Bernice Liu Denies Asking Moses Chan For Reconciliation

Earlier there were reports that Alastair Lam (林忠豪) fell in love with someone’s else’s wife and crudely dumped Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) and even revealed that Bernice contacted former love, Moses Chan (陳豪), on her own accord, hoping to earn appearance fees as a couple again. In regards to this, Bernice Liu replied that it wasn’t the truth and refused to comment, professing that she will only focus on her work and not even possessing any time for her dogs.

Yesterday, when Bernice Liu, Charlie Yeung (楊采妮) and Uny Chiu (趙哲妤) attended an event, Bernice was asked whether she had seen the alleged newspaper report. She replied, “I didn’t know about this until my management company called me and told me about it.” (So were you really dumped?) “I do not know what happened. Since it’s not the truth, I won’t comment, of course.” (What isn’t the truth?)  “As usual, I had been focusing entirely on my work. I completely did not keep in contact with him (Moses) at all.”

When asked about the current status of her love life, Bernice replied, “No, nothing, I have been so busy I don’t even have time to see my dogs, needless to say about dating.” (What about Alastair?) “We have always kept in contact as friends but we haven’t been keeping in contact recently.” (It has been said that Alastair found himself a new girlfriend?) “I won’t comment to other people’s matters.”

When asked whether she had asked Moses to pair up with her again and earn couple appearance fees together, Bernice said, “My work schedule isn’t organized by myself. I did not privately keep in contact with Moses at all. Afterall I have already left my former company (TVB) so connection and communication would be difficult. However, I will say, ‘Hi’ and acknowledge him when we bump into each other.” (You wanted to rekindle ties on your own?) “This is the first time I’m hearing this; I will not comment on what is not true.”

Asked whether Bernice still possessed feelings towards Moses, Bernice said, “We are only friends.” (You sent SMS message to rekindle ties?) “No, I didn’t. Anyway in reply to this report, all I want to say is only I know best that I did not do it. I’m innocent and the truth will prevail itself.”

Alastair Lam Put Up A Statement to Clarify Matters

In other news, Alastair Lam put up a statement to refute the newspaper report as being untrue and he will reserve the right to sue the publication. Alastair accepted an interview and said, “I’m enraged; the news about me acquainting myself with someone else’s wife was not true. The falsely accused woman is my good friend’s wife. She is the Associate Chairman of the Teochew Business Association For the Young, in which I’m also a member.  Hence, we attended an event together but we were on different platforms.

“I didn’t not answer Bernice’s calls. I definitely will not not answer Bernice’s calls. I did not say that Bernice worships gold and I did not say that I got tired of her. My relation with Bernice hasn’t changed at all from the start until today. I do not wish to see any more untrue reports defaming her. It is truly heart-wrenching for me.”

In addition, Bernice has signed onto the same Mainland management company as Charmaine Sheh (佘诗曼) but denied that she was pressured under Charmaine, “Both of us are under the same company and we are thus colleagues however we have our own jobs and our direction’s also different from each other.”

Source: The Sun and

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Earlier there were reports that Alastair Lam (林忠豪) fell in love with someone’s else’s wife and crudely dumped Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) ——— If this is true then there is something call “What goes around comes around” LOL!!!!!!

    1. next up is shirley and im looking forward to it for some reason 🙂

      1. Yup Yup exoidus, there is a saying “Easy Comes Easy Goes”
        If a relationship does not endure hardship or went through any hardship together, most likely will not last.
        If a man can buy you with money, imagine how many girls behind your back he can buy with his money.
        Just hope one day Alastair won’t dump Bernice for another girl.
        If Bernice is smart, she should get Alastair to married her, at least when the dump her, she can get half his asset. If she just going out with him and have keys to his each others house, and he buy her stuff for her to spend, then there is no guarantee. Smart women get the rich man married you first, like Michelle Reis, at least she got that billionairs married her LOL!!!

      2. Yea, I also believe in karma and what goes around comes around… I wonder if this will happen to Shirley or not??

    2. How does that phrase apply to Bernice? It’s not like she cheated on Moses since they broke up beforehand (IF reports of her dating Alastair Lam is true).

      1. I agree. There’s no solid proof whether she cheated or not.

      2. yeh i agree… “what goes around, comes around” …. who cheated on who? Not like Bernice cheated on Moses, coz they already broken up 3 years ago. It’s just that Moses never came out to clarify.

        No one cheated. They broke up ages ago, just that no one knew.

      3. Yea, I was thinking the same.. I mean not that i follow thier news religiously but I thought the main point at the end was that they had broken up earlier and she did not do anything cheating.. If there was cheating, it was Moses with Aimee? So why the hatred towards Bernice. She didn’t do what Shirley did (if it is to be believed)..

  2. I agree that if Moses never acknowledge Bernice as his girlfriend after they’ve been dating so long, it surely make ones question Moses sincerity. Anyway, nothing is permanent or can be guaranteed. Even if you’re married you can still divorce, let alone they were only dating.

  3. It’s so unfair that Bernice is getting negative publicity in or love life. Meanwhile Moses is getting so many positive publicity with that Aimee, who is no natural beauty.

    1. Yea if Karma exists I hope it comes back to bite Moses for turning 180 from his previous attitude with dating.

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