Aaron Kwok Wins Best Actor at Huading Awards

Aaron Kwok (郭富城) won Best Actor for his role in Project Gutenberg <無雙> at the Huading Awards ceremony last night.

He was interviewed backstage and quoted Su Shi (蘇東坡), a Song Dynasty writer when asked for his thoughts on winning the award, “Every time I win an award, I treat it as encouragement. Winning and losing is not important. Of course I feel happy that I won, but losing indicates that there are certain areas that I need to improve on. Realizing my weaknesses will only allow me to get better. I will continue to pour my heart into every one of my projects. This award is based on audience votes, so it really means a lot and has given me a boost of confidence. For the latter part of the year, I will have two movies airing. I always pick my next project based on the script, I don’t want to repeat myself and will try to choose different characters to portray.” When asked if he would be celebrating with hot pot, Aaron answered that he needs to rush back to Mainland China to prepare for his concert.

Ex-TVB actress, Catherine Chau (周家怡) won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Project Gutenberg. She exclaimed that she was extremely happy as it was her first award in a best supporting role and she was also very happy to add an award to the number of accolades Project Gutenberg has received. “I was so nervous when I was accepting my award so I forgot to thank many people! Thank you to my family, my agent, and my friends! I love you all!”

The Best Actress award went to Mainland actress Ma Yili (馬伊琍) for her role in Lost, Found <找到你> and Best Hong Kong Film was won by Men on the Dragon <逆流大叔>. Best Supporting Actor was won by boy band EXO member Lay Zhang (張藝興) for his role in The Island <一齣好戲>. Best Producer was won by Yu Dong (于冬) and Best Screenwriter was won by Felix Chong (莊文強) for Project Gutenberg and lastly, Su Lun (蘇倫) won Best New Director for How Long Will I Love U <超時空同居>.

Source: On.cc [1,2]

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @coralie Yes, she’s been doing well and I’m extremely happy for her. It’s a hard pill to swallow for TVB though, since Catherine represents those neglected artists who toiled at TVB for decades (in her case, it was 17 years) and never got an ounce of recognition, then after they leave, they come into their own and are able to make a name for themselves without TVB’s help. On the male side, Leung Kin Ping is another artist on the same level — given mostly kelefe roles at TVB for nearly 3 decades despite his strong acting, he left and was able to make a name for himself on the international circuit. Absolutely TVB’s loss….

      1. @jimmyszeto I just watched TVB entertainment news’ recap of the Huading Awards and guess what — no mention of Catherine whatsoever. Practically all other winners were mentioned, including those from Mainland whom no one in HK knows, yet Catherine, who is from HK and won a major award, wasn’t mentioned even in passing. There’s biased, petty TVB for you!

  1. anyone finished watching Project Gutenberg? watched for the first 20min, slow moving plot and gave up. the trailer made it look amazing and suspenseful though

    1. @m0m0
      As much as I liked the cast and the twist although it was copied from an American movie, it just wasn’t good enough. The action scenes were over the top. The only acting I liked was from Catherine who was superb. Aaron’s acting was over the top as usual and Chow Yun Fat just gave another usual handsome performance. The best scene from Chow Yun Fat was in his final scene when he wasn’t playing the confident,handsome guy.

      1. @jimmyszeto Yea…the twist was from Usual Suspects but they also copied from HK movies too, as there were scenes reminiscent of Chow Yun Fat’s iconic classic A Better Tomorrow (ironically, those comparisons were part of Project Gutenburg’s promo efforts too, whereas they tried to downplay the similarities to Usual Suspects – I guess it’s ok to to be blatant about copying from other HK movies, lol). I agree that the best thing about the movie was Catherine Chau’s performance – as much as I love Chow Yun Fat (as an actor and as a person), I watched that movie mostly for Catherine.

  2. Lol. I didn’t realize the picture above is Catherine Chau I thought it’s Aaron wife Moka?

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