Angie Cheong: “My Son is an Angel Looking Over Me”

Angie Cheong (張慧儀) is content with single life, but that does not stop her from having the heart of a mother. The Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部> star is a devoted mother to 10-year-old Hanson, whom she adopted from Beijing when he was two years old. At the time of adoption, Angie knew about Hanson’s congenital heart disease – a condition so serious that he once stayed in a coma for nine weeks – but she insisted to take him home.

Hanson knows his condition is unpredictable and terrifying, but Angie would calm her son down by telling him heartfelt stories. “I told him that he is a little angel whom the Heavens have sent to me, that he is here to change me and teach me to be better. Although I am a kind-hearted person, I still have many bad habits that I need to correct. I will give a lot of love and care for him. He has a congenital heart condition, but even so, he is unafraid of suffering. He would still raise his hand to help me, and because of that, he has come into this world to be my son. If one day, he does leave me and gets sent back to the Heavens, it means that I’ve already changed for the better. Sometime, we will reunite in Heaven.”

Hanson’s adoption center was initially hesitant to have Angie sign the adoption papers. Since Angie is an entertainer, the center feared that she was only adopting on a whim, but despite her busy schedule – handling acting jobs and her own business empire – she made sure she is always at home on the weekends to be with her son.

“It can be physically demanding, but my mind is calm, satisfied, and happy. Actually, happiness is very easy to achieve.”


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    1. Yes she is a Malaysian. She was the Beauty Queen before Actress.

  1. so proud of her! love her so much! may god bless you and hanson, angie!

  2. Sometimes you are just meant to be that special someone for that someone who needs you and meets you at the right time. You can say this was how it was for the little boy but it can also apply to her. She’s Malaysian by the way, making me even prouder of her generosity and capacity to love. I just read an article about chinese parents abandoning their not perfect but otherwise healthy children and reading this makes my heart soars.

    1. I read about Chinese parents abandoning their kids due to health problems. That is really sad and is one the reasons why kids that are put out for adoption often have health problems. But it is great that Angie truly has a heart of gold and is such a kind and devoted mother.

  3. It’s true that sometimes it’s not important whether the parents are actually your biological parents. Or the children are actually your own child or he/she was adopted. It’s the relationship building, care and love that matters. Yes, she’s nice to adopt this boy eventhough she knows she has heart problem. May God bless both of them with good health, good life and lots of happiness.

  4. What a beautiful article. Thanks Jayne, thanks Addy. Angie and Hanson were meant to be a little family. This young boy needs a caring, gentle loving mother and Angie is the perfect mom to him. Despite his congenial heart condition, I pray Hanson is around for as long as he can, to continue to bring joy to the heart of his devoted mother.

    I too have always loved Angie Cheong and I like and respect her a whole lot more for her kind and giving heart.

  5. Never Dance Alone

    everyone in the show acting very well.

    1. I agree. I hope Angie has more screen time later on in the show, I enjoy watching her the most. Her acting is still great despite more than 10 years not acting.

  6. I read her detailed interview about this and it bought tears to my eyes. Angie is such a sweet person and her son is truly lucky that she became his mom instead of that one family that gave up adopting him due to his heart condition. I really hope that Hansen lives for a long time to be with his mom. Angie is truly a good example that great people like her truly exist.

  7. Her life journey is truly an inspiration to all women out there. Do not, under whatever circumstances, remain in an abusive or violent relationship. Leave! Do not be afraid!

  8. Missed her onscreen! I’m glad she’s happy again after her long-term relationship ended. I wish Hanson the best.

    Her story is a bit similar to Carmen’s. Glad both found someone worth their time.

  9. I really like Angie Cheong since her days with TVB. I feel sorry for little boy but he is very fortunate to have such a kind mother like Angie. I hope his health will get better everyday so they can enjoy happiness more longer. Wish them all the best!

  10. Angie Cheong, I wish you the best. Hanson is really lucky to have you as his Mom.

  11. I think angie is still so pretty after all these years. really loved her in a kindred spirit and journey to the west.

  12. She still looks great and beautiful. Her story is an inspiration.

  13. jayne should translate the mingpao interview with angie as its detail her starting journey in showbusiness and how she end up got beaten badly by her ex boyfriend and she so embarassed got to escape the HK entertainment industry and then how she managed survive in building her business up and then adopting hanson… her sacrifices should be made into a movie adaptation instead….ann who directed the hit film “life is simple” with andy lau and that famous woman “forgot her name” should have adapted this story and sure will be hits up to Oscar foreign film

    1. It has already been translated at AF. Everyone can come there and read it there.

      1. @ross
        Oh sorry,AF means Asianfanatics. I thought everyone knew what that meant.

      2. @HTS….thx….I heard that name before somewhere…guess I can look up there now for more news….

  14. If one day, he does leave me and gets sent back to the Heavens, it means that I’ve already changed for the better

    That statement is so sad yet so beautiful. Thank you for this article!

  15. She hasn’t age much, looks the same as before she went off screen from TVB

  16. Wow..very heart warming article..she still look beautiful..doesn’t change much..

    1. Heart warming, indeed. Wish her and her son the best.

    1. @Ross: No problem! I also posted the Mingpao article in AF’s news portal in case anyone wants to read it there (though without the commentary that I prefaced the article with in my LL’s Musings blog). The Mingpao interview definitely gives a more detailed account…it’s hard to read that one without being moved to the point of tears.

  17. A beautiful and generous soul, and someone with an inner strength of steel. I’ve never been a fan of Angue, although did felt sorry for her when the news broke that she was beaten by her ex.

    Really wish both of them all the very best, hope Hanson can be cured miraculously.

  18. Destiny will bring people together in all different and special ways. Though our journeys are not the same but I believe the core of life is to learn to love. In this, I see she is willing to love and care for a child with health problem. It takes up lots of courage, commitments, and even money. Anything lacking will definitely wreck the relationship. Personally I really respect and salute her for this commitment.

  19. I like her. By the way, was she the one that acted as the snake in “Journey to the West”?

    1. Yes she is. She’s so hot when she was young right? A beautiful person with a beautiful soul. May God bless her in whatever’s she’s doing.

  20. Had Angie not come to Hanson’s life…..I can imagine the possible scenarios…..Angie may not be what she is today…..Hanson may hv passed on or possibly still alive but staying in an orphanage leading a lonely life….perhaps this is what i call divine intervention.

  21. So sad to hear she had an abusive boyfriend… I always loved her in TVB dramas and movies. I thought she got married and that’s why we no longer see her acting. I wish her all the best in the future and many happy and wonderful days with her son! ^_^

  22. Great person with a great big heart!! kudos to you Angie

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