Billy Luk’s Secret to A Strong Marriage

The actor says he is always the one to give in to his wife!

Now into his eighth year of marriage, Billy Luk (陸永) shares three methods to a blissful marriage. Besides maintaining a loving state, he recommends giving in and always putting his wife in the first place, rather than the kids.

Besides two daughters Yi Ying and Yi Xin aged seven and six respectively, Billy also has six cats at home. Becoming a father at a relatively young age of thirty, Billy was not well-prepared and had mixed feelings of shock and surprise. He worried that he could not cope with his new status as a parent. “How do you get ready to be a dad if you haven’t done it before? I was only truly prepared when I had my second child, because I had experienced it with my first. If you haven’t been a parent yet, you are at most just pretending to be ready.”

Memorable “Confinement” Days

Reflecting on the days of coping with a newborn, Billy said, “It was as if I was doing confinement during my wife’s [confinement] too. I recall bathing infrequently and not washing my hair, and forgetting what I was [busy with]. It’s not that I was trying to experience the same thing as her. My wife kept scolding me for smelling bad and nagging me to get a shower, but I was really busy and simply wanted more time to sleep. Every night was about feeding the baby, who kept crying. I was in charge of taking care of her at night, and had to go out to work in the morning. It was really a non-stop [cycle],”

Wife as #1 Priority

Feeling lucky that he married such a gorgeous wife, Billy shared that he met her by coincidence. “Now my wife is a full-time mom. Luckily, she is there to take care of everything related to our daughters. I’m okay with her prioritizing them over me.”

Asked about their frequent sharing of loving photos online, Billy insists that he is the “number one man” in his wife’s life, though she prioritizes their daughters over him. “But I will treat my wife well and put her before my daughters, so she will love our daughters even more. As men we should never neglect their wive and care only for children!” 

Surprise for Wife is to Have No Surprises

Sharing about romance, Billy said, “No, my wife will spoil all romance. When she feels that you’re being weird, she will check your phone, and see what you’re planning, and even ask if you ordered flowers from this address? She spoils all surprises, so now I don’t do anything. My surprise for her is to have no surprise at all, and then ask her if she is feeling surprised about it, haha.”

Surviving the seven-year itch which afflicts most couples, Billy feels there are no cracks in their relationship and therefore their marriage could stay strong. “It’s not as if we’re still madly in love. The passion will last only for days, and after that it’s all about maintaining a long-term relationship. It’s good even just keeping up a mildly romantic love for each other.”

The humorous actor also shared his two cents’ worth about the secret good communication between the couple, “Mutually giving in is not a good method. For me, I always give in as I’m great at it, so we seldom quarrel.” He also joked self-deprecatingly that his wife should feel very secure due to his looks, and therefore not worry too much about female co-stars getting too close.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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  1. he sounds like a good husband and a loving father. happy family. good for them.

  2. At least he feels lucky that he has a good looking wife. lol…haha..Good for him and sounds like a genuinely nice husband so she’s a lucky woman too. Some dudes might take advantage of their better half after a number of years or after kids but at least he knows that his wife is equally important.

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