Cecilia Cheung Sheds 15 Kg and is Ready to Work Again

Since giving birth to her second son, Quintus, in May, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi has successfully lost 15 kg. Due to her successful weight loss, Cecilia decided to resume work this month, in order to help earn “milk money” and reduce husband, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung’s financial burden.

Allegedly, while Cecilia was pregnant with Quintus, her weight reached up to 77 kg and she did not want to be photographed by the media. In late May, reporters spotted Cecilia and her elder son, Lucas, dining out. Although Cecilia did not slim down to her pre-pregnancy weight yet, the difference was not too significant. Wearing a T-shirt, green pants, and sneakers, Lucas was very cute and obeyed Cecilia’s words.

Although Cecilia and Lucas were accompanied by their maid, Cecilia took full responsibility in taking care of Lucas. She single-handedly fed him and held him throughout the outing. Cecilia’s maid was responsible in watching after the shopping bags.

When asked how she lost weight so quickly, Cecilia said, “Since I take care of two children now, it is easy to lose weight. Also, I have always disliked greasy, overly rich, and fatty foods. Also, the grandparents often make soup for me to drink!”

It is reported that Cecilia will be making an appearance as a spokesperson for a home bed linen company on June 28th in Shanghai. Since this is the fourth year that Cecilia has worked with the vendor, they have a very good relationship. Thus, Cecilia selected this company as one of her first post-pregnancy jobs.

In addition, many advertisers want to feature Cecilia and Lucas in commercials together. Quintus is also in high demand among many advertisers as well.

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Cecilia, Nic, Lucas, and Quintus make such a beautiful family. Also, it is apparent that Cecilia loves Lucas to death; she takes him to many public outings. I am eager to see more photos of little Quintus!

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  1. please, stop parading cutie Lucas in front of the reporters to gain popularity… i smell famewhores

  2. I’m baffled by the time line – when did she have time to date Edison if she was suffering from being spurned by Nicholas Tse and lost weight but gained public sympathy at the height of her critical acclaim?

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