Bosco Wong’s New Foray into Film

Many Bosco fans were initially charmed by his first leading role in War of the In-Laws <我的野蠻奶奶>, where he played a rich kid turned hero, Ling Mao Chun (甯茂春). Even Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) said she was attracted to Bosco then.

Recently, during an interview with a magazine, Bosco spoke about his foray into films and his interests in sports and fashion.

Bosco will star in Paco Wong’s (黃柏高) new romantic comedy, Love In Time <等我愛你>, playing an ordinary grass roots guy. Love in Time is a love story where the ordinary Bosco falls in love with Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣), who plays his cousin from Taiwan that happens to need a place to stay. Under one roof, the two begin to develop feelings for each other and their romance blossoms.

Love in Time will be Bosco’s first leading role in a movie. When asked about his character, Bosco said, “I play a rude and low-class ice cream vendor who is sometimes nice and kind hearted. The movie does carry a little bit of An Autumn’s Tale <秋天的童話> flavor.  A grass root guy falls in love with his foster sister. It’s like an old fashion love story.”

Bosco believes that in order to make a good romantic movie, the couple needs to have the right chemistry. He said, “I rarely work together with Stephy, so it is a new and refreshing experience. I have seen Stephy’s movies, but the plot of this one is completely different than the ones she has been in before. She is rather cute in this movie.”

Bosco commented that the movie has shades of Director Fire Lee (火火) in it. He said, “During shooting, I can just glance at him and I will know what he expects. We grew up in the same kind of environment, so I can quickly understand how he feels.”

Comparing TV shows to movies, Bosco found that movie making has a much faster pace. Also, there is so much more preparation to go through to create a movie. More time is needed for every shot as opposed to TV dramas.

Upcoming Projects

Bosco plans to continue filming movies. Love in Time is slated for a November 22 release.

For his music plans, a meeting for an upcoming album had been held a long time ago. Since Bosco was too busy with his acting career, his new album release has taken a back seat to other projects. He wants to make sure his songs are of good quality before his album is released. It also depends on when his good friend and composer, Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉), can deliver the goods.

Cycling is Bosco’s Favorite Sport

Acting takes up 90 percent of Bosco’s time. Bosco said there is no distinction of night and day and although his sleep schedule is abnormal, he is used to it. In fact, he would be less comfortable if he is too idle at home. He will spend most of his time reading scripts and watching different movies.

For his leisure pursuits, Bosco loves to ride his bicycle. When he was a child, Bosco loved cycling around Tolo Harbour. But nowadays, he cannot do it since the place is quite crowded during the holidays and the weekends. Bosco loves mountain biking, and usually cycles around his neighborhood. Sometimes he will even go hiking with his dog.

Bosco said he prefers individual sports since he does not have a fixed work schedule. It is also not easy to meet friends for dinner or party with them.

Bosco On Fashion

For the interview, Bosco dressed casually and looked refreshing in a plaid shirt and Bermuda shorts. He said he can usually handle any kind of clothing style. When going out, Bosco prefers tight t-shirts and slim pants along with long jackets, and a pair of leather shoes. Bosco usually dresses casually when going to work since he will need to have costume changes for filming.

As for his favorite fashion brands, Bosco has always liked Givenchy. Recently, he has been into eccentric designers including Jean Paul Gaultier as well, as he has a collection of clothes from that brand.

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  1. “Many Bosco fans were initially charmed by his first leading role”

    So they’re no longer charmed with his first leading role?

      1. He’s wearing a skirt in the photo shoot for the article. *bangs head*

      2. *bang head twice*

        Sigh. Hopeless case. And this is fashion forward? He may be able to handle any sort of fashion style but dear Bosco, I can’t!

      3. I can’t stand those guys who think that being hip and trendy means skirts, eyeliner and those gay hats!

      4. But to think deeper, only bosco can carry such looks , I mean the skirt wearing type of guy.. even LF failed wearing skirt last time.

      5. Aaron Kwok did it and he did it well. And he has a reason to do it. He’s a singer in a concert and he has to be flamboyant. Leslie Cheung wore skirts too if I remember. I just think it is stupid. Take away the skirt and he looks good. Or take away the pants.

      6. Skirts? Or Kilts? And what in the world is a gay hat? Can I buy a straight hat?

      7. Don’t forget the brightly colour fingernail polish, there are some styles guys should never try xD

      8. *bang head thrice* Guess I’m not a fashion forward person cos’ I don’t know how to appreciate Bosco trendy fashion with eyeliner and skirts and harem pants etc.

      9. I remember seeing pictures of Bosco performing at Tang Chi Wai’s concert a while ago and thought to myself “What the heck is he wearing?”.

      10. Marc jacobs is gay 😛

        Most haute couture for men are dictated by gay designers like Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier. While their fashion is hip and edgy on gay men; on the other hand, for heterosexual men trying to emulate high fashion trends, the designer garbs ends up looking too feminine. Lithe male models on runways look good in those trends, due to their slimness and metro-sexual edge. How funny would women look, if they all follow the dressing style of butches, if butches are the leader of the fashion world?
        The irony, the irony.

    1. So they’re no longer charmed with his first leading role?

      SOME bosco fans might be and SOME might not you know

      1. I think the writer meant
        “Many Bosco fans were first charmed by his first leading role in War of the In-Laws , ”

        Initially would mean they did not feel charmed like a few episodes in. First would mean that role was what first charmed them.

      2. I too was first charmed by his role in Dicey Business. I could not get past the 1st two episodes of the War of the In-Laws. But I really liked Bosco in Dicey Business.

    2. This guy is girlish and feminine. No wander myolie dump her

      1. I actually saw a video where he was holding a concert in Canada, then first of all he had a really nice style and secon then he had a really cool attitude, no feminin and girlish attitude at all.

  2. ““I rarely work together with Stephy, so it is a new and refreshing experience.

    Refreshing experience? They played a couple in ’72 Tenant of Prosperity’.

    I have seen Stephy’s movies, but the plot of this one is completely different than the ones she has been in before. She is rather cute in this movie.”

    Uh, cute characters is rather Stephy Tang’s specialty.

    1. So is this his second time working with stephy?
      If it’s the first time..
      “I’ve never worked with Stephy…”
      The second time..
      “I rarely worked with Stephy..” What’s wrong with this sentence?

      1. Maybe Bosco just had a moment like Linda where you forget you has played or be in a cover with another person.

      2. I’m just talking about the ‘new and refreshing experience’ part.

        They played a couple is this his movie. They played a couple in 72 Tenants. So, not really ‘new’ or ‘refreshing’.

      3. Kidd, 2nd time can be refreshing. Their characters might be different. Considering the first is a movie, I think they spent like 10 days filming together? That’s not very long, compared to filming series, where you will see the same person day in day out for months.

  3. I don’t know what this reporter means, but I am still charmed by his charm lol. After watching the trailer, I was wondering when it would come out.

    Bosco babe, if you love fashion, please stop using those skirts of yours.

  4. I rather like Boscoe and his playful ways and how he always gets Kevin to play up to him. However, I’m not particularly attracted to his type of acting and dressing.

  5. Bosco is a charming prince. Yes his fashion sense sometime suck.

    1. agree, he is good looking but shame of his fashion and as for moylie, I think her lost.

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