Bernice Liu And Simon Yam Experience A Life Of Royalty

Simon Yam (任達華) and Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) were invited to Russia to film a television special, Royal Rose Date <皇之瑰麗約會>,  thus enjoying a journey fit for a king. During this trip, they toured the Saint Petersburg church and many other famous places of interest, which included a museum and a palace.
Other than that, Simon and Bernice even sat in a traditional horse carriage and a canal boat, effectively taking in the sights and sounds of both land and water thus experiencing a rare lifestyle of the noble.

During the filming, Bernice and Simon saw a giant sized wheeled bicycle and felt that it was interesting. In a moment of fun, they tried pedaling the bicycle and took touristy shots of it for memory. On the day when the camera crew was shooting the last scene, it was coincidentally Russia’s National Day so they participated in the local’s large-scale fun fair for the very first time and had plenty of fun at the carnival.



This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. So envious of Simon Yam and Bernice for being lucky enough to enjoy a few days of royalty. The scenery looks so nice that I wish I had gone on a holiday too! 😀

    1. Frankly, celebrities are the new royalties these days. I won;t go to russia though.

      1. Never interested in Russia. Unless one of the last destination. Like I never interested in Australia, India, African countries, Arab countries, Dubai…

      2. I really want to visit Egypt to see the pyramids. But, I’m wary of going to Islamic countries with stringent laws. Read to much story of people getting thrown into jail and under death sentence for simple offenses. Don’t know when I will unknowing break the law.

        I read of a foreign teacher in Sudan naming a teddy bear Mohammad. Another teacher reported her to the authorities and she got thrown into jail and nearly sentenced to death. Luckily, with Embassy help, she escaped. And the reason she named the teddy bear so was she let her students choose a name for the teddy bear and the student chose Muhammad which is the name a popular kid in the class.

        Stories like this really scared me. So, no Dubai for me either.

        The places I want to visit most for now is Angkor Wat and The Vatican City. Angkor Wat still have chance, but, VC, I don’t know I will ever have chance to go.

      3. @Funn Lim:

        “Frankly, celebrities are the new royalties these days. I won;t go to russia though.”

        I agree to both. I wouldn’t say never to a trip to Russia but it isn’t on my list of places to go before I die, it just never occurred in my mind before. Strange enough, I always wanted to go to the US to see the Niagara Waterfalls, to India to see the Taj Mahal before it gets totally corroded and to Italy and Greece to see those beautiful houses and mafias for myself lol.

        Ah yes, celebrities are indeed the new royalty, even bloggers have star treatment now lol! The royalty treatment is especially apparent in Hollywood where celebrities can get goodie bags filled with a trip to the Maldives, diamonds worth more than £60,000, designer clothes and etc just by attending the Oscars, my gosh! 😀

      4. Kidd, so crazy that Muhammad story! So they don’t have people named muhammad? Egypt is actually neutral, it’s the few people.

        Vatican City? Never knew you to be so catholic!

        Angkor Wat I went before, nearly died of the heat but Angkor Wat was healing. That you can go! Quite cheap! Go yourself?

        And HK? I thought you wanna go HK?

      5. I also wanna go to Egypt! And Tel Aviv. Mediterranean region is attractive.

      6. Ah K,
        If you are interested in visiting the USA, I suggest the Grand Canyon. The beauty is so stunning there! Pictures fail to capture the beauty…when you go there, it is truly like another world, with the endless canyons and geological history in front of you.

        Los Angeles Beverly Hills is not as glamorous as all the television clips make it. New York City may feel like another modern, mega city to you.

        I thought Niagra Falls was okay. The problem is that the surround areas are all city-like and you may feel like it is another city.

      7. Jayne I notice you like nature sort of places. Like beaches? I just saw a travel show on Sipadan and to think that’s in my own country! Jaw dropping beautiful, or somewhere closer, Pulau Perhentian. So darn gorgeous beaches with clear sea.

      8. Funn,
        Yes, I love nature: mountains, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, and rainforests. I don’t like deserts because of the heat.

        One place I would like to visit is Machu Picchu in Peru. I also like the almost mystical mountains of China, but has pollution ruined the scenery?

      9. My teacher taught in Egypt and enjoyed it overall, however,she said that the cultural rules and laws of the country scared her… Things that we think are not a big deal here are a big deal to them. One story that she told me was that a principal at a school got to sign out after a teacher and he got really really mad. Bascially, he was of higher rank than the teacher so was supposed to get the privilege of signing out first… I was shocked that even little things like that can cause problems. Here in the US, that is not a big deal at all but it was in Egypt.

        She also said to talk about the government in the wrong way or anything that involved politics too much or else you may get into trouble. Boy, how can anyone live in a country with such strict rules??

      10. Los Angeles Beverly Hills is not as glamorous as all the television clips make it. ———— Southern part of Los Angeles is not nice. But if you go to the Northern part of Los Angeles, like North Hollywood, that area is very nice.

      11. @ Funn

        Yeap, HK too, after reading your blog post on it. 🙂

        As for Vatican City, no lah, not for religious reason. I just want to see the architecture and the relics. Saw the pics on the net. Very beautiful.

      12. @ HTS

        That principal story is plain crazy. This tiny matter also can get angry about. I hope the teacher is ok and didn’t get into big trouble.

        “She also said to talk about the government in the wrong way or anything that involved politics too much or else you may get into trouble. “

        Governments with really strict and harsh laws are usually like this.

      13. @Kidd,
        Yea, that story was crazy. I am not sure what happened to that teacher. I think she just got yelled at and warned, but did not get fired yet.
        Another story was that one teacher stole a few items during a group activity. When it was discovered, they were asking who it was and where the items were. The teacher then stood up and started screaming and yelling about why they were accused of stealing. But the stuff(which he stole) started to fall out…He was then fired since he disgraced them by stealing and then lying about it… Some cultures and countries can get scary…

      14. ” I also like the almost mystical mountains of China, but has pollution ruined the scenery?”

        Jayne, if it is remote area or no industries there, rest assured, probably no pollution.

      15. HTS, I am not surprised by your teacher’s story in Egypt. The point is learn other people’s culture when going to another place. I am pretty sue it works the same way in Japan and in Korea where seniority in rank is above all.

        Egpyt is actually not that hardline. They’re pretty neautral it is the people in it.

  2. Strangely enough Russia has never been high on my agenda of places I have longed to see. Have travelled to many countries in Europe and next year will visit the US which have been my dream for a long time. However, I have heard from other people that St. Petersburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world so maybe one day I may go and see. Have seen the film “Dr. Zhivago” many times and if I go I would automatically think of it although it was not even filmed there.

    1. Where do you live Pineapple?? I thought you were from the US? I am glad that will visit the US.WHere do you plan to go? I hope that you can visit California. There are many great places to visit California and the US.

      1. @ HeTieShou. Actually I live in UK – NOT the US. Next year will visit Los Angeles and New York and its my first time visit. Have been my dream of visiting Disneyland and also it would be great to see the Big Apple. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks.

  3. it would be nice to visit different places in the world if i have tons of money…..cos i don’t want to travel on a budget when i travel i want to travel without having to look for the cheapest tour and worry about expenditure so i guess i should be satisfied with couch potato travelling..see other people travel he he he

    1. Don’t we all want to visit many countries in the world, but where do we find the time and money to do so? Most people have to work, have family or just have no money to go. I remember Ming Dao doing Mao Xian Wang. He went to over 40 countries to host and film documentaries. Even though he went to the countries for work, he was still able to enjoy himself. He was so lucky since not many people get the opportunity to do so.

  4. One of a “must-see” place to go to is Santorini, Greece! Breathtaking! I agree with Jayne that Grand Canyon is beautiful!In the US, the most popular “busy” cities are probably New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

    1. My friend went to the Grand Canyon and did not think that it was that great…I guess everyone’s view of scenary beauty is different.

      1. @HTS: u should try the grand canyon out for yourself to decide.

        I went to the west grand canyon and loved it even though that “skywalk” was a rip-off. U can take the helicopter ride down to the bottom of the canyon and then take a small boat cruise on the Colorado river. The view above and below is breath-taking.

        I also really liked Niagara falls. The view on the Canadian side is better than on the US side. I took that boat ride that goes close to the falls so u can really feel the powerful water. It’s so fun to get drenched while wearing the poncho they give u.

      2. @Josie,
        Maybe one day but from what my friend told me, it doesn’t really appeal to me. He said that his friends were attacked by squirrels. There were also signs to watch out for mountain lions too. He also saw a big condor as well.. Sorry, but I am big chicken when it comes to those big and scary animals… I think I would rather go elsewhere…

  5. I am suprised no one wants to visit Australia, as I am from Australia…i just came back from Rome and Northern Ireland..and just loved the Irish because of the lovely green scenery/mountains..and people..didnt have time to go to Spain but apparently its a nice place as well..belgium…

    1. I like Australia. My mom’s nephew resident in Queensland, Australia
      He said, Queensland is a great place plus have nice beaches, just not much Asian lives there.

    2. I would love to visit Australia and new Zealand but it’s not cheap.

    3. My brother studied abroad in Australia and loved it a lot. I would love to go there one day.

  6. HeTieShou – as mentioned above, I am from UK. Anyway, regarding Australia, that is another place I have never been to. My nephew studied there and loved it. The reason I have been to many European countries is because its so much closer to UK and of course I had to save like mad. I have always loved travelling, far more than designer clothes and hence would rather spend money on looking around the world than just window shopping. It also broadens my mind about things and not make me so blinkered. Some people I know have never even left their hometown at all and so it makes them very insular in their outlook. That’s my view anyway.

    1. Pineapple-guess we have something in common..I have always loved travelling, far more than designer clothes and hence would rather spend money on looking around the world than just window shopping as well. I come from a small town in Australia..when i travelled to Rome and N.Ireland recently it really did broaden my perspective of the world!!

  7. @ Stmlw20 – its nice that there are others on this site who are on the same wave-length as me. Its so refreshing. Did you like Rome and Northern Ireland? I have never been to Australia or N Ireland but have been to Rome. If I could afford to I would love to see all the countries in the world including the not so popular ones i.e. even Vietnam, India. Those are not places I have in mind but if I have seen everything and can afford to then I would not mind paying them a visit also. Australia seems very new to me. Are the small towns just as new? I live about 60 miles from London and also a small town but I love it.

    1. That’s so cool i would also love to travel around the world and visit places. agree with you that it will broaden your view on things.

      you live in southern england? im staying in soton and it’s quite nice but a little boring.

  8. Exoidus. I must apologise for being ignorant of some things but where is Soton? I have never heard of it.

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