Ada Choi Turns Down TVB Ghost Drama: “It’s Against My Religion”

TVB producer Steven Tsui (徐正康), most famous for producing the classic comedy dramas War of the Genders <男親女愛> and To Catch the Uncatchable <棟篤神探>, recently announced his plans to film a television drama about ghosts. The drama, which would begin filming at the end of the year, will star Moses Chan (陳豪).

Steven Tsui originally wanted to cast Ada Choi (蔡少芬) to star alongside Moses. Eager to work with Steven Tsui and Moses, Ada immediately turned down three mainland Chinese dramas to make room in her schedule to film the series. However, after receiving the script and realizing that it would revolve around ghosts, Ada ultimately decided to turn down the role.

Ada, who is Christian, apologized, “I had to turn it down. Since I chose to accept God, I don’t want to act in films or dramas about ghosts. I did act in [1997 horror film] Troublesome Night <陰陽路>, but that was almost 20 years ago and I haven’t filmed a ghost movie or drama since.”

She expressed that it is pity that she could not work with Moses. Ada said, “Moses Chan knows about this. He also thought it was strange I got cast, since he knows I don’t act in ghost movies.”

Since she already turned down earlier mainland drama offers, Ada was asked if she had lost a lot of money. She laughed and said, “It’s not a pity. I’ll just wait and see what else I can do!”

At the Huading Awards held in Beijing on August 27, Ada won Best Actress in an Ancient Drama for her role in TVB’s Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>. Would Ada ask for a higher remuneration fee? “That depends on my manager. I’m already very thankful.”

Moses Chan and Kristal Tin Collaborate for the First Time

Ada’s role will be replaced by Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), who is a Buddhist. Kristal said, “We all have different choices. This will be my first time working with Moses Chan. I’m really anticipating it!”

Moses commented, “Ada Choi and I are really good friends. We can’t work together this time, but there will be a next time. She is a great partner and person, and very fun to hang out with. She’s crazy, so it’s easy to find chemistry with her.”

Moses is excited to work with Kristal for the first time. “This is a fresh partnership. We don’t know what our roles are yet, but I am looking forward to work with Producer Steven Tsui again

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Christians believe in ghosts too, in fact they believe in demons and spirits and devils hence poltergeist, exorcist and the ritual of exorcism. What a lame excuse! Come on! Now people are gonna laugh at christians and christianity more because of this silly reason. Buddhists tchnically does not believe in ghosts but Kristal Tin is hungry with ambition. A good script is a good script unless the script is lousy for this one. So if she is asked to play a muslim or a buddhist, is it against her religious beliefs? I just don’t get these excuses.

    1. Maybe after reading the scripts, the role she is going to play is against her beliefs. Eg,she is potraying a ghostbuster which needs to use traditional chinese methods (tao? i m not sure on this) instead of biblical methods

    2. Not necessarily, it depends what kind of christianity she believes in. Christianity is a very broad term, which many people are a part of but if you were to ask them more specifically it varies.

    3. Besides it’s not really about believing, sure Christians believe in spirits and Satan but to be involved in a production that features demonic spirits is a whole other different story.

      1. If real priest can star in exorcist why not her? I don’t get it.

      2. Same reason why AJ Cook is extremely religious but choose to star in a show that features rape and murder every week.

        Every individual is different, just because someone that share her beliefs behave a same way does not reflect Ada herself. It’s like saying just because you met a Christian who is despicable and you assume all other Christians are like that.

      3. @Teece: Very well-said! Definitely agree that when it comes to religion, it’s impossible to generalize and say everyone must live their faith the same way, since everyone is different. Just because Ada lives her faith the way she does, it doesn’t mean other Christians have to do the same thing.

        Just as a personal example: each of my Christian friends live the faith in different ways. One of my friends is so overly devout that she sees everything in a silo — meaning that she doesn’t associate with anyone who isn’t a Christian, she doesn’t watch non-Christian movies, she doesn’t read non-Christian books, etc. Sure, some of us might think that’s going overboard, but if that’s the way she chooses to live the faith, who are we to say she’s wrong? Just because I don’t interpret Christianity that way doesn’t mean she can’t interpret it that way. At the end of the day, it’s her choice…

      4. llwy12, your friend is an extremist and it is wrong. She does it to herself, it’s ok but what if she imposes it on her children? Nowadays when we hear extremist we think Muslims when in fact it can be any religion.

        Religion is up to interpretation but there is some general rule. Maybe more emphasis should be placed on charity unto others rather than say… not watch non-christian films and the likes. The usual things like understanding, compassion, love thy neighbour, that sort.

        I assume she has never read Harry potter then?

      5. Ew, in general (not just religion), can’t stand those “imposing/controlling/manipulative/scheming” types who want to live other people’s lives for them. So uncomfortable to be around those pushy types. Absolutely no respect for other people’s freedom of choice. Yuck!!!

      6. @Funn: Yes, my friend is an extremist in that sense and I’ve told her that from my point of view, but if in her mind she doesn’t see it that way (especially since she does do all that ‘usual’ stuff such as charity, good works, treat others with compassion, etc.) and it’s not affecting anyone but herself (she’s not married and she doesn’t have kids — and it’s not like she’s hostile to others, she just doesn’t develop close friendships with people who are not Christians), then well, she can live the way she wants to live, I guess.

        And no, she has never read Harry Potter…lol.

      7. ‘Ew, in general (not just religion), can’t stand those “imposing/controlling/manipulative/scheming” types who want to live other people’s lives for them. So uncomfortable to be around those pushy types. Absolutely no respect for other people’s freedom of choice. Yuck!!!’

        Totally agree. There is a word for those trying to bash/ criticize/ excoriate/ ridicule others for practicing their religions and using it as their moral compass — religious intolerance.

        I have a very good friend who happens to be an Orthodox Jew. One day, a group of us friends were taking a lunch break from a conference and decided on a nearby Japanese sushi restaurant. My Jewish friend politely asked to be excused from the group as he would go alone to a kosher restaurant.

        Instead of calling my Jewish friend a religious extremist and condemning his action as being silly and illogical as some here might, we all decided to join him at the kosher restaurant and good time was had by all.

    4. It’s depend on the person. I came from Indonesia which is the country with the biggest Moslem population. Some non Moslem actor are willing to act as Moslem in TV drama/movie and some don’t want to do it. To get Moslem actor to play as non Moslem however, that is almost mission impossible.

    5. Maybe the brand of Christianity she belongs to discourages the portrayal of ghosts.

      I remember reading an interview of a veteran HK actress who was initially cast as the ghost in ‘Police Station No.7’. She asked her pastor’s opinion on whether she should accept the role and her pastor said better not.

      1. That sort of same brand who says christians go to heaven, the rest to hell perhaps? I got one telling me that, I was young and I was terribly upset that I wrote a question to a pastor through those christian course by mail (rather popular then) and the said pastor returned my letter with a I believe 20 page or something photostate of CS Lewis writing about hell and the pastor in his own way tells me to read and decide for myself. The only ones with the answers are those who are dead, unless of course I attend some seance and ask that important question!

        Look, I don’t bash Christians. I have seen my fair share of those who are crazy in their interpretation and those who are kind. Often, those who tells Jesus jokes and all are brought up as strict catholics. They have a sense of humour that I find fascinating. But sometimes I just don’t get it you know? Yeah yeah you are free to practice religion your way but kinda boxing yourself in. Like Botox.

      2. a religion doesn’t necessarily box someone in. You can be part of religion and still do what you love.

    6. It’s good to have attitude but don’t forget where you came from. 😀

      1. BTW, send her to Africa and all those attitudes will disappear. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      2. your “send her to Africa and all those attitudes will disappear” is irrelevant

      3. Money brings out the selfishness in people in many ways. The word god from her mouth wears out every time she uses it. Have not seen a church or temple broken down. They all are pretty shiny including the bathroom. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    7. I agree with Terminator… respect other ppl’s religious belief and just shut up. who are u all to judge her? If she doesn’t want to act in ghost drama, it is her choice. Not up to armchair keyboard self confessed warrior to judge…….

      1. WRONG! Respect other people’s ‘right’ to believe in whatever nonsense they want to believe in, but no need to respect the belief itself. Ada Choi has a right to believe in Santa Claus if she wants, but people also have a right to tell her she’s being an idiot for believing in nonsense. But back to point, I’m glad she didn’t accept the role. The less we see of Ada on TV, the better. It will save the public from having to hear her gob about her Christian beliefs yet again for the hundredth time.

    8. You have your believe, she has hers. You don’t have to understand it, just respect it.

    9. “Buddhists tchnically does not believe in ghosts” ?? I takes it you don’t know anythings about Buddhists.I’m an Buddhists and WE believe that when you die your souls lives on.That mean if a person seeyou then they call you a ghost.

    10. Learn to respect then, you don’t have to always ‘get’ it. Even if you are right, it does not mean others are wrong.

    11. Any proof that christians believe in demons and spirits? And Christians don’t really care if we are laughed at because of this.

      And it depends on the individual and what beliefs they follow. E.g. Ram Chiang skips the blessing because he believe that it is against his religion.

      And excuses to you maybe, but it’s not for them.

    12. “Buddhists technically does not believe in ghosts”

      Are you serious? Buddhist do believe in ghosts. If you stated what you stated then i must assume you don’t’ know anything about Buddhism.

    13. ”Wanted in the Cast? What mindless subzero temperature, just imagine her screaming is nightmare in kindergarden! Acting has little to nothing to do with God.
      Peace, shall she not take part, amen!”

    1. She made a comment about her past ghost role 20 years ago. If was a comedy involving the supernatural versus ghosts, I wonder if she would co-star with Moses.

      1. That role she commented on in this article is a different one from the one I mentioned.

    2. Both of the dramas are in 20 years ago…

      Ada changes a lot over the years for the better. I remember reading something and got the impression she was materialistic, wanting huge birthday party and exposure when she first entered the business or so. I’m not a religious person, but Ada always gives me the impression that religion helps guide her to be a better person that she is today.

  2. Yes, I’ve never heard Christian don’t believe in ghost. Hmm. And now it’s Kristal Tin again, that reall sucks.

  3. i think it’s really up to interpretation whether christians can talk/film ghost stories or not. i was told that christians shouldn’t do anything related to ghosts b/c it broadcasts satan’s messages. well, w/ so many changes in the christian religion going back history, i can’t see why this school of thought can’t change. also the same as christians not supposed to marry nonchristians. so many friends do that.

    1. Hi m0m0,
      Yes, christians marry non-christians but eventually you’ve to convert to christianity. I’ve seen many.

    2. Well-said! I think alot of people may be missing the point. It’s not really about whether Christians in general believe in ghosts or not, as not everyone lives the faith the same way — in a way, it’s also based heavily on personal choice. Ada happens to be one of the more devout Christians in the industry, so she takes alot of the teachings more seriously –notice that she said “I don’t want to act in films or dramas about ghosts”, not “I’m not allowed to act in films/series about ghosts because of my religion”…to me, there’s a huge difference. If offered the same role, other Christian celebrities might not turn it down.

  4. Glad to see Ada happy & contempt in life. Good for her to turn down a role she doesn’t feel fit, she don’t have to do anything she doesn’t want just to earn money.

    1. ”Her advert sponsor would not wish to hear is ain’t fit, haha fish oil or peanut oil or greasy fat, the lot sells…”

  5. It’s a movie, she’ll be playing a character – whichever it might be … simply put, it’s a role – it’s not like whe was asked to convert or change her belief.

  6. I guess she believes in the other kind of ghost (God), and not the ones portrayed in movies (ghosts). See the difference? Neither can I.

  7. the producer should think of something different for ada she turned down so much for him

    1. Accepting the role when she’s not keen on it and then does a bad job of it is even more unprofessional.

      1. The article doesn’t say but my guess is maybe at some point her character will be possessed so maybe that’s why she turned it down.

      2. or maybe she had encounter real ghost while filming troublesome night 20 years ago,thats why she is afraid to make a ghost genre again,and since then she became a cristian i think.

  8. May be an excuse to turn down the offer for sake of money???? Don’t mix up reality and acting.

    1. “Ada immediately turned down three mainland Chinese dramas to make room in her schedule to film the series. ”

      How is that “for the sake of money”?

    2. Nah, can’t be about money, especially since she initially turned down even more lucrative offers for this one (come on now…any offer for Mainland series is way more money than TVB…filming 1 Mainland series is the equivalent of filming like 3 or 4 TVB series, maybe even more..).

      I think people are reading too much into her reason. If it were any other celebrity, then yes, I would question the ‘religion’ reason and possibly see it as an excuse to cover another underlying reason. But with Ada, I’m not surprised in the least that she would make sure a decision given how devout she is. I remember watching an interview she did many years ago (this was after she became a Christian but before she met Max) where the host asked her what her criteria is for choosing a significant other and she said that he has to be a Christian — otherwise, she won’t consider him, period…of course, the reaction from the host and some audiences at that time was shock and disbelief, which led her to say that it might sound extreme and she apologizes if people take offense, but it’s something she will never budge on (and she was true to her word of course, since her husband Max is a devout Christian as well)…

      1. Filming a Chinese series doesnt take that long. It only takes four to five months to finish a 40-50 episode length series. A TVB series will take two or three months for a 20-30 episode one.

  9. thats unfortunate because i like ada a lot. and i’m sick of seeing krystal

  10. I really like Ada and Moses chemistry after Where The Legends Begins. Hopefully they can collaborate again next time.

  11. As a Christian, we often refer back to the bible. In the bible, it never points out about “ghosts.” The bible states there are spiritual beings that are both good (angels) and bad (devils). The bible also noted that a man die once and then face judgment from God. Ghosts are defined as spirited beings of people who have passed away, therefore, Christians do not believe in ghosts because we do not believe the spirit of the dead remains on this broken world (Earth).

    Since Ada is a devout Christian, I understand why she would turn down the project. She lives by her faith every day. God is her priority before everything else (yes, that includes her family and work). If she have to portray a character who believes in ghosts, that IS against her faith and walk with Christ.

    1. There are many denominations in Christianity.

      Some Christians are pious or spiritual whereas others are nominal. A friend of mine called herself “part-time Christian” as she attends church only when she has problems.

      Not sure about the script but it could be possibility of the character being possessed by an evil spirit or the storyline is one which glorifies ghosts and spirits which is not in line with Christianity.

      For stories/movies like Harry Potter, some conservative Christians like me choose not to watch or read it as God is not glorified in the storyline. There are also undertones of words like “Blessed Be” in greetings that, according to my pastor, is satanic. And my pastor is very spiritual and anointed.

      Same even for Hollywood actors. For example, Jaclyn Smith in the early Eighties, was offered 7 figures to strip totally. She bypassed the movie role (which might be a life-changing role for her), citing she would not be in a position to teach moral values to her children as they could see her movie and asked her why was she in such a movie if she has moral values.

      1. “Not sure about the script but it could be possibility of the character being possessed by an evil spirit or the storyline is one which glorifies ghosts and spirits which is not in line with Christianity.”

        I suspect this might be the case for her.

        “For stories/movies like Harry Potter, some conservative Christians like me choose not to watch or read it as God is not glorified in the storyline. There are also undertones of words like “Blessed Be” in greetings that, according to my pastor, is satanic. And my pastor is very spiritual and anointed.”

        My family is Protestant. I watched Harry Potter but was quite uncomfortable with all the sorcery acts. My sister on the other hand, was advised by her Pastor to not watch if possible and she didn’t watch any.

      2. The choice is yours but that rules out a lot of books and some very very good books. Harry Potter is probably one of the very few books where children ditched their playstation and drag their happy parents to line up at bookstores during midnight to buy the new books, the likes never been seen again for children’s books, where upon getting their books they were spellbound by the story of friendship, sacrifice, love, bravery and kindness. The books will define a generation or already has. Sorcery is just a means to an end. But again it is a choice made by readers. But to the pastors who advised against it, it is such a narrow interpretation. And by using narrow interpretation, it rules out most if not all of the movies we see today.

        These people have my sympathies because Harry Potter books are a great set of books. But the plus point is it means these same people probably shun Twilight and for every sacrifice of a great thing comes with it a silver lining. Thank god for close mindedness.

      3. who are you to judge what a religious person does? How does that even concern you, miss lim?

      4. Back then, I heard that Harry Potter books had materials based on actual witchcraft. One of them was the ingredients used in spells. But the real spells and what they are used for was written differently in the books. It was investigated by someone (I can’t remember who she was. I had a detailed e-mail back then) who later notified the various churches.

      5. Harry Potter books has to be one of the rare exceptions. Never heard other authors writing stuff based on actual witchcraft. Others will usually be made up fantasy stuff that are usually a bunch of nonsense.

    2. The beauty of the free market of ideas is that everyone is entitled to his or her choice and preference and there is no need to justify them to anyone. If someone’s preference somehow excludes those I preferred, that’d be Ok and by no means I feel he or she would be somehow intellectually deprived. For example, I love reading Kafka’s work but know very few people I know share my preference. That’s ok with me and I would never want to be as narrow-mindedly arrogant as considering these people as “brain dead idiots” just because they do not share my preference for Kafka or even know who he was.(let’s google up)

  12. This remind me back to one of the episode of Come Home Love, where a Christian don’t want to film a role, and lawyer-ed up

    Till she met non other than the super awesome Law Lan, she explained to her in the show

  13. yes! something about ghostt!! finally! something new! no more police series please T__t

  14. I think the focus shouldn’t be on what religion or what aspects of it Ada is referring to. We should admire her for sticking to what she believes in and turning down money, something many people will go against anything for! I was recently tested with the same temptation and even debated. She didn’t seem to have the slightest. I’ve always respected her and now I respect her even more. AF!

  15. So she cannot act in a ghost drama, a loose woman, an angry woman, sexy roles, close to actors. This way, it would be good for her and her religion if she quits acting for good.

  16. Acting and actual belief is different, moreover she is an actress. It is her choice not to accept the job and it seems to me it is just an excuse to turn down a job easily. I respect her decision and choice.

  17. I really admire Ada for sticking to her Christian beliefs. From the above reports it is obvious that she is truly living out those beliefs without being preachy and hypocritical.Of course it is to her advantage that she is a well established actor and to her money is not a problem. Hence she is able to choose to act in only the series that suits her.

  18. All the more power to her! Why not? Wonder whether if she’s a starting out actress ; a struggling one…? Would she still stick to her gun? That is the true test..? Maybe a resounding still yes. Assuming that then hats off to her from all ten directions.

    No sarcasm.

  19. What the hell is Ada talking about? What do ghosts have to do with Christianity?

    But she looks gorgeous in the picture.

    Frankly, every series Ada appeared in recently has bombed in the ratings so it wouldn’t matter. Would be nice to see her in it though.

    1. I also wonder what do ghosts have to do with Christianity? I studied about religions of the world before and Christianity was one of them but have never heard of them not believing in ghosts.

  20. Christians are also against polygamy, no? so why did she accept Zhen Huan Zhuan as the empress?

  21. On one hand; she can do whatever she wants.

    On the other; where is she going to draw the line then? Is she never going to act as a buddhist/atheist/other religion character? Will she never portray a LGBTQ+ person in a movie (note: not all christians are against LGBTQ+ people but most of them are)? Is she never going to play a DIVORCED WOMAN because Jesus himself stated more than once that divorce is a SIN in the Bible?

    If she goes this far then it’s quite unprofessional of her but if she doesn’t she’ll just be a big hypocrite.

  22. it’s god’s plan for her… LOL..people still believe in god? i can’t stop laughing at people who thank god for the food on the table.. the food didn’t appear on the table, you have to work to have money to buy food! people thank god for curing them, why not thank the doctor?

    1. Food didn’t just appear on the table, and we needed to work for it. But to work, we need health to deal with the physical strain and emotional strain of working. How many people who have abused drug or alcohol have suddenly turned sick for no reason? Even if you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, good health is not a guarantee. Even seeing a good doctor who does all the right tests and treatment does not guarantee health.

      People have all the money in the world, but if you do not have health, then how can you enjoy the food on the table? Ever talked to a cancer patient who cannot swallow even when hungry, or vomits up everything they swallow? Even a good night’s sleep is not a guarantee.

      Do not take health for granted just because you are not ill. There is an end for everything. Be thankful which your health lasts.

      1. oh, so sick people can’t work b/c god doesn’t want them to have food 🙁

  23. I used to watch horror movie but not anymore. I really believe that watching those type of movie will effect your mind without realize it.

    1. I know what you mean. I’ve read of weird things happening on the set of horror movies. Believing it or not is up to the person reading it. You just can’t pooh-pooh the supernatural stuff. If she feels uncomfortable, all the money in the world can’t make her do it and it’s best that she doesn’t.

  24. Didn’t she say a long time ago that she wouldn’t film ghost genre again? Perhaps it’s her preference.

  25. How come Moses can film and she refuses to? Isn’t he Christian too?

    1. There are differences in Christianity. The basic commandments are the same but some restrictions may vary between different churches. Like schools may follow a similar curriculum, but the school rules, teaching methods and activities may vary.

      I do not think Ada is an extremist Christian. I do not think she is a hypocrite either. She is just acting in away that makes her feel comfortable with herself and in her relation with God.

      As Christians, our first priority is always God. Our actions and attitude revolve around not letting other things affect our relationship with God. Maybe Moses feels differently in the matter than from Ada. Maybe Ada feels she does not want to take the risk to endanger her relationship with God. Either way, everyone’s perception and interpretation of faith varies and as long as it is within the constraints our religious principles, then I think those views should be respected.

      As a Christian, I have read Harry Potter books and my fav genre is the vampire hopping movies from the 80’s with Lam Ching Ying. I even liked the Da Vinci Code. But I view them as just stories and it does not affect my thoughts, my beliefs or my actions. I love God all the same so I think it is OK. But some Christian friends refuse to watch it and I am fine with it.

      As normal people, Christians have a greater range of freedom in what we do. But as public figures who are put in the spotlight, maybe Ada feels uncomfortable that she is starring in a movie that may help promote idol worship which is a sin according to the Commandments. Same thing with Ada and Sheren for the “lesbian” scene in the WAB sales presentation clip. They just did not want to promote homosexuality. It is their choice and the consequence was to lose a job opportunity. If they accept that and it makes their hearts content, then its OK.

  26. It is kinda irrelevant but the current ghost series of TVB feature Law Lan (a Christian) is so good. But Im not sure if it can be that good to make a series about ghost to be aired on normal timeslot. The plot may become lame.

    1. You’re referring to “區區有鬼故”? Yeah, I agree. That series is quite interesting with its short stories. I didn’t like one with Benjamin Yuen or Jack Wu, but tge others were good. Looking forward to the last ep tonight.

      Anyway, back to the topic. Helen Law Lam is a devout Catholic yet she is famous for her Ling Po roles in horror shows. She’s perfectly Ok with starring in ghost stories yet maintaining her religious beliefs. I’m OK with that. I’m also OK with Ada sticking to what she believes in.

      1. I also dont like the one of Benjamin Yuen. I find he is kinda stiff in it.

        Law Lan also attends horror functions for Halloween and else. I cant forget the awesome Halloween TVC she made few years ago.

  27. I would really like Ada in that role with Moses. Kristal is not as pretty & always seem a little loud 🙁

  28. Religion is a very personal thing, and really shouldn’t be discussed in public. I believe that as long as you live your life well, and act to help those around you regardless of religion or belief, you’re doing well.
    I find it hypocritical when someone shuns others not of their belief because it is not their place to judge others. That’s up to a higher being.
    Live life, love life… treat others as you’d have them treat you.

    1. Totally what your statement. So glad someone has the same thoughts as I do.

  29. >>> I believe that as long as you live your life well, and act to help those around you regardless of religion or belief, you’re doing well.

    >>>I find it hypocritical when someone shuns others not of their belief because it is not their place to judge others. That’s up to a higher being.

    YES! Well said. Totally with you.

    NO POINT whatsoever being religiously-judgemental or shove it down throats preachy about who’s ‘acceptable’ or who’s going to hell one day because of their non/non-similar beliefs or religion, or even going for weekly confessions and prayer groups to ptay for the world …

    Only to step on others outside for own self-serving agendas, to be unkind and unhelpful, selfish and gossipy … or to err or hurt, and then justify that “they prayed to God about solutions, and that this was the answer”.

    Poor God, I always think as I roll my eye internally = imagine used as an excuse for justifying sins made by HUMAN decisions. Or how, on his Sunday off, the devoted Catholics are chanting 9 Hail Marys rituals to him.

    Overall all this, only to hypocritically-practise lip-service … while leading other lifestyle and ways outside …. ie WITHOUT being genuine, or having any self-ethical core.

  30. Let’s be clear about who is being judgmental and hypocritical here before getting on to our moral high horse.

    In this instance, I don’t think Ada Choi was the one being judgmental. All she did was rejecting an offer (well within her rights and prerogatives) and providing her reasons with which however one might agree or disagree. She did not criticize those responsible for producing or acting in this particular drama.

    So, let us be clear about who was being judgmental in this entire discussion.

  31. theres nothing wrong with reading harry potter if you are a christian. =.=

    not sure why some commenters are so tensed about ada rejecting a role due to conflicts with religions.

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