Billy Luk on Filming Hilarious Flasher Scene

The actor’s geeky role in “My Commissioned Lover” is well-received by viewers, who look forward to his onscreen pairing with Kirby Lam.

As My Commissioned Lover <婚姻合伙人> slowly picks up pace, Billy Luk’s (陸永) nerdy character and Kirby Lam’s (林秀怡) character will go from bickering to mutually developing good feelings for each other. Two recent plot developments of the duo in a bathtub and Kirby saving Billy from an exhibitionist have been well-received by fans, who look forward to the two unlikely characters becoming a couple.

As the twin brother of Mat Yeung’s (楊明) character Gus, Billy’s character Chao Ren is an otaku with low self-esteem. When interviewed about his onscreen persona, the actor said, “In the show, I had been living for 30 years under my brother’s shadow. He is capable, smart and good-looking, but I failed my accountant exam many times and don’t have a girlfriend, so I eventually became withdrawn and start to fear interactions with women.”

Lots of Outtakes for Flashing Scene

In an episode aired last week, Billy’s character meets an exhibitionist at the staircase landings, responding with a hilariously aghast expression. “After I saw [the episode], I felt it was really good as the end result was close to real life. The actor who played the exhibitionist was really professional and flashed his privates at me, but of course there’s no embarrassment between us,” shared the usually glib actor.

“There were also quite a few outtakes for that scene, as everyone was eager to get our respective positions right, to capture the ‘flasher’s’ perverseness in motion perfectly. So we took a long time, and every time he jumped out and flashed open his jacket, the positioning had to be just right, and I couldn’t block him.”

Billy’s encounter with the exhibitionist leads to his unconventional way of declaring his feelings and physical attraction to Kirby’s character. The results are bold and hilarious.

Grateful for Good Viewer Response

Billy and Kirby’s unconventional pairing is well-received by viewers, something Billy is thankful for. “We are a very fun couple, but viewers who watch on to see the developments might start to despise and hate me. Although I was previously a weak person, things will start to change and everyone will start hating me!” he said, hinting at a change in his onscreen temperament.

As for the bathtub scene where Kirby was dressed sexily in a bathtub with him, the father of two daughters, who has been married for eight years, said. “I don’t have to report anything to my wife, this is a light-hearted drama, and the romantic scenes will not have any intimacy. My wife and daughters never watch my dramas, as my daughters are already asleep at that time of airing.”

Flasher Scene

Bathtub Scene

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