Caught Feeding Woman, Benny Chan’s Fidelity Towards Wife is Questioned

Although married with two children, Benny Chan‘s (陳浩民) flirtatious nature landed him in trouble again. He was spotted feeding a woman noodles at a shop in Hengdian and their intimate behavior sent tabloids abuzz.

A few days ago, Benny dined at a noodle shop with two women, in which one of the ladies is his female assistant. His attention was focused on his other companion, an attractive long-haired young woman in a black shirt. The woman playfully hit Benny while she laughed at his funny stories. Benny poured his soup into the woman’s bowl and started feeding her the noodles. After lingering for one hour, Benny’s car dropped of the woman at her hotel and Benny and his assistant returned to their own hotel.

Rose Chan Scandal

Benny’s image was scarred after the Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) scandal in 2011. Benny was photographed kissing and fondling Rose under her shirt while sharing a meal with Joe Ma (馬德鐘) in Hengdian. As Rose was only 19 years old at the time, Benny was regarded as preying on a young actress and taking advantage of the situation. Although Benny cried and apologized in a press conference with his pregnant wife in tow, few forgot the incident.

Benny became a father again when wife Lisa Jiang (蔣麗莎) gave birth to a baby boy in 2013. Benny expressed happiness that their family was complete with a daughter and son, and often shared playful photos of his children on his Sina Weibo blog. The family put the Rose Chan scandal behind them and appeared united; Lisa often glowed in their family vacation photos.

Benny’s Manager Responds

Did Benny forget the boundaries of married man and failed to curb his behavior in front of other women again?

Benny revealed that the woman in the black shirt is a crew member of Benny’s drama, A Happy Life <天天有喜>. He said, “I’m sorry. It was originally a very simple matter, but it was magnified to this extent. I’m sorry towards [my friend].” He will consider legal action if the slanderous reports persist.

Benny Chan scandalBenny’s manager explained that Benny had treated his friend too warmly. His manager said, “The woman and Benny are both undergoing slimming diets, so they met up for noodles. She told Benny that she was cutting back on her food and cannot eat meat, so he placed vegetables in her bowl.   People who know Benny well are aware of his warmth. Whether it is a male or female friend, he will take care of them.

“Benny has already apologized for his past mistakes. In the last few years, he has been working hard for his family. Whether in private or in public, he is a good husband and father. These are qualities that cannot be allowed to be destroyed.”


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  1. Girl: I’m on a diet, I can’t eat meat.

    Benny: Let me feed you some noodles.

    Hahahahaha…ummm..OK…too funny!

  2. I feel bad for his wife and children. Grow up Benny!

  3. I like him as an actor but he’s definitely not a family man.

    1. totally agree. i like him as an actor, but not as a father and husband. i feel bad for his family 🙁

  4. Lucky Charmaine broke up with him or else cant even imagine

  5. hi there

    1. I guess benny is thinking with his other head, oops!

  6. Lol since when is that consider flirting? Attached men and women hug the opposite sex all the time does that mean they’re all cheaters? It’s really not a big deal.

    1. Yes, it’s a big deal. He’s a celebrity. He should know well that the paps are everywhere. Also, with the incident in the past, he should have aware of and behaved himself more properly. Even if this is just a misunderstanding, it somehow would affect his family, his wife and the kids.

    2. For the average person, it is not a big deal but since he is a celeb,it is. Also,since he has had a scandal in the past,he needs to be even more cautious.

    3. He’s not having dinner as a celebrity he’s having dinner as a normal human being and just because he’s an actor it doesn’t mean he’s excluded from having behaving normally. Ask any actor about their personal life off screen they’ll run the other way. I’m just saying, it’s practically abuse if we criticize him for behaving like any other normal human being and being an actor is a job which we all have. Besides since when does feeding another person food means their intentions are promiscuous? Doesn’t make any sense.

    4. Not a big deal? I’m sorry… I’m pretty sure my wife would not be happy if I took another woman to lunch and was feeding her and rightly so. Complete disrespect to his better half IMHO.

  7. Who’s this jerk who can’t keep his prick to himself and his wife? Nvr heard of him till the Rose Chan scandal and still hv no clue why he’s even famous (is he?)

    1. … u serious?…
      he played the monkey in journey to the west…

      1. I’m dead serious! No idea at all who this cheap dude is. I stopped watching tvb for years except occasionally now.

  8. Benny as we know now is just a 3rd grade actor who never learn to leave his salty hand and infidelity habit.

  9. Could it be that he was actually helping out a disabled person to eat?

    Maybe that was a part of his “community service” as a reparation to the Rose Chan incident. LOL!!

  10. Eh not surprised ever since the Rose Chan scandal & how he used his wife to gain sympathy & now he pulled this stunt… It’s hard to believe he’s a genuine guy!

  11. salty pork hand. maybe he learns his stuff from japanese perverts.

    1. He needn’t go to Japan to learn this stuff. So a google search on “Chinese men infidelity” and read about the history and culture that supports this kind of activity right from his own homeland.

      1. No need to learn from anywhere. It’s just him giving in to his basic animal instinct with complete disregard for his marriage vows.

      2. “No need to learn from anywhere. It’s just him giving in to his basic animal instinct with complete disregard for his marriage vows.”

        Agreed! LOL!

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