Chiling Lin, Akira Continue to Celebrate in After Party Post Wedding

Hosting a wild after party after their wedding banquet in Tainan yesterday, Taiwanese model Chiling Lin (林志玲) and husband Akira partied all night with their guests in a fancy hotel party room.

Changing out of her wedding gown into a low-cut gold dress for the after party at 1 a.m., Chiling was surprised by Akira when he brought out a beautiful bouquet of 99 roses. The couple danced sweetly in the middle of the dance floor and shared a kiss together, making the guests erupt into wild cheers.

Thanking everyone for coming out to attend their wedding, Akira toasted, “I want all of Taiwan, and all of my friends in Asia to know that I will make sure Chiling becomes the happiest person on earth!”

When friends laughed and advised that Akira should stop drinking and save his energy for later on in their wedding night, Akira joked, “I’ll find another time to have kids. Right now, she is already like my child.”

Chiling’s good friend Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) attended the banquet with her husband and complimented Akira throughout the night, stating that he is very handsome and sociable that he deserves a mark of 100 percent. Known for her outgoing and sociable personality, Dee even boldly asked Akira to dance.

Morning After

Staying over at the hotel after the party concluded, Akira and Chiling slept in late the next day. The couple left the hotel at 1 p.m. and greeted the media with smiles. When asked what her plans were after marriage and whether she would stay in Taiwan or go to Japan, Chiling smiled and said she would leave it up to Akira.

Although many friends and fans were thrilled about Chiling’s wedding, ex-boyfriend Jerry Yan (言承旭) seemed emotionally unstable on the day of her wedding. Apparently, some friends noticed that he was in poor spirits and was lashing out at his assistant at work. When the media asked Jerry’s good friend and Taiwanese host, Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) about Jerry’s emotional well-being that day, Jacky responded, “I’m not able to comment on that – this will hurt some people.” But he admitted that he hasn’t spoken to Jerry in awhile.

Chiling and Akira Dancing in After Party

Source: Yahoo HK

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[Celebrity Weddings] Chiling Lin and Akira Hold “Wedding of the Century” in Tainan

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    1. Of course Akira speaks Japanese. Chilling has learnt Japanese before so I believe they don’t have problem communicating. They have been friends for 10 years. Sounds like Wallace and Ruby huh?

    1. @foodie yeah…agreed. while i think it’s really crappy of reporters to ask questions on how jerry’s feeling (and dragging LCL into his mess), part of me revel in his misery.

      he rightfully deserves to feel miserable. a woman’s youth is limited. he has no right to be upset for what he didn’t work for.

      1. @coralie Sometimes the media might make it more than what actually happened just so they have something to write about. If he responded I am so happy for her they might made it into ohhh he’s so fake and if he doesn’t say anything they will still find something to gossip about. haha Either way, he’s doomed for gossip. haha lol…While JY might have missed out on a good woman but if he didn’t want to get married in the first place and if she stick around hoping that would have changed then it really takes two to tango/blame. I heard this saying and I think it’s fitting here; love takes two but breaking up takes only 1.

      2. @coralie I do feel the media can just stop bothering him about it too. He can deal with his own loss in privacy.
        She did wait more then 10yrs or even 20yrs for him.

  1. ” Known for her outgoing and sociable personality, Dee even boldly asked Akira to dance. ” This one is known to be shameless no one would be surprised. haha lol…It’s like every single time there are young handsome dudes on her talk show she tried to feel them up in some way. haha lol…

    1. @wm2017 It is still acceptable for female to do that but if it is the other way round. Cry Molest! So much for equality.

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