Chiling Lin’s Stunning Water Ballet Performance Was Done by Stunt Double?

Taiwanese actress Chiling Lin (林志玲), who maintains grace and a beautiful figure at 44 years old, received praise for her water ballet performance at CCTV’s Lunar New Year Gala. Charming fans and the audience with her elegant aura during difficult water ballet movements, many praised, “A true fairy indeed.”

Gliding with ease across the water, Chiling showcased an exquisite routine with members of the Wuhan Art troupe, Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau Synchronized Swimming Team, and the Liaoning Ballet Ensemble. Experience in ballet is demonstrated through her sharp moves and poised manner as she successfully completed difficult synchronization and music interpretations. With continuous leaping and diving into the water, her stunning performance was named, “Up in the air and down under”. Netizens commented, “This woman who ate preservatives is way too talented!”, “I can’t believe it’s Chiling Lin!” and “No one can reject the charm of this kind of figure and dance composition.”

However, other than the positive reception, there is also controversy on a possible body double in the performance, as some commented on the lack of close-ups and the excessive long camera shots. Furthermore, a netizen who claimed she is the actress’s body double wrote on social media, “Within those 20 days of rehearsals, strenuous efforts were made by both the crew and staff. I am very honored to be the body double for Chiling. She is super dedicated!”.

After the event, Chiling had expressed her appreciation on Weibo, “Thank you to every person who made this performance work! This is a product of dedication and sincere efforts! During the moment when I saw all of you, I told myself to give my all into making this performance possible. Determination will lead to happiness! Hard work is needed to be free! I wish everyone have a happy and prosperous New Year!” Despite, not addressing the body double situation, her beautiful water ballet performance was memorable and that’s probably what’s most important.

Chiling Lin’s Water Ballet Performance

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