Daniel Wu Prepared to Marry Lisa S. Anytime

By on May 12, 2009 in NEWS

Daniel Wu Yiu Cho appeared at an event to promote the Alfa Romeo MiTo yesterday. Daniel currently drives an Alfa Romeo station wagon, but he was interested in buying the MiTo as well.

Did Daniel intend to purchase the MiTo for his girlfriend, Lisa S.? Daniel said, “I’ll see if it’s worthwhile to give.” (What would make the gift worthwhile, if Lisa were willing to have his baby?) Daniel noted that if Lisa were to become pregnant, the couple would get married immediately.

Why was Daniel in such a sudden hurry to get married? He indicated that his elder sister was already a mother. Daniel’s father felt that it was also time for Daniel to start a family.

Earlier, Daniel’s family celebrated his father’s 80th birthday in Hawaii. Since his father is starting to pressure Daniel, he may get married in the next few years.

“I will let nature take its course. In order to earn additional money, work will still come first. When there is a baby in the future, then I can reduce my workload and watch the child grow up.”

Daniel will start filming Derek Yee’s “King of Double Tap” 《鎗王之王》. To prepare for the role, Daniel intends to gain 10 pounds and reach the weight goal of 175 pounds. He will also have to practice shooting with a gun.

Source: Mingpao

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Daniel Wu Prepared to Marry Lisa S. Anytime

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