Christine Kuo Had to Pick Up Garbage on Wedding Night

Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) recently attended her first promotional event as Mrs. Luk. The 35-year-old actress and her husband, William Luk (陸漢洋), held their fairy tale wedding on October 19. Instead of going on their honeymoon, Christine instead went back to work. “I will be filming soon and will also have two other events to attend. However, I will be in Hong Kong, so I can spend time with him.”

Recounting the events of her big day, Christine shared that instead of enjoying each other’s company on their wedding night, the couple instead went back to the wedding venue to clean up. “We went to pick up trash [after the wedding]. The wedding venue said we had leftover garbage that wasn’t cleaned up, so we went back to grab the leftover boxes and whatnot. The funny thing is that at the time, I had a sheet mask on and was wearing pajamas, but still had my hair up-do intact. We cleaned until 4:00 a.m.”

William, who is a known wealthy second generation, also helped clear out the space. “He’s used to being treated like a prince, so he seldom does these things. It was quite a romantic and sweet moment. After we cleaned, we were very tired and had to wake up early the next day too, so we went back to our room and just slept.”

One of the hardest things for newlyweds is getting used to referring to one another as husband and wife. Christine admitted that she is also having a hard time remembering. “I haven’t gotten used to saying it yet. I call him piggy. He calls me that too. We don’t get confused with having the same nickname for one another, because we know who we are calling out to.”

Reporters pestered Christine about the couple’s baby plans. She replied, “He’s not ready yet. He wants to enjoy married life with just the two of us. I’m fine with it.” William is a wealthy second generation, and it was reported that he gives her $10 million HKD for household expenses. Christine said, “What? How come I didn’t know about this? Let me check my bank first.” When asked whether William usually gives her money for household expenses, she said, “He usually gives me his card to buy things, but I earn my own money and invest. I’m an independent woman.”


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  1. Not sure if Christine understand what being independent means. You can’t marry a rich guy and use his money and then announce you are an independent woman.

    “He usually gives me his card to buy things, but I earn my own money and invest. I’m an independent woman.”

    1. @mike lol yooooo you’re so right, I was to say the same thing how can u b an independent woman but use your husband card. Also the idea of letting ur wife go to work with no honeymoon smh

  2. LOL, i thought this article was hilarious! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO PICK UP THEIR OWN TRASH from the wedding venue when they got so much dough in the bank??? Can’t they just enjoy their wedding night and pay somebody else to do that? Or is that just how weddings work?

    1. @sugadough
      Exactly. I have never heard that the wedding couple have to pick up their own trash after the wedding at the venue, esp. William Luk is so loaded with $$$. The venue should have their own people to do the cleaning after an event (wedding). It just sounds ridiculous to me.

  3. IF you hail from SE Asia/Singapore … you’d know how loaded. His grandpa? Loke(Luk) Wan Tho is the person behind Cathay Organization. Golden Harvest etc.

    Folks from HK may not realize exactly how wealthy. They’re like Shaw family (also roots in Singapore)

    This girl married into high end chaebol, very old money.

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