Alice Chan Accused of Being a Homewrecker in New Relationship

Seven years after her divorce, Alice Chan (陳煒) is finally dating again. Two days after the 45-year-old actress announced the good news, rumors surfaced claiming that Alice is a homewrecker in her new relationship with Dr. Aldous Chan (陳國強). An anonymous source claims that Aldous is still married, and is the father of two daughters.

When the media asked Aldous for clarification, he exclaimed that he has already been divorced for a year. He maintains that he was single when he first started dating Alice.

Aldous revealed that he and his ex-wife have shared custody of their children. “My ex-wife takes care of them, and I’m in charge of providing financial support. Both my daughters know that my current girlfriend is Alice.” Asked what their impression of Alice is, Aldous said, “I didn’t ask, nor will we discuss this – I don’t want them to have pressure from the media.”

Not worried that Alice would be upset from the negative rumors, Aldous said, “Of course not, she has me! I don’t know if the news is targeted at me or Alice, but the source is anonymous and we won’t pay too much attention.”

When approached by reporters, Alice was seen smiling and said that Dr. Chan has already responded to everything and she has nothing else to add.

Prior to meeting Aldous, Alice suffered a painful divorce with wealthy businessman James Yen (顏志行), which she was afraid to admit publicly for years Alice went through emotional therapy to deal with the separation, and remains friends with her ex-husband.


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  1. More problems from her relationship life. Her ex husband bent over backwards to accommodate her wishes.

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