Bernice Liu Does Not Feel Alastair Lam’s Pursuit

Rumored boyfriend, Alastair Lam (林忠豪), publicly declared yesterday that he launched his pursuit of Bernice Liu (廖碧兒). At a promotional event yesterday, Bernice appeared lively and stated, “Of course I am happy. I have a lot to do after returning to Hong Kong. While filming in Hengdian earlier, I did not eat well at all.” Regarding Alastair’s statement that he was wholeheartedly pursuing her, Bernice smiled, “Many thanks for his praises. However, I am very busy now. I do not have time to even see my friends and family!”

Asked whether she was happy, Bernice said, “Everyone wants to have pursuers. Artists cannot have normal dating lives.” (Are you remaining friends?) “I do not feel that he is pursuing me.” (Are you rejecting him?) “No one declared their love towards me!” When asked whether Bernice was unable to set aside ex-boyfriend, Moses Chan (陳豪), Bernice’s expression changed. “I do not want to discuss things from the past.”

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Jayne: Do we really need this pretension between Bernice and Alastair? Obviously the pair are more than friends….

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  1. Happy for her, hope Alastair and Bernice is made to be a couple

  2. Happy for her too if Alaistar’s announcement were true. I’m glad she found another relationship now after her relationship with Moses ended.

  3. Congrats Bernice.

    I read some comments like now Bernice can escape from the “evil nest” who are fully supporting the “fake coffee” and it made me laugh.

  4. Good for Bernice!

    I feel bad that she was seen as the villian for the breakup with Moses even though they broke up years ago. Moses should have stepped up and said something. For some reason, it’s annoying how he keeps openly flirting with Aimee to the press.

  5. Totally agree with you AC. What Moses did wasn’t nice if you were to ask me.

  6. Actually I don’t even know which side of the story is believable. If they split in 2008, why reporters still manage to snap pics of them together in 2009 to 2010? I still remember the news whereby Bernice was sick and Moses asked his friend to take her to the hospital.(his friend drove his car to Bernice’ residence. That was somewhere around 2008 -2009) Then reporters caught them together in a taxi. That was 2009, there were pics taken too. On the other hand, Moses never says a word about their affair, even after Bernice make her confession. What make me wonder is that why no reporter ask Moses about Bernice’s confession. Aren’t they love doing that all the time? Why the exception this time? With so many doubts, I would not comment on both side, because it is unfair to both of them.

    1. @Q,
      Thanks for the info and I agree with you. I guess we should not comment on either side and plus, it is the past now. Therefore, we should just let it all pass. I am glad that they both have moved on and are now dating others. I do hope that they aren’t enemies now, however, it is hard to be friends or act friendly towards an ex. It is ok for some people but hard for others…

  7. Yeh I hope she ends up with Alastair. Since Moses is so openly declaring his love for Aimee (so sickening), its so unfair to Bernice who didn’t even get official recognition as his GF when they were dating.

    And at least Alastair is rich. Don’t care what people say about her being a gold digger etc. She’s not restricted to dating poor people or other celebs. She can date whoever she wants. If she was a gold digger, she wouldn’t have been with Moses (just a simple television actor) in secret all these years.

    Plus that’s like an upgrade from Moses. I hope she feels better. Media and Moses were quite slack to her. Handled it so poorly and forced her to leave TVB.

  8. It is not the first time Bernice was pictured with other guys and all this while she manage to escape unscratched. Moses also helped her by explaining it is normal to have other male friends. I just don’t understand why didn’t he help her this time. Didn’t they earn more while acting as a pair? Why they let this collabolation ended so ugly? What really happen between them?

  9. Even after her confessipn that they split in 2008, reporters still continue to label her as a gold digger in every article about her. Why are they so sure she is a gold digger? Do they really has insider news or know the true?

  10. I don’t think the true will ever come out. I just hope both of them are happy and Bernice can gain back her reputation. I use to love their pairing and I don’t like their new pairing, both Aimee and Alaistair.

  11. Oh Jayne, they’re just friends. I believe them wholeheartedly! Why? Because she said so! Also I believe her when she did not answer the Moses question. Oh so obvious she is still drowning in her sorrows, next to Ray as they share Kleenex and a cuppa Whiskey.

    How sad eh?

  12. Although I like Moses, in this instance I am completely on Bernice’ side. I think that she should start afresh with someone else and let Moses flirt all he wants with the others. I must say that I think he was a fool to split with Bernice and now pursuing Aimee Chan. Bernice is a million times better than her if you ask me. Needless to say I am definitely NOT a fan of Aimee Chan.

  13. Eh, Moses and Aimee is one pair? Offtopic, To be honest, Moses acting mostly depends on over acting character, pity him, more like stereotyping him.

    I don’t know why the HK people blame? Bernice, they both really did nothing wrong.

  14. In the interview earlier, it was Bernice who wanted to split, not Moses. So Moses was the the fool. (Bernice said so)

  15. Sorry, typo error. It should read as Moses was not the fool.

  16. Why she isstill in the sorrow if they had really split on 2008? Isn’t it too long to grief?

    1. @Kidd:

      I rather they say their usual “We’re just very good friends.”

      1. Actually, I really hate the “We are just really good or close friends” and would rather say “I’m too busy to date”(even though they are both BS when it is so obvious). I have seen the “we are good/close friends” excuse way too much that is getting annoying…

      2. WƯe are just good friends is the legendary answer of artists.

        You have to automatically transfer it to: “We are dating”.

      3. LOL Fox! 😛

        Haha, just take it easy and get use to it, HTS. 🙂

      4. I know and I am more annoyed by it because one of my ex friends used that on me when it was sooo obvious. What do they think we are, stupid and blind??

  17. Ray is so busy and yet he still can date and cubbing with girls. How on earth Bernice can’t?

    1. That is why that is one of the biggest excuses in the book. If Andy Lau can do it, then anyone can. It’s just that they don’t have the guts to admit it. I highly doubt Bernice is busier than Andy or Raymond… She is lying to her teeth…

      1. Hey, she might not busy with work but busy with other stuffs.

  18. Hope this is good news for Bernice since she’s has her share of negative press.

  19. What source said Alastair was pursuing Bernice? Is it true? Can we actually hear him say it?

  20. Andy Lau is the man. Nobody can look down on the guy. He has the cleanest record in the industry!!!!!!!!! At least he stays loyal to his wife for 20 years + Anyone can do that? Hell no!

    1. but he never acknowledge her existence.control freak but she is willing…

      1. Control freak? I wouldn’t rush to that conclusion. You don’t know the story behind it. Maybe Carol didn’t want to go public because she afraid of being harassed by Andy’s fangirls! There will be no peace. Being one of the heavenly king’s wife at the peak of their career is like making enemy with the public. And Andy isn’t that type of person. Don’t judge the man with your narrow minded media washed viewpoint.

      2. I agree with Darren that we should not just assume that Andy is a control freak. I have a feeling that he isn’t like that. I am guessing that Carol doesn’t want to be known to the public since she knew what would happen. Also, I feel that IF ANdy was that controlling, wouldn’t he expect Carol to always dress up so that she can look like she matches him?? However, she doesn’t wear make up and dresses pretty casually. I think Andy gave her that choice… I don’t think he is a control freak if he allows her to wear what she likes…

  21. Btw, Bernice look awful recently and her face is getting squarer. She should never put her hair this way. She looks huge and ugly in the picture above.

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