Alice Chan is Living with Her Boyfriend

Last month, Alice Chan (陳煒) was exposed to be dating fellow divorcee and doctor Aldous Chan (陳國強), who is five years her junior. After her boyfriend was revealed, she said they were still getting to know each other as their relationship just commenced. Hence, she asked the public to give them space. However, shortly after admitting to the relationship, news broke that Dr. Chan and his wife did not formally divorce yet, thus Alice was accused of being a homewrecker. Of course, Aldous immediately protected Alice and clarified that he had gotten the divorce a year ago.
Yet, East Weekly recently reported that before Alice, Aldous was dating Cathleen, a nurse at his beauty clinic. Last year, Alice even took a group photo with her when the star was promoting Ben Wong and Aldous’ medical beauty clinic. According to the report, Aldous and Cathleen were spotted holding hands on a date in public earlier this year, but the relationship suddenly took a sharp turn when Aldous began wooing Alice. Allegedly, Aldous is very good at pacifying women, and he won over Alice with his thoughtfulness and professional knowledge.
In fact, the couple is reportedly living together. After Aldous got work, he drove his racecar, worth millions of dollars, to pick up Alice, who was dressed in a very casual, neighborhood look. The two headed back to his residence and reporters did not see Alice leave the premise.
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