Ali Lee Reveals True Reason Behind Breakup

Winning viewers over as android robot Abby in the currently airing series AI Romantic <智能愛人>, many felt that actress Ali Lee (李佳芯) delivered another Best Actress-worthy performance in the challenging role. Sadly, her blossoming career luck did not spill over to her personal life – as signs of her relationship woes with longtime boyfriend Danny Chan (陳炳銓) emerged in May; this was later confirmed when Ali admitted her back-to-singlehood status.

Eagerness to Tie the Knot Kindled Dormant Insecurities?

Following swirling rumors that she was being pursued by a new suitor, the 38-year-old finally addressed her breakup on a recent interview. Ali shared that after a career high of winning Best Actress award for her role in 2018’s Who Wants A Baby? <BB來了>, she was keen to take the next step into marriage, and therefore proposed to then-boyfriend Danny about committing to spend the rest of their lives together. However, this ironically led to much tension in the relationship as the couple could not see eye to eye on marriage, and eventually went splitsville, after seven years of dating. As she had been filming AI Romantic then, Ali numbed the pain of the breakup by throwing herself fully into work.

Talks About Her Ex
Calling her ex-boyfriend a “good man,” she thinks that “being in a relationship is something [that’s] between two persons, there shouldn’t be a [perception of] inequality,” and feels that their mutual friends would understand why she loves him. Adding that Danny is reliable, kind-hearted, a good teacher and listening ear, Ali felt that their relationship would turn out even stronger were they able to enter the marriage phase together, only it was a pity they could not take it to the next stage.

Although they were not able to spend the rest of their lives together, Ali remains friends and keeps in contact with Danny, and recently got him to share his opinions on the production aspects of a microfilm she was working on. Despite the heartbreak, Ali concluded that she is still keen on marriage, and looks forward to starting a new relationship.

Sources: Yahoo, Ming Pao, Instagram

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  1. Wow I applaud her for chasing after what she wants, she wanted marriage and didn’t want to wait for him to propose so she proposed. It’s too bad her ex didn’t accept, he was already punching out of his league.

    1. @HBC1 @tt23 I watched her interview and I think a little bit is lost in translation. In this article, the translator wrote that Ali “proposed… about” the topic of marriage, meaning she proposed the topic or brought up the topic rather than directly proposing to him as in “will you marry me” type of thing. She said after she won BA was when she felt the most urge to want to get married and so she brought up the subject. She also said that it’s not unusual for 2 people in a long term relationship to talk about this matter. And alas, because her ex’s career path towards success is slower than hers so therefore, he wasn’t ready to get married. I don’t think their breakup was solely because of the marriage issue as she did mention that there were other reasons too (but didn’t elaborate). The article just likes to make an eye-catching headline so it alters the actual content of her interview a bit.

      Nonetheless, in this day and age, I don’t think it’s a problem for a woman to bring up the topic of marriage with the man they are dating. Men do not have a biological clock ticking and if kids are what a woman wants, or just marriage itself, then I absolutely think the woman should initiate the convo and find out the man’s intent rather than just helplessly waiting. Otherwise, time to move on. Although Ali and her ex might have had more than that one problem about getting married (as most couples do), I do think it served as the catalyst towards the end of their relationship.

      Wishing them both the best in finding a partner that wants the same things in life as they do.

      1. Yea, I watched it too…articles tend to mis-translate stuff….TBH, I’m surprised she actually talked about it…guess back then, she was still trying to get over it. 7 years is not easy and like any other relationship, past 3 years and you’re still not talking about it, it’s likely you will breakup….

        She has also mentioned it’s not easy getting to know a person, let along starting/building a relationship…hope she’ll find the one that’s destined for her soon.

        As a fan, while I want to see more of her onscreen, I do wish she’ll find time to know someone that’s meant to be too

  2. Good for her — a man shouldn’t always have to be the one to propose. In the end, if both parties say yes then that’s all that matters. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for Ali but at least she’s able to now move on and not keep dwelling/waiting for him to propose, she got her answer.

    Although the storyline for AI Romantic got a little off-track in the last few episodes (off-track as in, some of it was a stretch), Ali did an incredible job as Bo. She did what she did best and made the audience like a character that could have been very one tone — she gave Bo a personality and a story for the audience to connect with. The storyline is still one of the more refreshing ones from TVB this year (I know there isn’t much competition lol). I hope she gets recognized for it!

  3. Not many can handle breakup maturely, I applaud Ali Lee… Your ideal man may just be run the corner…one never know.

  4. Good for Ali to propose, at the same time I really wonder why the ex didn’t accept…must be something about Ali that turned him off…Either that or he’s really a complete fool, only those two actually know.

    1. Why do you assume the guy is a tool? You know next to nothing. What a callous and judgmental opinion to have.

  5. Wow, what a queen! Not only beautiful, but brave and talented to boot! For her to pop him that question takes tremendous courage and she must really love him a lot. He must be a really good guy. It’s too bad it seems he couldn’t get over that marriage hurdle. I wish Ali luck in finding the right candidate to be her king.

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