Chinese Media Outlet Denounces Kris Wu as “No Longer Suitable to Appear in Public Platforms”

With the police investigating teen rape allegations, Kris Wu‘s (吴亦凡) idol image is already shattered and all of his brand endorsements terminated. The sexual assault claims made by his ex-flame, 19-year-old influencer Du Meizhu (都美竹), damaged his image and reputation while erasing his work opportunities. After the firestorm erupted, there is little chance he will be able to remain in the entertainment industry.

Although Kris denied the allegations, his studio’s attempts to clarify the issue have been futile. After coming under fire by CCTV, he was publicly denounced by the largest newspaper group in China, The People’s Daily.

Since his debut, Kris has accumulated a large fanbase through the years and released many works. However, The People’s Daily noted that he lacks professional and work ethics, and is not a respectable or talented artiste who can be represented through his works.

Instead, it is through the deliberate image design of his studio that Kris has been able to continue having a career in the entertainment industry. Although this claim may be subjective, the newspaper outlet went on to denounce him for not being a better role model to his 50 million Weibo followers.

Taking a stance on the legality of the matter, The People’s Daily went on to state that regardless of whether Kris is convicted, he is no longer suitable to appear on public platforms, as he does not uphold a healthy or morally sound image for his young fans.

Despite the extreme stance and harsh words by the media, many netizens sided with this perspective.


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Kris Wu Denies Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Girls

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  1. Kris Wu is next to join ppl like Show Luo, Edison Chen, Seungri in the fate of fallen celebrities. Or perhaps even Jung Joon Young.

    1. I think Show Luo will return to public especially in Taiwan. He still carries weight in Taiwan entertainment industry… But in China, I doubt so too.

  2. If only the more Countries adopt such practise, sends a huge message to all celebs how they need to be responsible for their images and conduct even out of office hours. Their huge earning does carry responsibilties of well conduct to their fans. Do not used their fame to take advantage of others. And in turn, I too hope more fans respect their idols and not overstep their boundaries.

    1. Cannot agree more on everything. Not expecting celebrities to be perfect but at least watch their conduct especially since their behaviour may influence the young, impressionable fans. And fans should stop their extreme stalking and scary actions.

    2. Totally agree with u. Really hate those male celebrities that uses their fame and money to prey on girls/women. It will come back to them in the end, and Kris reap what he sowed now.

    1. He had a garage full of cars. He can sell them off..since he will likely have to pay for breaking his contract’s terms. I too wonder how will be left. His mum must have quite a bit. They cannot touch her money, thus she can support him.

    2. I think he’ll go down the Edison route, go to the US and use his connections to start a street wear business and stay behind the scenes. It seems like he probably has connections in the US since he promoted there once in awhile. I do not wish him success though lol.

      1. I agree, since he cannot venture in China, he will head to the West. And he may lightly so okay there too with his following fans. It seems Edison Chen is doing very well there too.

  3. Hopefully this makes it harder for him to make a comeback. You reap what you sow, time to put a stop to using his fame and fortune to prey on young and vulnerable girls

  4. Hope more and more celebrities will be exposed of their filth and dirt if they really did it. They think they can do what they want just cus they are rich and famous? I am glad there are such thing as cancelled culture.

    1. A big move from those days young wannabes/ actress / actors who are taken advantage off but they have no voice… Now internet changed everything. And when there is public outcry, the cases cannot be covered up so easily. And when the Government steps are done.

  5. That scumbag should be kicked out of China. There are better looking and better calibre singers and actors than him. All he does is struct around with makeup, contact lens and colourful hairdo.
    He has a good pimp for a manager and think of how many young and gullible girls he had tricked. Ms Du is
    brave enough to stand up. As a seventeen/eighteen year kid, what cunning ideas can she has, except her
    dream of becoming a star.
    I sincerely hope the police track down all the young victims and bring the scumbag to justice.

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