Ali Lee Learned She’s Not Part of “Big White Duel” Sequel After Reading the News

Broadcast last year, TVB drama Big White Duel <白色強人> received good ratings and was a big winner at the TVB Anniversary Awards. TVB plans to film the sequel at the end of this year, but Ali Lee (李佳芯.) will not be in the new drama. With Ali also excluded from the sequel of Who Wants a Baby <BB來了>, many believe that she is still frozen by TVB for her outspoken pro-democracy comments last year.

Appearing at the filming for Cantopop at 50 <流行經典50年>, Ali said she only learned that she is not part of the Big White Duel sequel after reading the news. “If I’m here for filming today, does this mean I’m frozen? I don’t know anymore, and I’m not going to speculate. I’m just going to focus on doing my best. I have heard rumors of a sequel, but I had only learned that I’m not part of the production through the news. To be honest, I’m not sure myself. There are many moving parts right now, and everything is up in the air. I’m just waiting for management to notify me of the next steps.”

The media asked if she was planning on clarifying the rumor with management and she replied, “No, I’ve been pretty lazy lately. I don’t plan on clarifying. I just read the news and let it be. Recently, I’ve been staying home to write my book. Other than for work, I don’t leave my house.”

The last episode of Big White Duel ended with a cliff-hanger, as Ali’s character was working with Doctors Without Borders and was held at gunpoint by a militant. The drama ends at that moment and leaves the audience wondering whether her character survives. If she does not join the sequel, her character had died. Ali added, “Maybe she really did die. I had asked the scriptwriter, and he said in order to have a great ending, then she probably should have died. If the sequel does not have my character in it, I’m okay with that too.”

Other than her book of short stories and another job, Ali doesn’t have any other work planned at the moment and will wait for TVB to notify her.

Source: HK01

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  1. Wow imagine watching the news and realising that you’re not part of the drama sequel.. Not even a mention by the director or producer but the news!!
    Ali deserves better this is actually so sad. Her character doesn’t deserve to be killed off wtf.
    #justiceforali #justiceforkennis

    1. @oligodendrocytes I agree!

      Not sure how fair it is that some folks get frozen for being ‘outspoken’ on a political stance, yet others (*ahem, Mat Yeung) still get to star in series for being more outspoken on the other side of the political stance.

  2. Feel bad for her as she is a good actress and yet got “frozen” just for voicing her political view.

    When some other actress the TV station still want to promote her although had caused a big scandal.

  3. I really hope she gets to take part in 白色強人2, and also this is a really crappy way to find out this news. But also, all this time, it’s just been a rumor. It came out of nowhere (but it’s not unbelievable as there have been two other sequels she hasn’t taken part in) and no one has confirmed it. And people have been upset over people editing a Wikipedia page about the cast lol. It just feels like people spreading rumors right now. Casting takes a while to be confirmed anyways, especially given that production won’t begin until October.

  4. She is NOT a separatist. All she did was tell HK people to vote in a small FB post. No political position was mentioned unlike Mat Yeung.

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