Did Raymond Wong Leave TVB to Join Louis Koo’s Agency?

Due to the lack of siu sangs at TVB in recent years, “non-biological son” Raymond Wong (黃浩然) had to take on five dramas in one year, causing him to contract the rare Behcet’s Disease and halt work. As a result, the 44-year-old actor lost millions of dollars during that period. Also, he had to reshoot his scenes in Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒> because of Jacqueline Wong’s cheating scandal. However, TVB might not acknowledge his efforts at the company.

It is said that Raymond has been disheartened by the lack of awards. After he recovered from the illness, the star felt dissatisfied and considered jumping ship to Louis Koo‘s (古天樂) management agency Sky High Entertainment. If he is in fact turning his focus to movies, his drama Wonder Women <多功能老婆> might be his final project at TVB.

When tabloid HK01 reached out to Raymond for comment, he did not reply.

Source: Hk01

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He’s always been an underrated actor. Would rather watch him than all the new meat at TVB. Congrats to him if he left! TVB ain’t sh-t.

  2. i rather watch him then vincent wong but if he find a different agency that will treat him better with a good pay then i say leave the stattion cause TVB never knew how to cherish there artist anyways

  3. Would be a risk for Raymond who failed to crack the movie industry when young already. It will be even tougher this time round so hopefully his increased experience and maturity will help him shine…

  4. He is an underrated actor. But at the same time, he hasn’t had any award-worthy roles. TVB keeps giving him boring characters, and nothing has stood out for me. He is certainly not going to get any meaty, or remotely interesting roles in film, but he’ll probably get treated better.

  5. He has always been one of my favourite tvb actors. Well, rather see him act than any of the current ones. He hasn’t been heavily promoted by TVB anyways. It takes lesser time to film movies and the income is better. So why not?

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