Bosco Wong Turns Stephy Tang into Meat Eater

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Recently ending his 8-year relationship with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) attempted to put his hurt feelings behind him. With his upcoming work projects ahead, Bosco has shifted his focus to his career and his spirits appear to have improved slightly.

Bosco and Onscreen Lover, Stephy Tang

In upcoming film, Love in Time < 等•我愛你 >, Bosco and Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) portray cousins who are an odd couple. During the filming, Stephy, a vegetarian, went through a challenging sequence where the couple dines at a steak house. In the scene, Bosco shares a piece of his meal with Stephy. Although the crew remembered Stephy is a vegetarian and had a plate prepared for her, they forgot that the script called for Bosco to cut up and feed small pieces of his steak to her. Stephy ended up vomiting after every shot, which made Bosco feel very uncomfortable afterward.

This is the third time Bosco is partnered with Stephy in a movie, and the two are getting more and more natural in playing a romantic couple. Although the movie revolves around the two lovers, they refrained from any passionate moves.  Bosco found it amusing that there is no hand holding or hugging in the film, but the audience will get the idea they are in love.

On Future Girlfriend

While he was having a romantic life with Stephy on screen, off screen Bosco does not have a current relationship to warm his heart. Bosco was living through negative rumors and gossip for a long period of time, but he has taken everything in stride. “I am mentally prepared to handle the media. I am still not happy, but I am okay.”

Bosco said. As for a future relationship, Bosco replied, “I am focusing on work, and I haven’t really been thinking about dating.” When asked if he would date someone from the same circle again, Bosco said he would not hesitate, “It’s fine either way, and there are pros and cons. I will accept whatever comes naturally” he said.

Bosco has been busy focusing on his filming projects. He has already completed a few movies, including a police story with King Kong (金剛). He will also appear in Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) Lunar New Year movie. When asked about whether filming movies is more satisfying than television series, Bosco replied,  “Series are longer, but movies offer more freedom.” When asked if he was raking in cash, Bosco simply replied, “I have to keep working to make a living.”

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10 comments to Bosco Wong Turns Stephy Tang into Meat Eater

  1. Kidd says:

    If Bosco wants to branch out, I hope he will focus more on HK movies than Mainland series. So many TVB actors gone to Mainland liao. 🙁

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    • Linnh replied:

      But don’t they get better paid in Mainland?

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  2. Daisy says:

    Ahh poor Stephy! I could imagine the awkward atmosphere since she has to keep vomiting 🙁

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  3. TVBFanatic says:

    I don’t understand. If they know she’s a vegetarian, and they notice the script says “feed steak” – is NO ONE on the set SMART ENOUGH to quickly re-write or do something else? Instead they force the poor girl to eat steak?

    The HEIGHT of stupidity.

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    • Pvt. Joker replied:

      they could made a tofu into steak like, but that’s not in their budget i guess…

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  4. thuy says:

    they could have made a veggie steak out of tofu or mock duck that looked liked meat for her to eat for filming. I’ve eaten many vegetarian things that were made to resemble meat products and would not have unknown unless tasting it.

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    • Linnh replied:

      was thinking the same. And another example can be changing restaurant. When they hired her for the series, then they already knew that she was a vegetarian, so I believe they had time to change the restaurant.

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      • TVBFanatic replied:

        What about feeding her a piece of lettuce from a salad instead? Or a cherry tomato from a salad on the plate. Why does it have to be steak?

        I’m stupefied by the actions of the crew.

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      • Linnh replied:

        Yup, ok maybe the script wrote that he feedet her steak, but like you said it can’t be that hard to rewrite alittlebit. It’s just a small change of the scene, Even that the crew didn’t think about it, then the director should.

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  5. Katy says:

    It must be hard to be actors or actresses. Not only malicious gossips haunting you but some crews or directors are too fixed on some petty scene and can ruin your health. The director and crews should’ve used a meat looking vege steak or change the script!

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