Ali Lee Exposed for Frequent Lateness & Haughtiness

Recently working alongside Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Ricco Ng (吳偉豪) and others on upcoming drama A Kind of Good Man <有種好男人>, actress Ali Lee (李佳芯) has been exposed by insiders for her habit of lateness on set!

Few Friends in the Industry

According to the source, the 39-year-old’s character had somehow altered after she got frozen by TVB following a political scandal in 2019; after which her replies during public interviews often seem to be loaded.

It is said that Ali had often arrived late on the set of A Kind of Good Man. Her lack of apology on reaching late further annoyed the production crew and gave the impression that she was rude and self-centered. Even though she remained professional, and would readily immerse into the plot every time the cameras started rolling, she still earned the ire of the cast and crew, who limited their interactions with her, and gave her a wide berth once the day’s work wrapped. The actress was known to be a lone ranger of sorts, and accorded her co-stars, the director and artiste manager the same cold treatment. Apparently, she also has just few friends in the industry, one of them being actress Samantha Ko (高海寧).

Samantha is named as one of Ali’s few friends in the industry.

Co-stars Interviewed Kept Tight-Lipped

There was further talk that Ali’s habit of lateness started as early as in 2020’s Beauty And the Boss <愛美麗狂想曲>. A crew member revealed that even though Ali turned up no later than 15 to 30 minutes than the scheduled timing, her frequency of being late affected co-star Moses Chan (陳豪) the most since they two had the most scenes opposite each other. However, the good-natured actor chose to remain silent as he did not want to blow matters up.

When questioned about the rumor, Ali’s response was that she has not heard about such talk. Thanking the reporters, she added that she had cooperated well with everyone in the recently-concluded A Kind Good Man. When co-star Joe Ma was asked if she was often late to set, he skipped the issue by replying that filming had been thoroughly enjoyable.

As for actor Billy Luk (陸永) who worked with Ali on the set of AI Romantic <智能愛人>, he said he had not encountered any incidence of the actress being late, and wondered how such a rumor started, smilingly asking the reporter, “Which colleague had pointed their finger at Ali?” Billy also spoke up for Ali and said that she had taken good care of juniors like himself, revealing that the two of them had interacted and discussed about their scenes together.

Source: HK01


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  1. Good thing Billy Luk spoke up for her. Ali doesn’t seem to be someone who would show up late on set and not apologize, hope this is just a rumour.

    1. Either he didn’t know or he didnt want to speak up and land in crap. Speaking up like Rebecca Zhu did about intimate scenes didnt seem to do her any favours. If there had been a number of accusations floating around theres no smoke without fire. Note that other actors didnt exactly deny her lateness but stayed silent on it. Thats very telling.

  2. Frequent lateness is really a habit… I do hate it when my staffs are work for work… but that does not mean Ali is so. It is down to her own boss to tell her off if her her lateness is affecting the production…

    1. Are you serious? You can’t be anything but self-absorbed if you don’t realize your punctuality would affect the rest of the people working with you. Being punctual is like basic courtesy, you should apologize for whatever reason you can’t be there in time, not for your boss to come and tell you.

  3. Being always late is annoying, but I don’t think she cares. TVB doesn’t even promote her anymore.

  4. I am probably bias but as someone who particularly thanked the crew in her award speech, I doubt this is true. Sounds like the reporter is just trying to stir up nonsense.

  5. Curious about Joe Ma’s reaction if the reporting is accurate describing it. He could have denied it right away if it was false so why skipped the topic?

    1. However, having few friends and not being punctual may not be related. The reporting should not suggestively bring it up.

    2. eh Joe Ma has always seemed like a self absorbed douchebag, he’s the last person I’d expect to “do the right thing” unless it benefits him in some way.

  6. looks like media is out to get her. Right after this news, the latest is about her dating a rich man and suggested she ditched her ex for the rich man.

  7. poor acting. one dimensional. happy, sad, angry all the same! wonder how she was named best actress which seriously baffles many!

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