Carat Cheung Welcomes 7-Pound Baby Boy

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Carat Cheung Welcomes 7-Pound Baby Boy

First-time parents, Carat Cheung (張名雅) and Joe Choy (蔡錦豪), welcomed their baby boy, Mario Choy, at the end of March. After their wedding in September last year, the couple announced that they were expecting in November. Although the baby was scheduled to be due at the end of April, Carat went into labor early. Doctors were at first concerned that the baby may only weigh five pounds, but Mario was a healthy seven pounds at birth! Joe stayed by Carat’s side during labor and cut the umbilical cord.

Carat opted to give birth naturally and is currently recovering at home. The glowing mother eagerly shared photos of her newborn son and reflected, “When I was pregnant, I never threw up. But when I was in the hospital, I was in so much pain that I threw up twice! The labor pains were very painful. That type of pain cannot be expressed in words. When I was about to give birth, I really wanted to cry, but I held it in. I was afraid that if I cried, I wouldn’t have the energy to push. I pushed hard three or four times and the baby was out! When we heard the baby cry, my husband and I couldn’t hold it in and we both cried. We were very touched!”

On whom the baby looks like more, Carat said, “I think he looks like both of us, but his features are changing really fast.”

Carat’s good friends Lily Ho (何傲兒) and Toby Chan (陳庭欣) left congratulatory messages. Lily said, “Congratulations! Being a mom is very great act. Recently, many of my good friends have given birth. I am going to the hospital later to visit a friend and her baby. I originally wanted to go visit Carat and Mario too, but the timing is off. I will go to her house later to visit her!”

Toby praised that the baby was very cute. “When I saw pictures, I only saw the baby’s profile. I couldn’t tell whether the baby looked more like Daddy or Mommy! But he is very adorable.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. happybi says:

    Congratulation! BB is very cute!

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  2. cutie777 says:

    I would say the baby boy look more like the dad and he’s very cute. At least they introduce Mario to the world unlike Ruby Lin and Angelababy keep it so private. Congrats to them.

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