Bernice Liu Talks About Living with 7 Poodles

Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) has a lot of love for her seven poodles. In Oriental Daily’s new program Stars’ Pet Pet <巨星Pet Pet>, Bernice spoke about how her dogs have given her happiness over the last fifteen years. Four of her dogs are therapy dogs, who visit children and the elderly to provide comfort and joy.

“My four dogs, Bailey, Latte, Cappucino, and Kahlua are therapy dogs. Due to their good personalities and calm behavior when they see other people, I often bring them out when I have visitation events.” The dogs also participate in charitable events to help raise funds for stray animals.

Bailey is a 12-year-old mother to 10-year-old Latte. All the dogs get along very well with each other. Especially happy to return home after a long day to be engulfed by her dogs, Bernice said her pets’ love  reduces her stress levels.

Other people have noticed how cheerful Bernice’s dogs are and offered to sign them up as therapy dogs. “This started their chapter in helping others,” Bernice said.

She also hopes that more people understand the responsibilities of being a pet owner and not neglect them after initial interest wears out.

Bernice Shows Off Her Dogs


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