Christine Kuo is Dating Racer William Luk

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Christine Kuo is Dating Racer William Luk

They’ve been rumored to be dating for a while, but it wasn’t until after the New Year was over when Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) decided that it was about time she opened up about her relationship with the Hong Kong professional racer, William Luk (陸漢洋).

The former TVB actress attended a grand opening event for a Hello Kitty supermarket, where she prepared some heart-shaped steak to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Christine was in a great mood, and even joked with the MC about women looking good in aprons, which had the MC flustered.

Asking if Christine would be spending her Valentine’s Day with William, she said, “Nope! I should be busy that day.” (Are you two still in the process of knowing each other?) “I need time to know people in general. I lack a sense of security.” Christine did not say William was her boyfriend, saying instead, “When you guys catch me going shopping with a guy, he’s the one!”

When reporters said paparazzi had already caught her shopping with William in Taikoo Shing, Christine looked shocked and said, “Really? I do like boys who would buy groceries with me. Seeing them pick and choose food ingredients shows me how attentive they are.” (Is Mr. Luk like that?) “Yes. I don’t know how to choose myself!”

Reporters pointed out that Christine had just inadvertently confirmed that she’s dating William. Are they now going public with their relationship? Christine said she’s not confirming anything, and said, “Let’s wait until you guys catch us again. Give me some space [for development and privacy]. I do not mind going public.” (Are a lot of people pursuing you?) “I have a few friends that I’m getting to know.” (So is Mr. Luk your number one choice?) “Yes. We share many things in common and I also like racing. If there is good news, I’ll let everyone know!”

After some more pressuring by reporters, Christine revealed that she and William have already met each other’s parents. Her own parents adore William, calling him a very attentive man.

Source: Oriental Daily

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4 comments to Christine Kuo is Dating Racer William Luk

  1. funnlim says:

    I wonder what is she doing? I mean as a career other than just appearing at events?

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    • janice replied:

      @funnlim I remember reading an article here on Jaynestars that Christine opened a dessert restaurant in Hong Kong and was doing pretty well. I guess she’s now doing more business since TVB doesn’t promote her anymore. She’s hardly in any TV shows or dramas now.

      A lot of celebrities have started venturing into doing businesses now such as Grace Wong with her own jewelry shop and Vivien Yeo has a beauty shop selling beauty products. Rosina Lam also owns a restaurant too. It’s hard for actors to solely rely their income on doing dramas now.

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    • mike replied:

      @funnlim She started learning how to race cars last year and wanted to be a race car driver at that time. lol

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  2. aiya says:

    Hmm! Judging by the looks of things, this guy must have a great personality..

    I can’t get over his “sitting-on-the-toilet” pose. ROTFL!

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