Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu Marrying Soon? Virginia Lok Denies Rumors As Impossible

The inaugural 2011 Miss Hong Kong Pageant which was organized by TVB was held earlier, even inviting Miss Hong Kong 1999 second runner-up, Myolie Wu (胡杏儿), to give out the big award of “Most Popular Contestant” to the newly crowned Miss Hong Kong 2011, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨丽).

When the emcee for the night, Eric Tsang (曾志伟), accompanied Myolie to give out the award, he comically addressed Myolie as “Mrs. Wong (黄太)”. Although, upon hearing this, Myolie gave a coquettish look, a pleasantly sweet smile also slipped across her face.

Coincidentally, yesterday, TVB Entertainment news anchor Janice Cheung (张允芝) suddenly tweeted an accompanying photo of her and Myolie, which was taken on August 8th, tweeting, “She (Myolie) told me a piece of great news. I’m very happy for her; everyone will know about it soon.” After the tweet was sent out, there were many speculations that maybe Myolie was going to get married soon with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and officially become “Mrs. Wong”?

However, when interviewed, TVB executive manager, Virginia Lok (乐易玲) refuted those rumors, “That’s impossible. Their work schedule is packed all the way to the following year. They don’t even have the time to meet each other. The happy matter that Myolie mentioned was probably the plans to release an upcoming album.”



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  1. The great happy news is Myolie is selected to walk in the red carpet at Venice International Film Festival. Along with Johnnie To. It’s a lifetime opportunity.

    1. Myolie won’t get married soon. Her career is the most important thing to her since she’s still young and can have a family later. She wants to achieve the most height in her career first before settled down. Why do people easily misunderstand her ‘happy news’?

      1. Yes i think Myolie won’t think about marrying yet but she is having like a secret relationship with Bosco right? After all these news i really like these two couples! I can also see that she wants her career and family to come first

      2. Myolie is very ambitious. I think she want to win TV and Movie Queen before get married and have kids

  2. “Virginia Lok (乐易玲) refuted those rumors, “That’s impossible. Their work schedule is packed all the way to the following year. They don’t even have the time to meet each other. “

    This is a stupid refutation. They live in the same building. How is it possible that they don’t have time to meet each other?

    1. Myolie said almost the exact same words a few days earlier. Myolie explained that they rarely see each other because of their hectic schedule.

      1. I guess we should all know by now to not trust a lot of things that Virginia Lok says…

    2. Myolie and Bosco have been doing things like a married couple for years.. in the same building they reside in xD

  3. I wonder if it is even a good idea for Myolie to release an album? I honestly don’t think her singing is that good…

    1. Im glad i’m not the only person to think Myolie’s singing no good. High five.

    2. another high five. She’s better than linda and Kate but still not good

    3. I really like her voice so I’ll buy the album. It’s probably just something for the fans because she likes singing, although she is more serious about acting.

    4. She’s already released 2 albums and will release another soon. Her singing is much better than many female idol singers out there

    5. I like her choice of songs. Myolie’s EP often has good songs.

  4. I heard rumours about Bosco moving out of the apartment? But at the same time, I also think he’s not in HK right now… X.X So I dunno if the moving out part is believable or not. But I wish them all the best!

    1. A tabloid wrote it. Hurm wait most of Hong Kong magazines are tabloids haha. Bosco has been working in mainland since last Saturday.

    2. They are not living together. Myolie said she lives with her sister a few floors upstairs.

  5. I have never met Myolie in actual person but she doesn’t look pretty to me on-screen and I don’t like seeing her acting. I find her quite cute that’s all. Some said she has good dressing sense which I also can’t really tell.

  6. I have never heard of Myolie singing but I don’t like her squeaky voice anyway even when she speaks so I am sure that I won’t like her singing. As for her marriage – what difference would it be make. They have been sort of living together for a long time anyway so to them a piece of paper wouldn’t matter. Girls are very different now and not all want marriage and kids. We’re also assuming that their relationship would last forever – well, lets hope it does…

    1. If compare among the current TVB fadans, Fala, Kate, Tavia, Linda, I think Myolie can be considered the best singer.

      1. I’m planning to post this, Kidd :P.

        BTW, compare to Mag, Joyce, Myolie loses.

      2. @ Fox

        “BTW, compare to Mag, Joyce, Myolie loses.”

        This is like saying your mother is a woman.

      3. @ Fox

        “In the world, there is a man who mothered.”

        But, that man is not your mother.

  7. Impossible coz Bosco so handsome and Myolie so ugly so where got match?

    1. Bosco handsome? Since when? I never heard of it. Myolie is Miss HK = she’s pretty. Got it? Please don’t insult Myolie.

    2. He thinks she is pretty and she thinks he is handsome. That’s enough for a relationship :P.

    1. If Myolie is ugly what do we call Tavia with her Pinnochio nose?

      1. Then juz call Tavia Pinocchio nose…coz she nose really look like Pinocchio.

      2. Saw someone in called her Yinnochio or Tavinnochio.

  8. LAUGH OUT LOUD at the comments above!
    When some of you are fighting over the definition of UGLY & PRETTY I was imagining two 3 year old kids playing tug-o-war!lmfao

    Seriously kids,chill though it’s funny!HAHA Anyway,weather is Myo,Tav,Kate pretty or not there’s this one FACT that we can’t deny and that’s their fame!Especially Myo & Tav….They’re the HOT favorites to win the TV Queen this year!

  9. Ohhhh btw aren’t we suppose to discuss about Boscolie under this news?lol everyone kinda ran out of the topic 😛

    Now I do believe boscolie does have their own plan of marriage but it’s probably not so soon. Moving closer together by living in the same apartment building had already proves that they’ve the thought in mind but it’s waiting for the right time. Both their careers are still not at it’s peak and I guess their aim is to get there before settling down 🙂 I wish them all the best though…

  10. I will not call anyone ugly, it’s really harsh. I’m only against plastic surgery 🙂 However, both Myolie and Tavia are put too much makeup on…. They are not confident about their looks ?

    1. They’re also taking some kind of injections to make their features sharper other than the 2 inch makeup. In particular Tavia’s nose.

    2. No, they are confident but their ages dun allow them to be confident.

      1. That’s correct. They’re already in their 30’s and without makeup they won’t look presentable on TV screen

  11. What is the good news again? Myolie will be a lead actress in a movie? Or is it regarding her album? Or both?

    1. I think it’s that the movie she filmed with Johnnie To will compete in the Venice Film Festival and she’ll be attending the ceremony.

    2. She’s be attending Venice International Film Festival to promote the Johnnie To movie that she starred in

  12. I hope her well if it is true. Bosco is a very bad choice. But anyways it’s her life.

    1. I most prefer Myo with Feng Shao Feng. He’s every girl’s dream guy :D. I used to prefer Myolie with Raymond too but apparently they are just friends and Raymond has his own girlfriend.

    2. Yes although we think she can do better and find a much better guy we just can’t do anything to her life.

  13. Myolie is not those classic beauty BUT she’s very cute. She’s tall, looks trendy & has great fashion sense- very attractive. My whole family loves her!

    1. I’m part of your family too cuz I love her too.

      She’s got a spunk that others don’t and works her limitations very well.

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