Are Patrick Tang and Kayi Cheung Over?

Known as the “Miss Hong Kong killer”, Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) has had high-profile relationships with Marsha Yuan (原子鏸), Selena Li (李詩韻), Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), and recently, Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒). Patrick was commended by netizens for his particular taste in women, but it seems now that his reputation as a beauty queen killer will soon turn for the worse.

A report published recently claimed that Kayi has reconnected with an old boyfriend last month. The reports alleged that Kayi has maintained contact with her Canadian beau after breaking up with him a few years ago, and often met up with him while she was still seeing Patrick.

Saddened and hurt by Kayi’s cheating, Patrick allegedly chose to confide to ex-girlfriend Katy Kung, and is reportedly trying to patch things up with her. Another report claimed that a neighbor actually spotted Patrick walking around the main lobby of Katy’s Tseung Kwan O apartment home.

It is noted to mention that Kayi and Patrick’s relationship was never officially confirmed by credible sources. In fact, Kayi herself had denied being Patrick’s girlfriend, explaining that she would rather not date a colleague.

Katy also sounded surprised when the press mentioned to her that Patrick was by her home. She said, “Really? Are you sure you saw the right person?” Katy admitted that she is still friends with Patrick, but she will not consider getting back together with him.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Bravo to Patrick the only celebrity I know of that managed to date so many pretty girls despite having average looks, lack of talent in hosting and acting and recieving an average income for his job. I still don’t know what people see in him, he must be a very good smooth talker.

    1. I agree, he gets uglier n uglier everytime we see him in series in those supportings. haha

      1. And his acting is getting from worse to worst. I remembered him as a decent (in terms of acting) actor till I saw his performance in slow boat home. I don’t know if anyone feels the same but I find his expressions exaggerated and the way he talks makes everything seems so fake.

    2. 100% with Daisy! He is ugliest actor in TVB and cant act. Really dislike this guy.

    3. he failed at singing too, and got second chance to re-debut as a singer few years ago, but failed that too. Maybe the girls that date him feel like no-one else will like him because he’s so ugly haha.

  2. Katy Kung- you can do so much better without that guy…

  3. Don’t get why every time there is a Patrick article he gets so many put downs. People are just jealous he dates pretty girls I guess.

  4. great decision for katy to rule out any possibilities of getting back with patrick after what he did to her!

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