Benjamin Yuen Wants Jennifer Shum Back

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), who recently broke up with his girlfriend of three years Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢), admitted in an interview that he really wanted to get back together with her.

“I really do want to chase her back,” said Ben when asked if he misses Jennifer. “But I want to give myself more time, and I want to do it with more sincerity. We did get our closure, but I want to do the best that I can, and re-establish trust and confidence.”

Ben had spent the past three Christmas’s with Jennifer. He recalled, “There was one year where I spent Christmas in a hospital bed, and she was there with me, all night.”

This year, Ben will be spending the Christmas holidays working, as he will be traveling to Shenzhen to film the new TVB drama, Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者2>. He will return to Hong Kong on Christmas Eve to attend a function.

Will Ben “make his move” before Christmas Day? He smiled and said, “I don’t think I’ll even have time to buy Christmas gifts. But at this time, materialistic things aren’t the most important. It’s about the heart and spirit. I hope nature will take its course. I do want to get back together with her, but I want to give myself more time, and give her more sincerity.”

Reporters contacted Jennifer after interviewing Ben, asking for a comment. She said simply, “We are friends now. Let’s leave it to fate. Thank you for the concerns.”

Katy Kung Denies Being Third Party

After the Mandy Wong (黃智雯) rumor was disproven, tabloids started pointing fingers at Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) for being the third party in Ben and Jennifer’s relationship. Katy pleaded innocence, saying, “Both of them already feel bad for getting me involved. Jennifer even apologized to me three times. Ben and I see each other a lot for work, but we do not contact in private.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. @kidd I read somewhere that it could’ve been about marriage. They had agreed to get hitched after x amount of time but because of Ben’s popularity he has made the decision to put career first… so maybe lost faith in the relationship? Don’t know

  1. Ben is a bit weird, no? He says he hopes she finds a more compatible man in the future and then he goes and states that he wants her back?

    1. @coralie i think jennifer would be happier without him. even if he succeeds to win her back this time, he would still not be able to give her a sense of security in the long run.

    2. @coralie Don’t find him sincere at all. Shouldn’t have announce breakup if he want to get back together. Nor should he told reporter he want to get back with her when he hasn’t even tried. Not cool at all.

  2. So he know that his popularity stars to dip after the breakup. So now wants to act all saint and generous gentlemen again? I don’t trust this type of guy even a bit.

    And why on earth he would want to announce to public first, before even starting to chase her again? Pure media play here.

    1. @dramadrama if he has intention to win her back, there is no need to tell the reporters. succeed first. anyway, from jennifer’s tone, i feel that she is happier without him.

      1. @coralie if he has intention to woo her back, don’t have to tell the whole world. apparently jennifer has lost her trust in him. with awards coming, this could probably be a publicity stunt to save his image.

  3. Are they playing a game? Their 3-year relationship was so fragile, and is not worth keeping. They recently announced their breakup and now want to get back together in just a few days’ time. Or they wanted to create more noise to boost their popularity.

  4. i started to dislike Benjamin when i broke up with Jennifer and now he made me dislike him more and he lost my respect. I think Jennifer should move on as she wont be happy if she go back to him.

    1. @hannah this kind of man not worth going back to, especially after the rise of stardom in ‘fist’. he thinks he is some big deal. so he wants to save his image by trying to win her back? jennifer, please move on. your ex is a jerk.

  5. Does anyone know Jennifer age? I just think she look older than Benjamin to be honest they don’t look that cute together maybe because Jennifer has a mature look while Benjamin has a baby face? If I were Jennifer I’ll move on and find a better man. I agree if you not for sure about breaking up then don’t announce anything unless you are for sure.

  6. Current age for both: Jennifer is 28 yo and Ben is 35 yo.

    Jennifer won Miss Photogenic Award 2012
    Ben won Mr Hong Kong 2007

    Their relationship is a private matter, not sure why they had to publicly announced their split. Its a shame because they look like such a great couple.

    Ben stated in a recent interview ” She does not force me to marry her but jealousy causes her to lose security. She is a good woman and it is my fault for not cherishing her.”

    1. @shimmerstars No idea how Jennifer Shum was a candidate for the pageant, let alone winning Miss Photogenic. I don’t dislike her but I don’t think she is remotely good looking. Some angles she even looks like an old auntie in her 40s.

      Didn’t realize Ben was a Mr Hong Kong either. At least he (finally) made a name for himself after “Fist..” and didn’t rely on a more popular actress to boost his name.

      Agreed that there is no need to tell reporters what you plan to do with your relationship. The more you talk, the more criticism you will get regardless if the intentions are sincere/good or bad.

      1. @janet72 Actually I agree, and am neutral towards Ben Yuen and ‘Fist’, but it seems he gained a lot of popularity after this drama.

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