Charmaine Sheh: ‘Sonija Kwok Was Fortunate’

By on March 24, 2009 in NEWS

The incident of Sonija Kwok being attacked and bit by her Indonesian domestic helpers has roused alarm in the entertainment industry.

Sonija’s friend, Sharon Chan Man Chi was very surprised, “The maid was very violent. When I heard of the attack, I was shocked. I don’t think the maid should work as a domestic helper anymore. She should return back to her country!”

Charmaine Sheh said, “After learning about the attack, I tried to call Sonija but was unable to reach her. Considering everything that happened, it is still fortunate that Sonija was not harmed seriously.

Reporters tried to contact Michael Tao, who was rumored with Sonija Kwok earlier. However, Michael and Sonija have started a war of words lately. Michael did not return the press’ call yesterday.

Source: The Sun

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