoe wearing lifetime. I’m looking at 4 more pairs of ill fitting shoes before his feet turn to dust. 😀

    2. Hi Siying. So true about the new shoes. Aaron likes to change his shoes allthe time. He is going through a lot of shoes, eh. Well, shoes become worn out after awhile, soit will be onto another pair. This man is so pathetic. This man is heading for that half a century milestone. Time for him to take stock of his life and build his real life legacy. He might think he is a Casanova or Don Juan. I think he is a middle age man who thinks he is still 21. He also hiding from reality behind these young daughters, I mean women. My bad,lol.

      1. Hi Kaboom,
        Lol Don Juan, that’s funny. Don Juan De Marco he ain’t none but Imelda Marcos, yep definitely. 😀

    3. @Siying, your ‘fussy, half a century old commitment phobe’ nickname got a snicker from me – now i think it may get stuck in my head and get repeated everytime i see his pic, lol….

      1. Hi bizzybody,
        Thanks, try as I might, I really couldn’t find any other words to describe him. Other than “Fickle Minded Caterpillar”. But I wouldn’t share that loving term with him because that’s what my mother calls me when I’ve bought too many shoes in a month. (I’m talking real shoes though, not the Heavenly King types. lol.) 😀

      2. To give credit to the FHACOCP (maybe you can find him a shorter catchy nickname), if I have his popularity, looks and $, I may also choose to be a FHACOCP.
        But I’ll be smarter than him. I’ll first marry someone who loves me more than I love her (with pre-nup of course), surgically-enhanced feature is a definite NONO (I’ll pay to have experts check it out or pay private detectives to dig out whatever dirt they can find). We’ll have a few beautiful babies with my big eyes. THEN… I’ll have my fun so I’ll be known as a half a century old dirty old man (HACODOM). Hmmm… doesn’t that sound like Jacky Chan (minus the big eyes)?

      3. Lol bizzybody, you’re funny. FHACOCP! Guess that will stick for now till he charms us with more rumours. That’s a perfect plan to graduate from a FHACOCP to a HACODOM. Yes its important to get professionals to check it out, I remember reading about a case in China where a man sues his wife because their baby was too ugly for him to accept. He couldn’t understand why his baby would look like that and thought his wife had an affair, then it later turned out that she actually had some major plastic surgery done to herself before she got married.

        Yup its does sound like Jacky, does a big nose count? Actually, I’ve just noticed there are many HACODOMs lurking around, think Marco Ngai. 😀

      4. @Siying, I read about that news before previously and pondered over it. I refreshed my memory by re-reading the link you provided. Honestly, looking at the Before and After pic, it’s a really big difference and I really don’t know whether the judge is right in agreeing with the husband and awarding him damages.
        But the poor child is innocent and no matter how, is still his flesh and blood. Besides, there’s no guarantee that a beautiful couple will have good-looking babies/kids.
        What would you do if you were in the husband’s shoes? I ask myself that and can’t rightly answer. If my partner came clean before we got married, would I have married her? Sounds bad, but honestly, I would ‘play’ around with plastic girls, but to marry one knowingly – that would require LOTS of real love.

      5. hi bizzybody, 🙂
        Thanks for relooking at the article. Well, when I first read it, my initial reaction was that the husband was really mean, since divorcing his wife would impact the child now having to grow up without one parent. However, when I thought about it, honesty is a major factor in a marriage and it seems that in these sort of cases, there’s a major breech of that policy.

        Given that, since they are married, he must have liked her for other things beyond beauty like her personality or humour and since they have a kid, I feel that he should not divorce her because its her past and that the judge should not have awarded him that much compensation.

        But if I were the husband, I would be thankful that at least it was not infidelity. Would I have married her based on her real looks if I knew it before marriage, I seriously may not based on looks but if she had an awesome personality or some great traits, I think I may consider it.

        Would I divorce her after knowing, well I wouldn’t but if we were to plan to have more kids, I would pray for them to look less like their mother and more like their father.

        Would I marry a girl who is plastic surgery enhanced, well if she was honest and told me she hated her real face and it made her feel better after she did have surgery, I would ask to see how she really looked and if its justified, I would marry her. If its something not really justified, like her nose is a nice nose but she still had it done just to look like a celeb, or her boobs are okay but she still had them done just to emulate others, I would not marry a girl like that cos she is not contented and not confident and most importantly, have no mind of her own.

      6. @Siying, I think maybe the man who sued his wife is considered rich and a good catch. These type of men usually looks for trophy wife and doubt they’d take the trouble to spend time to get to know the wife. So, this is an opportunity for him to get rid of her.
        Truly pity the woman – I think the plastic surgery really did wonders for her. Sometimes can’t believe how a person can be totally transformed. It is always unfair that women have to look good or maintain their looks. Men don’t have to do much – if they at least manage not to have pot bellies, I think they can land themselves a good above average looking wife.
        P/s Siying, don’t only imagine yourself facing the situation. Imagine the woman you married is the lady in the article. I think she had her eyes, nose, teeth and cheekbone/jaw done. Honestly, she has an alien face shape 🙁 I think if I look like her, and i have the money or the guts to go under the knife, I would too. But I would tell my partner before we get married so that he has a choice. If he chose to break up with me, I’d rather be single and enjoying my life with my new looks than cheat him into commitment as that may mean future heartbreak for me. Marriage is not everything. I do not look down on those that have plastic surgery to enhance their self-esteem but those who do that with the intention to land rich spouse or break-up marriages disgusts me.

      7. hi bizzybody, 🙂

        That’s true what you said. I wonder who got the kid. Poor kid.

        Well if I were her, I would also go for plastic surgery, I believe the pain would have been worth it, a period of pain in exchange for getting something that I would want for myself. I think is ok.

        I’m pro plastic surgery if its to correct a flaw, like a defect, something which makes the person feel bad about themselves, or if without it, would make life difficult for the person such as being bullied or humiliated, unable to get a job etc.

    4. at least aaron’s not stupid, he knows what she and the other ladies are after

    5. for all we know, this anna kay may have gone under the knife too

  6. Never heard of her. Why this this world is full of beautiful people. Thank God. But sad I never met one. lol

    1. yeah, me too… we can only tell ourselves we’re fortunate to know those who’re beautiful on the inside (prolly some consolation). Sometimes, I just want to see some beautiful people (eye candy) in real life, not necessarily to know them or speak to them – know what i mean?

  7. For a minute there I thought she was a different actress…some other mainland one with the same dolly looks.

    Gosh, Aaron is looking good—he’s got some amazing eyebrows. He’s probably going to end up like George Clooney.

  8. Seems like another mainland gold digger … …

  9. They look alike…so prob are attracted to each other!!

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