Andy On and Jessica C. Admit to Dating

Sparks flew between martial arts star Andy On (安志杰) and Jessica C. while filming action movie Zombie Fight Club <屍城> earlier. After getting caught kissing and hugging by the paparazzi last week, Andy finally admitted that he has been dating Jessica.

At a function the 38-year-old actor attended yesterday, Andy admitted that he is currently dating Jessica. He revealed that he has known Jessica for a year and the two officially became a couple last week. He stressed that he started to pursue her only after he knew that she had broken up with her American boyfriend, Mr. Bond.

Andy was full of praises for Jessica, expressing that Jessica is very care-free, attractive, and open-minded. Asked if he finds her body attractive, Andy said they both find each other attractive in many ways. When Andy first met her, she was still dating her American boyfriend. “I didn’t start pursuing her until a month after the breakup. It was easy. I didn’t want to waste time.”

Andy said that since they both grew up in America, their first date was rather casual. “We ate dinner and watched a movie. Our relationship started naturally like that!”

Mentioning that Jessica has been staying overnight at his house frequently, Andy appeared nervous and said his good friend Philip Ng (伍允龍) would also stay overnight at his place often. However, he finally caved in and said, “I don’t know how to answer that question! I think it’s the first time. Not many times!”

After breaking up with Jennifer Tse (謝婷婷) last year, Andy was left in charge to take care of their 5-year-old cat, Bruce Lee Lee. Andy admitted that they have contacted each other since their split, but she did not return to visit Bruce. Andy is happy that Jessica does not seem to mind taking care of Bruce with him.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Mein, hot guys like Andy is scarce… Wish those kind of ppl would exist in my life lol js. Hope they’ll last.

  2. Oh wow lol that’s fast!! She must broke up with her boyfriend to date this guy. Btw, Andy is cute.

    1. Yup it was def coming. She publicly commented she find Andy hot and would date him if she didn’t have a bf at the time. What bf would like hearing that? But, they do look good together. I just think Andy is a little bit too gentlemanly for her crazy wild personality. But I do hope they last.

  3. Andy is one of the hottest guy around! 🙂 Everytime I see him in movies, he’s always so darn good looking, even when playing the villain. Wish him and his girlfriend the best!

  4. She definitely looks more carefree and fun to date compared to Jennifer.

      1. What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying chinese girls are not attractive as mixed girls?

  5. She will find Andy definitely hot if his cigarette lights his clothing if he is not paying attention while smooching in the above photograph.

  6. Guess i oughta congratulate Andy.
    I haven’t spoken to Amdy for a long time. We communicate via alivenotdead pretty often as I was assigned to translate his blogs on alivenotdead whenever I didn’t get some of his references. Nice guy and he is a harscore gamer. Was supposed to challenge him on an online match of Street Fighter but someone keepa taking my arcade joystick away.

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