“Come Home Love” to Conclude with Episode 804

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“Come Home Love” to Conclude with Episode 804

Since the debut of family sitcom Come Home Love <愛·回家> in 2012, the series has been extended multiple times due to its popularity. However, Come Home Love is finally coming to an end, and the production team officially announced that episode 804 will be the series’ finale.

Due to its long run, the characters’ romantic lives had many complicated twists and turns. In the ending, Eric (Kenny Wong 黃德斌) will finally rekindle his relationship with Angel (Florence Kwok 郭少芸). Tracy’s (Angel Chiang 蔣家旻) relationship will hit a bump when she is forced to make a decision between her love for Ah Ho (Leo Lee 李豪) and her family.

Unfortunately, fans may not be lucky enough to see John (Lai Lok Yi 黎诺懿) and Alex’s (Queenie Chu 朱慧敏) romance have a happy ending. The production team stated that not all characters would end up with each other. It is speculated that Lai Lok Yi and Queenie’s storyline may be left with an ambiguous ending to allow viewers to use their own imaginations and create their own perfect finale.

Although Come Home Love is concluding, Producer Tsui Yu On (徐遇安) confirmed that the original cast would collaborate again in a new series. While the series is still in preliminary production and requires detailed budgeting, Tsui revealed that the new series will be indirectly related to Come Home Love.

Source: ihktv.com

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8 comments to “Come Home Love” to Conclude with Episode 804

  1. hong86 says:

    i have been waitting to find out if Eric (Kenny Wong 黃德斌) and Angel (Florence Kwok 郭少芸). would come back to being together or not if its true that they will get back together then i can’t wait . i hope it means finally tieing the knot.

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    • mi88 replied:

      Same! They keep dragging it and adding more stuff to the plot.

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    • replied:

      I used to watch every episode, but I found that Florence’s storyline was annoying and dumb. She’s waiting for Mr. Right, and after many failures I think she should be able to see her flaws. I know that Carlo’s character wanted a baby and all, but all that back and forth between Kenny got me disinterested. He’s been gone for so long, just leave it. BTW, started a new blog on Asian entertainment, please check it out http://ceejays-entertainment.blogspot.ca/

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      • kangaroo replied:

        Agree, very annoying & silly. Like those of Florence & John Ma when they are not silly, quite humorous, some of them

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  2. mi88 says:

    I’ll miss John Ma :’)

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  3. tess says:

    They’ll be missed…though I dudnt follow each and every episodes, but this family has great chemistry with one another.

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  4. kangaroo says:

    Like the Richard-Ha Jie best and hope they appear as same characters in spin-off (for new series). Apart from the ones which got annoying when the mother appeared again and again, their story lines have always been good. John & Alex is nice but did not like the draggy ones on the grandfather (too long, too draggy), did not like the part when Alex then get too domineering over John. Like to see them together again. Some of the other pairing have also been good: amanda-damon; sisi-puppet, others.

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  5. hong86 says:

    i also like richard and his girl friend now wife
    i really do not wish to see any more of Eric’s sister
    and i do not want to see any more of the guy that angel dated before Eric ( the guy that wears glasses i forgot his name .
    does this mean that i won’t get to see any more of Eric (kenny wongand angel until the very end . Eric is the right guy for angel he understands her more then her other boy friends from the past i like the way he pays attention to her every word then pretends he won’t do any thing but does something for her later . i can tell that angel loves Eric because she was willing to wait for him every time he is away

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