Bosco Wong’s Overtime Restaurant Opens in Malaysia

In recent years, many Chinese and overseas artists were interested in business opportunities in Malaysia. Last week, Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) restaurant, Overtime, opened in Ipoh, Malaysia.  Aside from promoting for the new restaurant, Bosco took the opportunity to announce that he has ascended to become a business owner!

Although Bosco was currently filming a movie, he especially took the time to fly to  Malaysia for the grand opening of his restaurant. It was apparent that he attached great importance to the restaurant, which he described as a “gift” to his mother.

Since only a simple promotional ceremony was held for Overtime, the event organizers did not publicize the event in advance. Only the restaurant’s shareholders and invited guests attended. However, Bosco’s charm can not be blocked; many people in the Ipoh area found out about the restaurant’s opening and arrived to glimpse his glorious presence.

On an earlier promotional tour in Malaysia, Bosco was left with a deep impression of the restaurant chain, Overtime. In partnership with a few friends in Malaysia, Bosco decided to invest in opening a new branch of an Overtime restaurant. Investing in Malaysia for the first time, Bosco spent a seven-figure sum to build a 8,000 square feet, bi-level restaurant, which was the largest Overtime restaurant in Malaysia.

At the launching ceremony, Bosco indicated that he possessed a long-time desire to open a restaurant in Hong Kong restaurant but was limited by the expensive rent there. The same amount of rent that he spent in Malaysia may only allow for the rental of a 300 square feet space in Hong Kong .

A Gift for His Mother

Focusing on his career in the entertainment industry, why did Bosco suddenly wish to become a business owner?  Turning 31-years-old this year, Bosco, said, “As people say, a person should be established by the age of 30.  I have always been active in investments, such as purchasing real estate property, gold and blue-chip stocks. Since they are considered stable investments and do not require a lot of time to take care of, I can focus on my acting career.”

The filial Bosco revealed that his my mother will soon retire and he intended to give his new Overtime restaurant as a gift to his mother, while he will visit his restaurant in Malaysia in his idle time.


Jayne: Thanks to Masaharu for the article link! Congratulations to Bosco! Is Overtime a famous restaurant brand in Malaysia? How is their food quality?

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  1. I think the restaurant itself is already famous because it’s opened by HK super star Bosco Wong since many chinese malaysians here watch series/shows frm Hongkong and like others, HK artists have huge fanbase in Msia.

    As for the food, not sure since the restaurant is located in IPoh..which is quite far from my place..maybe only I visit Ipoh next time, I’ll drop by and try it out.

  2. I notice that many hk artists tend to have alot of friends in the famous Chef “Choy Lan”, he has friends all over the world and everytime he visits Msia, local friends will invite him to their restaurants and even give him free meal and ofcourse it’s partly because of publicity reason that they give him free meal.

  3. IPOH? WHY IPOH? Oh yeah, Ipoh stuff can be a tad expensive but Ipoh itself got great food. Can Bosco compete? But why Ipoh? No wonder he said the rent is dirt cheap. Ipoh. Sorry, in total disbelief. When was the last time I was in Ipoh? Too long ago.

      1. Ipoh better! I always feel our coffee and tea better. But do bring in iced lemon tea.

    1. Looks like a good place to go chit chatting. Food looks ok but portion looks tiny!!

  4. Do they have many of these restaurant in Malaysia since the news said its a branch?

    1. I suppose so. I saw the website, seems well established. But we do have a lot of same concept resturant.

      1. Btw Funn, what concept of restaurant that Bosco is running in Ipoh? I read the article, it didnt say what concept..

  5. Overtime has expanded rapidly in Malaysia for the past year… opened more than 20 branches in one year, and the renovation and size is cosy.

    It’s practically everywhere in KL n Selangor (mostly in or near malls)… Believe that the boss have strong connections with the government, considering the amount of alcohol license given out (so many outlets).

    So I guess Bosco invested in the Ipoh franchise.

  6. Hmm. I heard Ipoh ppl are very spendthrift not sure they want to spend money at Overtime though.

    1. I heard that too. I never heard about stars investing in Ipoh too. He should have went for the big cities instead of spendthrift towns.

  7. I thought Overtime is a pub no?
    But seriously WHY Ipoh?It’s pretty risky to open such big pub in a small town area where night life is really dull there.I doubt he can earn much profits from this franchise when the location itself is not that ideal.

    1. Overtime is a pub? Why is Bosco keep calling it a restaurant? If the place has a dull night life he must be out of his mind to open his business there.

    1. Yeah somehow I prefer him with the mustie instead!Makes him look more manly and mature!

      When he shaved off his previous mustie I was like oh boy he is back to being boyish again *sigh*

  8. Congraulations to Bosco! One day I’ll go to Malayasia to try out the restaurant! Ipoh has a lot of restaurants though I guess Boco will have some competition since Ipoh is a wealthy city where people spend and eat alot! Anyone been to his restaurant who lives on Ipoh Malaysia? Haha I want to know his menus 🙂

  9. Reckon it’s a franchised chain of restaurants. But to open it as the biggest one in Ipoh is a sure no no, as the locals are known to be rather frugal.Ipoh is a comparatively small sleepy town with limited nightlife. Most younger generations and intellects have left for greener pastures.Baby boomers are abound. Spending power isn’t there, unlike those yesteryears where tin mining bloomed. No doubt the first few months will be lively, but further down the road when the novelty dies down, business will dwindle too. Bosco isn’t there all the time to show his trademark. Predict it’ll be in the same path as Liu Wai Hung aka Ah Charn in his char siu and roast duck business in Malaysia.

    1. SInce Ipoh is a frugal town with no younger generations it looks like not a good investment for Bosco. A lesson to be learn.

  10. Hi, me from Malaysia.

    Haven’t tried Overtime before. It’s actually a pub where they cater food as well.

    Heard the beer and drinks are much more expensive than other places.

    Come to KL to experience. Besides Overtime, you can try other fantastic food. : – )

  11. Why are you guys all so pessimistic about Bosco’s restaurant? I doubt all of you who said his restaurant will sure be a failure are familiar with Ipoh. I really think some of the naysayers have never even set foot in Ipoh.

    Ipoh might not be as happening as KL and Penang, but, it’s not that bad. There are pubs in Ipoh too. Starbucks survive there. Moven Peak (very large Steamboat restaurant) survives there. Indulgence (super expensive western food restaurant) survives there. Ice Ice Baby would have survived if the quality of the food didn’t change.

    Also if the restaurant is a chain, that means the boss has experience in this business. He would have surveyed the location before opening an outlet there.

    1. It all depends on the price. I am not a beer drinker so I wonder RM30 for 1 pint, is it ok? If yes then his restaurant should be ok. But the food portion looks too small. Ipoh is atown of good food. So I think Overtime’s selling point is a place for gathering, not food.

      1. Never been to Overtime restaurant before, do you know if there is any here in KL? Would like to see their concept..if Overtime’s concept is like One Station then sorry, i m so not into that concept.

      2. Frankly I don’t know. I don’t think I have ever been to one.

      3. I thought I saw pavilion, and if it is in pavilion it can’t be cheap.

      4. Actually, I find that Bosco was smart to invest in a franchise for his first restaurant business, rather than start everything from grounds up. Investing in a franchise may be less risky than trying to start something completely new. There is already a recipe for success for a franchise establishment, which offers the franchisee a higher possibility of success.

        It would be interesting to hear how Overtime in Iphoh is doing after 1 year of opening. He did mention that the restaurant will have a live band, so it will probably appeal to work professionals looking for place to go after-hours, selling the atmosphere and serve as social gathering place.

        I think Bosco and his Malaysian friends know what they are getting into in Ipoh and the local market characteristics. As their first restaurant business, heading straight into Kuala Lumpur may be a very expensive venture. Kuala Lumpur has its share of risks, such as high entry cost and high competition. It may be hard to stand out from the competition and even harder to sustain it in the long-term.

        I suspect Bosco is treading somewhat carefully, as he was hanging out at another Overtime location and it left a deep impression upon him. So he wished to open an Overtime franchise and decided on the location second. A 7 figure sum sounds like a decent amount to start a restaurant business and not too expensive.

        Btw, I found the idea of eating chocolate ice cream in poop shape really disgusting. LOL and why the attraction in eating at hospital theme restaurant? I am past the gimmicks; just give me good food and nice ambience, rather than another themed restaurant.

  12. I wonder if any of them would ever do something funny like Modern Toilet??

    1. R u talking about restaurant that have toilet seats as chair and bathtub as table?
      We have one in KL, Msia. Never been there though, just the thought of sitting on a toiletseat enjoying my meal already make me wanna puke.

      1. I know which one you are talking about. I agreed, I don’t think I will have the appetite to eat my food on a toiletseat bowl and chocolate ice cream in the shape of a poop. LoL. There is also one restaurant that all the chairs and tables are made out of cardboards.

      2. Yea, that one…Too bad we don’t have one in the US. I personally think it is good for novelty, but I guess it is not for everyone…

      3. There is one in Penang too. I don’t mind the deco. Quite interesting. But, the first time I went there, I ordered a meal that activated my allergy (I think it’s the sauce). So, I didn’t go there anymore. The shop and me not meant for each other. 😛

        There’s also a restaurant with hospital theme in Penang. The drinks are served in beaker. The seat looks like hospital bed. And the food you ordered are recorded in what look like a hospital record.

      4. @Kidd,

        Speaking about restaurant that look like hospital, I rmb there was this restaurant in Tokyo. Where staff wears nurse uniform and doctor robe..and food they serve there are all bloody in red colour lol..and you gotta drink your softdrink with the Tube sort of. kinda gross..and eat food that resembles “brain” which is put in a human’s head plate.

      5. The Taiwan Modern Toilet served an ice cream which look like *poops* in a toilet-seat-shaped-bowl. LOL

      6. @ Veejay

        Wow, that pretty gruesome. Eating bloody food from human head.

      7. @ Masaharu: Haha I saw that. I tried to find this restaurant in HK but because it’s too expensive, I can’t afford.

        The vampire restaurant in Japan isn’t unique. Because Japan is the country of manga then the otaku (manga lovers) enjoy these stuffs.

      8. @Kidd,
        I didn’t know about the hospital theme restaurant. I guess we don’t have much in the US since I do wonder if we Americans would dare to try it or not? I remember my friend said that in Southern Cal there was a Taiwanese/Chinese restaurant that had a school theme which I thought was cool…

      9. Some of my cousins were grossed out about Modern Toilet too. I should have asked them if they went to one when they were in Taiwan…

    2. Ooh Modern Toilet. The concept is creative but I wouldn’t frequent this place to “eat”. I would like to visit once though, to take photos..heheh 😛

      1. Was quite intrigued but it is just a concept. Is the food good, that’s the question.

      2. I also wonder if the food is good or not. However, if many are grossed out by the concept then I wonder how many would want to go there to eat even if the food was really good??

  13. Hi, I’m from Ipoh. It’s true that normal families will avoid eating at expensive restaurants as the average Ipoh folks do not earn a lot. However, I suppose Overtime caters for the rich businessmen and also some young executives. Will find time to try at this new place someday. Ipoh is famous for good food and people here do not really care much about the environment as long as the food is good. So, it will take some time to see whether Overtime business will survive here. They can if they have a lot of promotions. The young executives here do not mind paying if the food is good. But overall, there are many working class people who are not that rich and most of them of are thrifty. Some may go but will not be that often. I guess the bosses at Overtime will have to depend on a lot of support from their own friends and business associates. Anyway, congrats to Bosco and all the best to Overtime. Hope that the business will grow and be successful.

  14. Looking at Overtime website, I think it is pub restaurant; some do seperate the 2 but this one may be like combined. Frankly a higher end of One Station I believe. Will maybe try one day but I don’t like resturants with live band, because when I am alone, I am there to eat. When I am with friends I am there to chat, and I don’t like competing with the music so that I can be heard. Tried that a few times and each time came home with a sore throat.

    1. Me too dislike live band simply because I can’t heard what my friends were chatting always.. to me, the music frm the live band are usually very loud because It’s “LIVE” and I always have to raise my voice just to chat with my friends and its extremely annoying if I wanted some recommendations from the waiter. I always hate ppl whispering to my ear, it’s ticklish.

    2. If the concept is higher end of one station, then I believe it should resembles of those american chilis restaurant where they serve steaks etc in a rather expensive price. I won’t mind visiting Overtime if I can find one in KL just to taste their food.. but if i could bump into Bosco in person..that would be better but he only invested in Ipoh branch..

  15. I wholly agreed with what Monica said.Says pun dari Ipoh. Generally Ipoh dwellers are kinda calculative. They don’t like to be ripped off unecessarily, as far as food is concerned, as Ipoh is famous for its abundant cheap and delicious food. To totally depend on the usual rich blokes and yuppies’ businesses will be disastrous as everyday makan sharkfin pun sian. Need diversification to cater all classes as I don’t think their prices are reasonable, given the size and huge overhead. Anyway, best of luck, Bosco. Selamat tinggal.

    1. look like the ipoh folks themselves said that this high end restaurant wont last long. Better to start think about saving money Bosco. Now i dont think this business will make him jump into the wealthy class. Ipoh is a wrong place

      1. i hope he has some savings and insurance in case the business not turn well to cover the losses. The restaurant is too big they need a lot of money to mantain and lots of workers to feed. He cant depend on acting money alone. TVB pays low and acting isnt a stable career.

    2. I won’t be so pessimistic. The size is a bit scary, but, this kind of outlet has its market. If Bosco open a french restaurant, I will be worried for him. But, this restaurant has music, beer, and food that suit local taste. Businessmen will go there. Young executives will go there. Yes, people will not makan sharkfin everyday, but, different people will go on different day.

    3. lol, can you tell me what kind of insurance covers loss of business due to lack of customers ? I would be interested to know if there is even one.

  16. lol i am from malaysia and people who are willing to spend on things like this are usually the younger generation who have moved to KL. if you wonder why, it’s because the job market is much bigger there

  17. generally, the cost of living in ipoh is lower than the bigger cities, and you don’t earn much working there… different overtime branches are owned by different people actually…. they are not all owned by the same person

    1. Lol sounds like Bosco’s new restaurant will have tough situation in Ipoh 😛

  18. There is one Overtime in Puchong (IOI Boulevard). I haven’t been there but the business is not bad i guess.

  19. I just found out that there is a newly opened Overtime at Sunway Pyramid and also one at Scott Gardens at OUG. Maybe you guys can give it a try.

  20. I like people who are good to their mothers as the Cantonese saying goes “how shun fu mo”. I have always liked Bosco but hearing that he may give the restaurant to his mother, I like him even more now. Well, hope it does well in future. Good luck Bosco.

    1. It is great to be good to your mother, but what about your father? I feel that mothers always get all of the credit while the fathers always seem to be left out. Fathers sacrifice a lot for their children too,however, I think in Bosco’s case, his father may not have been around so it is mainly just him and his mother only. Therefore, his bond with his mom is stronger than many people.

  21. Some of the outlets opened by the artistes failed because they don’t have the time to oversee the business. Unless you’ve a trusted person to help you manage else I would say difficult. Sometimes your partner cheats you but anyway I hope the outlet that he opens will be a success.

  22. Why Ipoh? I thought that Ipoh is famous mostly for cheap and good food but then I’m from KL and only visit once in a blue moon…I would have thought Penang might have more of his kind of clientele if he really doesn’t want to open in KL…err Ipoh…

  23. Just had lunch at OverTime Ipoh. Full house! Good news for Bosco…

    1. Hard to say since its only the first week and people are still curious. wait until a year

  24. I went there last Saturday. Still has many tables that are already booked. The waitress said weekend mostly are like this. Quite good business. Beside food and drink, they also invite stars to sing there. Nicholas Teo sang there last Sunday and in Dec, Hebe from S.H.E will come.

    I tried their Yangzhou fried rice which is very tasty. The German pork hand (sorry, don’t know what it’s called in english), which is one of its chef’s recommendation dish, is a bit salty on the outer layer, but, inside is tasty. The texture is just right. Not too rubbery or too soft. The taste still lingered in my mouth after I left the restaurant.

    I like the design. Quite unique. The ground floor has 3 sections. Left section is family friendly section with open windows and bright colored (orange color) chairs. That area is also more brightly lit then the rest of the area and has ceiling fans instead of air-con. The middle part have lethal sofas and low tables. The right section is the bar with the usual high tables and chairs. These 2 areas are dimmer. The bar section, the windows are not open, but glass covered.

    The second floor is not the whole floor. It’s just at the side like a long wide balcony. You can see the second floor when you look up. My family and I ate at the second floor.

    The menu selection has quite a lot of variety. Got western good and eastern good.

    I think this restaurant can survive. Yes, the salary in Ipoh is lower and lots of hip young executives already gone to KL and Penang. But, Ipoh still has a lot of rich bosses since Ipoh has a lot of small factories. These bosses need somewhere to go too.

    1. Want to add. This restaurant is located in a good location. It’s in town area with facing a main road with a lot of traffic. Parking is also not a problem since the surrounding area has a lot of parking space (though you have to pay those non official parking attendants – Malaysians will know what I’m talking about). The restaurant even have car jockey service.

    2. Kidd,
      Thanks for your detailed review of Bosco’s restaurant! The restaurant sounds nice and hopefully will continue to do well after the initial wave of excitement settles down.

  25. I went to OverTime again today because I miss the German Pig Knuckle. This time I went at lunch time with my family. We sit at the family friendly section this time. Today is quite breezy with the wind from outside and the fan. Lunch time, the restaurant offer set lunch which is priced at a reasonable prize. Quite a lot of people at that time because it’s lunch time. We ate until pass lunch time when the people became fewer. I consider their business good since lunch time is busy. It’s normal to have fewer people after lunch. Every eating place is the same. The chicken kunyit set lunch I tried is good. I also tried their special beer. They only sell this brand of beer. I think this brand is OverTime’s special beer that only can get in OverTime outlet. I normally don’t like beer. But, I find this beer tasty. They have 3 type of beer. I would like to try the other type when I go there again.

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