Anita Yuen Describes First Kiss With Chilam Cheung and How She Pursued Him

With the second season of reality show Viva La Romance < 妻子的浪漫旅行 > currently underway, Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) and Chilam Cheung‘s (張智霖) 18-year loving marriage is once again in the limelight. In the latest episode, Anita shares the story of how she fell in love with Chilam and how their first kiss occurred.

While filming the movie A Warrior’s Tragedy < 邊城浪子> in 1991, Anita admitted she was immediately attracted by Chilam and it was her that pursued Chilam. Laughing at how forward she was, Anita said, “Once you have your eyes on the target, then you have to strike! At that time, I didn’t think about whether he would like me or not; I just thought he wasn’t a bad guy after working with him for a while.”

Since the weather was very cold while filming in China, Anita asked Chilam out for a hotpot dinner on their first date. She said Chilam wasn’t hard to pursue, as they naturally got together after several dinners.

The couple made their relationship official on New Year’s Eve. Anita revealed, “It was the night before New Year and when the clock hit midnight, all the cars would normally honk their horns to signify the arrival of the New Year. When he was taking me back home, we kissed in the car, and in the end, it wasn’t only just a kiss!”

While Anita didn’t reveal what happened after they kissed in the car, everyone on the show definitely felt the love between the couple, and deduced that something sweet must have happened afterwards.


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  1. I really admire the confidence of Anita for someone that was in her early 20s. Even now decades later this is unmatched by any young celebrity. I’m surprised women here aren’t admiring Anita’s positive characteristics. She is confident, brave and opinionated. She has made her mistakes but has had incredible achievements in the movie industry at a young age.

    1. @jimmyszeto
      I also like Anita Yuen’s character. She is honest, brave, and straight-forward in her conversations. I would rather have her than some artistes who talks nicely but acts terribly in real life (not in movies or drama series). Too many artistes in Hong Kong are fake and phony.

      1. @orchid123
        I agree.That’s what fans and netizens don’t understand. We all have flaws but most celebrities try and portray themselves as perfect and the fans believe it. Anita just displays her real genuine personality which is what you see is what you get. Frankly, I see a lot more positives about Anita than flaws. The main reason why netizens hate her is because she is married to Chilam and they are jealous of her. What There are a plenty of celebrities who are fake in front of the cameras and are known to be terribly nasty people behind the scenes within the staff circle.

    2. @jimmyszeto I like her, before and after Chilam. However, as much as I like her, if she just stop being such a control freak, I would like her more. On the article, I said I can’t stand she keeps talking about her control nature on Chilam, doesn’t mean I hate her. It just started to grated more on me, because it felt like she’s gloating over the fact that she controls Chilam, and I just felt after so many years, you can let it go >_> and tone it down a bit. You can be straight forward, I always like that sort of people, but need to move on from talking about controlling Chilam lol. (I don’t say anything about her control nature until it’s like well over 6mo-1yr after so many articles on here talking about how controlling she was of Chilam, 1-3 article is enough, more than 5, and many shows and always talk about that is just tooo much)

      Also it’s true that she was brave to go for what she wants, but she possibly also feel Chilam will be the shy one and wouldn’t dare ask her out because she’s so successful, all the while liking her a lot. If you can read the cues, asking isn’t that hard lol.

      Also it seems these days, you must either like or dislike someone, you can’t like that person for these set of qualities, while discuss the negative set of quality you dislike from that person. But then I never really dislike anyone strongly, unless it’s the kardashian lol!

      1. @littlefish
        Anita likes to gloat that she has hold of a real cool gem in Chilam and he belongs to her only. She does enjoy rubbing it in. I don’t blame her as well because I will be doing the same if I had such a beautiful partner. If my wife was beautiful and was works with heaps of handsome men, I would be keeping an eye on her too…

      2. @jimmyszeto for sure, you can keep an eye for your partner, for sure you can gloat when you have such beautiful partner, just tone it down a bit lol. I would love to read their news without hearing me me me me and how me has a hold on Chilam. I’m sorry but as much as I love Chilam, who in their right mind still fawn over him now lol -.- in term of young upcoming actresses lol. They would rather date fresher meat lol

    1. @passingby2
      No. Anita has never been known to have cheated on Chilam and Chilam has never known to have cheated on Anita. Every marriage has its difficulties but they are still going strong after 2-3 decades. They obviously see each other as the bigger gem rather than themselves and they have every reason to do so…

  2. She is beautiful, intelligent, and daring. People are threatened by her confidence. They prefer docile women, but Chilam is lucky and smart enough to know who the real gem in the relationship is.

    1. @potatochip
      Anita has set the example as next gen strong, confident and assertive woman. Even as a man I can see the distinguishing attributes in comparison to other HK women. It’s astonishing that instead of welcoming her with open arms, girl fans are critcising her. That’s crazy! Remember Anita already possessed this confidence in early 1990s straight after the HK pageant. Can we name anyone else that have shown this auru of confidence at that age? Maybe GEM and that is it…

  3. Anita was kept as mistress at young age like 18 or early 20s. Suddenly later she married Chilam

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