Angelina Lo’s Comedy Show Brought Laughter and Tears

After being in the entertainment industry for almost 50 years, Angelina Lo (盧宛茵) made a breakthrough in her career by holding her first comedy show. Though the show was filled with humor and cheers, it also had tender moments when Angelina shared her experiences as a single mother.

Entertaining Performance

At the age of 65, Angelina captured the audience’s attention with her entertaining and energetic cover of Paula Tsui (徐小鳳) and Lady Gaga. Angelina also invited her classmates from her acting school graduating class and exposed each other’s secrets. It was divulged that Angelina used to be very popular and boys would always accompany her to classes.

Emotional Moments

During the show, Angelina shared some of her personal stories and struggles as a single mother. Angelina revealed that she regretted her marriage failure which forced her children to grow up in a broken family. Unable to hold back tears, Angelina said, “I felt sorry for [my children] for all these years. I know they had an unhappy childhood and I hope they will forgive me. I worried about it for many years and feel like I owe them.”

When Angelina ended her confessions and sang a cover of Anita Mui’s (梅艷芳) classic, “Heart Debt” <心債>, her son and grandsons came up the stage to give her flowers and made the audience emotional. After the show, Angelina accepted an interview and admitted that she felt relieved to be able to apologize to her children on stage.

Angelina with her children and grandchildren

Marriage History

In a past interview, Angelina disclosed that she met her ex-husband and newscaster, Donny Ho (何鉅華), after joining TVB in 1973. The two married after dating for two years and Angelina stopped working to become a housewife. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted for 12 years and Angelina sought for a divorce. Even though the couple had three children together, Angelina knew that she was unhappy in the relationship and wanted to quickly end the suffering.

Now, whenever Angelina is asked about her personal life after her divorce, Angelina would answer with a smile, “Since the divorce, I haven’t had any boyfriends or met any suitors. I am very satisfied. I have my sons, my daughter and grandchildren. I even have awards!”


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