Bosco Wong Unable to Handle Long Work Hours; Reduces Acting Projects

Above: Bosco Wong portrays a father for the first time in “Coffee Cat Mama”.

Currently single and without an optimistic love life like his character in Coffee Cat Mama <貓屎媽媽>, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) puts all his time into different areas of work – managing his new restaurant, and filming both television series and movies.

First Time As Father

Bosco frequently portrays the handsome male lead in dramas. However, in Coffee Cat Mama, Bosco plays a father for the very first time. He considers it challenging working opposite young child actors as they have an abundance of energy. Bosco added, “I’m not too worried about my image because I’m already at that age. It’s natural that I would get these roles. Actually, it would be rather unacceptable for me to play 21-year-old youngsters nowadays.”

Balance Between Filming and Business

While Bosco is putting more time into entrepreneurial activities, many noticed that his screen performances are slowly diminishing. At 33 years old, Bosco disclosed that he is starting to get tired easily and unable to handle the long work hours. This year, he limited himself to one Mainland series, one movie, and two dramas from TVB.

While many artists are heading to Mainland China to earn more money, Bosco insisted that he is not trying to compete with Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Raymond Lam (林峯), who both have established markets. In contrast, Bosco enjoys filming Hong-Kong-based series since he prefers to be close to his home in Hong Kong.

Although Bosco’s oyster bar is rather new, he hopes that he can break within the next two years. “The most important thing is to not generate complaints. Right now, 70 percent of the customers are friends and fans. They give me valuable advice and so, I hope that slowly, I’ll gain more customers.”

Despite nonstop romantic rumors, Bosco does not have time for dating. However, he would not use that as an excuse to not date. Due to his busy schedule, he hopes to find a smart and independent girl. And when he does, Bosco said he would not hesitate to let the public know.


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  1. This guy can act, but often neglected in awards. His memorable performances for me were in dicey business and baico the crippled gangster in the laughing gor installment.

    1. yeah yeah yeah ! love him in dicey business

      he’s also good in war of in-laws

  2. Bosco is doing a superb and natural job in Coffee Cat Mama. Although he’s not a dad in real life, you can tell he really connects to the kid who plays his son, making their actions connected well as a pair. My dad last night while watching eps 5 commented that this guy is so versatile and can be any character you give him.

  3. Bosco as a father not really suitable in fact he is still looking young more like his brother not son don’t understand with tvb.

    1. nowadays there are a lot of young fathers out there. if you watched the series carefully they did state that when he had the kid he was young.

  4. Coffee Cat has been really good so far. I’m super in love with the trio of Koo Ming Wah, Vincent Wong, Bosco and kiddo. I’m cracking up non stop. Then Nancy Wu and her brother are super cute as well.

    I am so in love with this series so far.

    1. Same here! I like this series better than Roger and Kristal’s series. The men in this drama are awesome including the kiddo. The trio(Koo Ming Wah, Bosco, Vincent) have great comedic timing.

      I’m yet to find any affinity with the women. Sorry gals but Nancy and Mimi Chu are good as usual and May Chan is good too. I like May Chan.

      1. May Chan’s Fei Fei is my favourite out of the girls I must say. She’s so cute and kindhearted. May Chan is on a fine acting spree since BL. I’m liking her more and more.

      2. May Chan has some great acting chops. From what I’ve seen she can do more than comedy and I hope TVB won’t stereotype her due to her size.

      3. omg – love you guys for sharing the same comments. I love May Chan also. She’s totally beautiful! Her timing with the boys are great too ..

        She’s a great find by Wong Cho Lam!

      4. Count me in I love May Chan too! Hmph in this series Eliza as the lead isn’t outstanding at all and all her supporting casts overshadows her. There are lots of complain about Eliza’s acting. She’s not cut yet to be the female lead when Nancy and May Chan totally trampled over her and grabs her spotlight.

    2. I love the trio’s dynamic too. That’s what you get when you put three guys with serious acting chops together.

      Who is the guy that play the gangster? He and Bosco has great dynamics as well. I cracked my belly up everytime Bosco’s confused eyes met up his steel gaze. You know what I mean if you wastch the series.

      Who’s the younger guy that work with Bosco? His acting is raw but he’s a cutie and I’ve never seen him act before.

      1. @Carina

        I love that gangster guy too! I first noticed him after he acted with Kenneth in 3Kingdom RPG as “Fan Gan”! Actually he is so cute in that drama that he and Kenneth are the only characters I watched!

        As of the younger guy u mentioned, he if I’m not mistaken is a very talented dancer! He acted in Lives Of Ommission as the son of Damian lau. And he also appeared in the THC2 as a dancer.

        And yes, both of them so super cute in this drama!

      2. Yeah!!!
        I found his name!! The gangster/fan Gan is Jonathan Cheung Wing Hong ^^v

    3. Coffee Cat Mama is another slow and pointless TVB series. I don’t get the taste and thoughts above by other visitors. Brothers Keeper remain to be the best series of the year with the best actings except Linda Chung.

      This is so wrong, the best and most versatile actor in TVB is Ruco, and Ruco. Bosco is nowhere near that. Ruco>Wayne>Roger>Bosco>Raymond Lam Fung>Moses>Kevin.

      Eliza shouldn’t be at the center at the poster. It’s so wrong and unfair to Nancy Wu although I am not her fan. Nancy >>>>Eliza in what I saw of the pointless CCM. Actually Nancy>May Chan>Mimi Chu>Michelle>Eliza. This is Michelle’s most bland performance.

      1. Finally someone speaks up for Nancy! Yea I don’t get why Eliza is so fast promoted to be the lead. I tried to watch the series and Nancy overshadows Eliza big time despite Eliza holding the lead status. I don’t know why they give Eliza the first lead title when Nancy’s acting is more outstanding than her and get praises by netizens when Eliza is complained all over. Nancy also more outstanding than Michelle I agree with you. Mai Xuet isn’t suitable for comedy she’s not exactly a versatile actress.

  5. He’s the most underrated actor in TVB, but also one of the best TVB still have now in his age group. From the vicious triad leader, the kindhearted cop, the twins, and the struggling father.

  6. I like Bosco’s role and acting in CCM. He’s doing a fine work and he’s adorable and he’s so cute with the kiddo, and the trio.(Koo Ming Wa, Bosco, Vincent).

  7. I agree too. Bosco Wong is a more versatile actor than Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, and Kenneth Ma.

    1. I think Bosco is definitely more versatile than Ron and Kenneth. I think Raymond is pretty versatile too but they tend to give him the same type of roles in the past few years. They need to start giving him some comedy roles.

      1. I don’t find LF’s roles are the same in past few years. Maybe 5-6 years later it’s quite true but recent years, he acted in different types of role. For example his 3 newest series are all different to each other. His roles in his movies are not the same as well. And in 3 recent years, he acted in 3 comedies plus 1 witty role.

        Ah of course if you are talking about Txb series, he didn’t do any in 2 years but his latest Txb one is kinda different to his previous Txb’s.

        As for Ron, I don’t think he lacks versatile in role, he just lacks versatile acting.

      2. @Fox
        Just talking about his tvb series. I’m looking forward to seeing him in his next series, but I also really want him to be in a comedy as well.

      3. Oic, Txb only. With Txb I think you have to wait for long because he dun seem to work much for Txb in the future.

    2. yeah i totally agree . i always love bosco’s acting! he is reeally good. too bad hes underrated 🙁 bosco is definitely good as raymond~

  8. I never really liked Bosco in his early days because I felt like he was always playing those goofy sunshine characters. Then came his Baico role in the Laughing Gor series and I totally changed my mind. My favourite Bosco performances are his Baico role and his Hui Sir in Witness Insecurity or whatever with Linda Chung. He should have won something for his Baico role

    1. bosco’s performance in “a change of heart” was great as well!

  9. Bosco is doing a pretty awesome job from his generation he is the best actor

  10. Agree compared to the other lead actors in his age group he is the most versatile honestly he hasn’t failed at any role he was given and in TVB that’s rare it’s also ironic how he’s the most ironic…well the most talented ones usually are but you can see e doesn’t have that big of an ego which is good. ..he actually has passion for his job.

  11. I enjoy watching Bosco. I thought he did extremely well in ACOH but he is constantly overlooked. Hope he can make it into awards contention sooner rather than later.

  12. Bosco is one of the loyal children tvb has and one of the children tvb doesn’t like all that much compared to some others once tvb needs good leading actors bosco reduces his work load in mainland and outside of tvb to help tvb out during these time his performance in coffee series is awesome but Moses should have done this series cos Moses love coffee

  13. “This year, he limited himself to one Mainland series, one movie, and two dramas from TVB.”

    This still sounds like a busy schedule! lol

  14. the media never hypes bosco for awards bosco isn’t tvb favourite and the media always tries to wreck bosco but bosco acting saves him all the time bosco is the best

  15. He is still lacking as a good actor. Hope to see more improvement in his acting.

  16. One of the best if not the best Actor in tvb. Just look at his acting in dicey business, heart of greed1 and laughing serie and you know that he has a lot of potential. Too bad that they don’t cast him in bigger grand production series anymore…

    Kenneth ma is a good actor but with all respect, he is not at the same level as Bosco. Can’t believe the hype of Kenneth ma instead of Bosco.. If ma Ming gets the BA award before Bosco then it’s a joke.. Maybe he should leave tvb and go filming movies instead. I can see him as the next Louis koo

    1. Ma Ming is under Catherine Tsang while Bosco is in 620’s side. It leads to different treatments in Txb.

      1. But fox, you should see in this context too. Kenneth was in the highest rated series TITS2, but Bosco’s Coffee Cat Mama now possibly can be one of the lowest rated series since the first week only get 23 points.

      2. Please, 620 was never as fond with Bosco as she was with Kevin, Raymond or even Moses. So let’s just skip the Cat VS 620 talk.

      3. @bbfanny: Bosco was lead in the highest rated series of 2012 and did it make any difference?

        @Wildberries: Oh so now you are not so into moral talk? Lolz. The fight is always there and fact that it leads to different treatments, accept it girl.

      4. @fox you never cease to disappoint me with your poor attempt in getting personal when you ‘try’ to debate. Makes me wonder why you need to resort to something so low like using words to provoke others. Maybe it’s because I called you out last time? Petty if it is.

        Fact, Bosco was never as heavily promoted even when 620 was in power. I wouldn’t consider second lead as heavily promoted. So I don’t understand what it has to do with Cat. Is Cat denying 620 from promoting Bosco instead of others 620 is promoting?

        Also, did I ever deny that the politics never existed? Next time, don’t put words into my mouth or assume something I didn’t say.

      5. 2012, Catherine Tsang put Bosco out of top 5 Best actor despite his highest rated WI and put two of her fave there instead. 2010 Catherine Tsang refused the demand of Lau Ka Hou to cast Bosco in one of his series (said by Lau Ka Hou after that). Only when Lau Ka Hou planed to go, he was able to cast Bosco in WI but WI was not promoted as much as other Catherine Tsang’s works. Luckily it had highest rating but Catherine Tsang denied it. Are those enough for you, Wildberries?

        Baby, you are acting naive too badly. Petty is our common name in fact. Lolz.

  17. Maybe I shouldn’t compare him with ma Ming? I would say that he is better than Raymond lam also. Not in singing but in acting. Siu sangs:
    2. Raymond/Kevin cheng
    3. Kenneth ma
    4. Ron ng

    1. Ron is 3 ma Ming is 4 in each of ma Ming drama his being him self Ron is stiff and wooden but Ron can bring out the character and is different even in his hot headed police roles I don’t even like Ron I love ma Ming

  18. Bosco acting is superd! He is underrated actor. I find a bit like Steven Ma where TVB neglected him.

  19. There’s no need for comparison. Bosco has very good and versatile acting but isn’t the best actor in TVB or HK, he is charismatic but isn’t the most popular or likeable actor, and he’s attractive, but neither is he the hottest male star alive. But is he underrated for his worth? I think he is.

    Yeah he’s more suitable for movies and looks good in cinematic screen, but without being backed by contract with a movie production company and friendship with good directors, the hard truth is any actor after Louis Koo’s generation can’t make it in HK film industry. Only Nic Tse is an A-list and he’s always been up there since he was 18 or so. Shawn Yue still hasn’t found his footing although he has many good movies in his portfolio. So it’s normal that Bosco for now keep his stay in TVB although many outside views vote for him to venture out, besides at early 30’s, most men begin to be clamor for stability instead of taking risk for higher return. The article also missed a reason for Bosco to prefer more filming in HK(TVB) instead of the mainland – he loves the familiar staff and crews whom he has spending 8 years or more with.

    TVB awards – an award to be won either by pure management preferences, luck of getting a “massively popular” character, or luck with the audience, in short just a game where the system changes every year to reward TxB employees. What’s consistent is acting is only a part of the deciding factor, and possibly not one with the most weight. These actors know the rules of the game themselves.

  20. Sadly Bosco’s return to TVB screen can’t make the ratings of Coffee Cat Mama good. It recorded only 23 points for last week with the lowest point at 19 and peaking point at 26 and I believe this week will be worse since people are out for New Year celebration.

    1. Roger and Kristal’s Return of Silver Tongue got higher ratings at 24 points. I like Coffee Cat Mama more though. I think viewers are eager to watch Kristal who is hot at the moment after her award winnings.

    2. The 19 points low rating occurs on second of episode of Coffee Cat Mama.

    3. I knew it, It’s Eliza’s fault! Before the series airs lots of people complain about Eliza leading over Nancy and Michelle. Now look at the ratings and episode 2 is where Eliza has the most screentime. She’s not capable to lead. Right now netizens are praising May Chan and talk about May Chan more than Eliza which means Eliza did a bad job.

    4. @bbfanny, YY: You do know that series aired in this Christmas-NY timeslot customarily garnered one of the lowest ratings of the year, the worst timeslot being the Lunar New Year timeslot? So having low ratings for this timeslot is not unexpected, exceptions are series that are able to garner high ratings in spite of their graveyard timeslots. Moreover, a series is a team work production, so don’t make a scapegoat out of Eliza for the series’ dismal but not unexpected low ratings.

      1. Agree! Actually, if you look at the other series’s rating, it’s is low because right now, everyone’s busy with post-Christmas – New Year planning/aftermath. But it should be better soon!

        Eg. Come Home Love’s rating for last week was only 22 points, Return of the Silver Tongue was 24 points (peaking at 27 points), and as for Coffee Cat Mama, 23 points (peaking at 26 points).
        Source for the ratings above:

      2. why would you all blame the christmas and new year holidays when the series itself look stupid? i don’t even feel compelled to watch! worst is the uncompetent female lead! sure i like her more than tavia in on call 2 and cheche stole the show from yu jai in the last few episodes but to make eliza a lead so fast? no!

        silver tongue is actually a good series but only for kristal, jonathan and akina who stole the entire show! as much as i like fred and respect veteran roger kwok, their acting is so mundane and boring and priscilla is just bad. i root for jonathan to end up with priscilla instead of fred with priscilla who has no chemistry!

  21. Just saying Coffee Cat Mama makes me feel Bosco will be a great father

    1. @yushky how stupid it sounds. you should learn that a series isn’t reality and you don’t know how he is in real life to say that he’ll be a great father! if he’s that great he wouldn’t have wronged his great nice girlfriend the breakup wouldn’t have happened!

  22. The sentence should read that Bosco hopes that he can “break even” within the next two years instead “break” within the next two years.

  23. who have so much time to waste to watch this stupid coffee series? the storyline look stupid and the female lead overpromoted eliza sam is appalling and although i love nancy i don’t feel like watching her in a series where i heard eliza is the lead and may chan has more screentime with nancy’s supposed love partner.

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