Bowie Lam: From TVB Star to People’s Idol

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Bowie Lam’s (林保怡) popularity is astonishing. Although the former TVB actor stayed relatively low-profile after leaving Hong Kong for a career in mainland China two years ago, the friendly 47-year-old actor has only gained new admiration among fans in China.

A favorite actor among producers, Bowie has had lucrative television and film offers in the last few months. With TVB’s hectic filming style, Bowie was trained to handle challenging filming situations. After leaving TVB,  he continued to engage himself in more film and studio work, grabbing at every challenging opportunity that could help him further improve his craft.

One of Bowie’s first mainland Chinese dramas after leaving TVB was The Two Heroes <雙雄>, a television drama set against the time period of the Second Sino-Japanese War. Having to fly from Xinjiang to Shanghai back and forth to film the drama, Bowie has experienced both cold winters and hot, desert summers, but Bowie enjoys the “pain” for having to travel to different locations to shoot a drama.

Bowie will also be starring as a “stubborn Shanghainese uncle from grassroots” in his first leading mainland Chinese film, Tita Tita <踢踏踢踏>, which also stars Hanjin Tan (陳奐仁).  Bowie is also involved in John Woo’s (吳宇森) new romantic epic The Crossing <太平輪>.

Currently staying in Beijing, Bowie had quite a culture shock when he first moved there. Unlike Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle, Beijing’s lifestyle is slower, calmer, and more relaxing. In Beijing, Bowie can see blue skies, but in Hong Kong, the skies are covered with clusters of clouds and skyscrapers.

Bowie is an eagle with great wings. He is always looking for new challenges, new roles, and aims to fly high up in the sky. He stated that he will not slow down, and he will continue to do what he does for as long as he can. There goes a story saying that eagles have a lifespan of 70 years. By age 40, their talons and feathers grow old and they have to go through much pain to have them regrown, only for a chance to see themselves fly freely again for another 30 years. Like Bowie, only an eagle that is not afraid of pain can have a future.


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12 comments to Bowie Lam: From TVB Star to People’s Idol

  1. happybi says:

    Love Bowie! Miss him much but so glad he’s doing so well in China!!! Keep up the good work Bowie!

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  2. anonymous says:

    I really miss seeing Bowie in tvb series. But glad to know that he is doing really well. He is one of my all time favorite former tvb actors.

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  3. aptos says:

    Bowie is an accomplished but under-rated actor playing both the good and bad roles. A boon for viewers in China and less so for Hong Kong viewers.

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  4. Funn Lim says:

    ” In Beijing, Bowie can see blue skies,”

    On a good day. On a bad day, you see nothing but dust. HK’s air is much much cleaner.

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    • dd replied:

      Seriously, did we all forget the “yellow sand” from Chinese deserts?

      Don’t think about breathing it in either, your lungs will get ripped up from the metals in the sand.

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  5. milktea says:

    Bowie can be serious and fun at the same time. All the best. Love you!

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  6. Mlove says:

    I seen him in Cali before. He was quite and la back at a Nike store.

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  7. lkv says:

    My mom always said he looks like my brother. We, vietnamese, started to watch Hong Hong movies and dramas like two decades ago until today. However, recent years TVB did not produce many quality shows 🙁 even my mom does not want to watch them like she used to be

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    • Gina replied:

      Complain about TVB, then go watch Vietnamese serials

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  8. Cara says:

    Go Bowie! I started noticing him since he played the villain in Files of Justice. I like him paired up with Flora Chan the most and second with Gigi. He’s one of my favorite HK actors – he doesn’t have the classically handsome looks, but he has the charisma.

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