Ada Choi Didn’t Mind Husband Max Zhang’s Poor Days

Known to be one of the golden couples in industry, Max Zhang (張晉) and Ada Choi’s (蔡少芬) have been happily married for 11 years. Although there have been very little negative rumors about the couple during the last decade, Max discussed the earlier days in their relationship, where he was so poor that he couldn’t even afford to buy a plane ticket to see Ada.

When the couple first started dating, Ada was already an award-winning actress in Hong Kong and Mainland China. On the other hand, Max was fairly unknown and had trouble finding jobs. When they were dating, Ada was filming in Xinjiang during her birthday and asked that he fly over so they could spend the day together. Unable to afford a plane ticket at that time, Max refused Ada’s request which led to a huge argument between them.

Despite the difference in their status at that time, Ada believed in Max and knew that he has the potential to become a great actor. Ada married Max in 2008 and gave birth to two daughters subsequently.

Skilled in martial arts, Max’s breakout role was 2013’s  The Grandmaster <一代宗師> in which he won Best Supporting Actor. Bringing Ada to tears during his acceptance speech, Max said, “My wife is Ada Choi. I know that a lot of people have said that I’ll have to depend on her for the rest of my life. Yes, it’s true – my happiness will always depend on her for the rest of my life.”

The couple can be seen in the currently airing Mainland reality show, My Dearest Ladies <我最愛的女人們>. Praising Max for his endless love for both his and her family, Ada expressed, “He accepts everything I used to be. When I bring up the past, he never judges but would protect me wholeheartedly. That’s why I’m very grateful to him. He’s really a perfect man. Until today, I have to ask him about every matter whether big and small. He’s helped share my burden so I don’t need to be stressed.”


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