Before Miss HK, Sisley Choi Wanted to Be a Police Officer Like Her Father

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Before Miss HK, Sisley Choi Wanted to Be a Police Officer Like Her Father

With her great results in the marathon event held earlier this year, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) is naturally athletic. She revealed that if she did not enter Miss Hong Kong 2013, she would have chosen to become a police officer.

Possessing strong talents as a runner, reporters were curious if she was trained at a young age by her father, who was formerly a police officer. Sisley said she was not trained to run at all, and since young, she has always been active and energetic. In school, she often volunteered to participate in athletic events, sports games, and swimming carnivals. Sisley then later practiced high jumps. When she moved to study in New Zealand, she also joined in triathlon events, which helped foster her joy in running.

Though her father did not put her through strict training, he often took the family out to meet his colleagues at barbecue events held at the Hong Kong Police College. Sisley recalled, “The most unforgettable memory was when I was playing with the other kids on the grass at the park. I spent the whole afternoon blowing bubbles and running here and there.” She added that her parents would take her on holidays whenever they had a break from work, “They’ll take me overseas to places like Singapore. In Hong Kong, we would go to the Gold Coast in Tuen Mun. We would play and rest in the hotels.”

Displaying her well-roundness and love in sports, Sisley’s athletic genes are likely passed down from her father. If it were not for Miss Hong Kong, she would have followed her father’s footsteps and become a police officer. She added, “Living in the academy seems pretty good; you get to train and all. But ultimately, I chose to apply for the pageant.”


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Before Miss HK, Sisley Choi Wanted to Be a Police Officer Like Her Father

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