Eddie Peng Lights Up Cameo Role in Sammo Hung’s “The Bodyguard”

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Eddie Peng Lights Up Cameo Role in Sammo Hung’s “The Bodyguard”

The action comedy movie, The Bodyguard <我的特工爺爺>, which is directed by and stars Hong Kong actor Sammo Hung (洪金寶), opens in theaters on April 1. The film features a bevy of cameo appearances, with one of the most anticipated being Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng’s (彭於晏) portrayal of a handsome and nimble police captain.

Though Eddie’s role in The Bodyguard is just a cameo, advanced screening viewers have overwhelmingly praised his contribution to both the action and comedic elements of the film. “He is explosively handsome!” some netizens gushed regarding his fight scenes. Others pointed out how his character’s Northeast Chinese dialect was used to great comedic effect.

For Eddie, who became one of Sammo’s disciples after their last collaboration, the 2014 film Rise of the Legend <黃飛鴻之英雄有夢>, The Bodyguard was an invaluable opportunity to spend time with his master. In his eyes, the most important thing about working with Sammo was not learning kung fu or learning how to make a movie, but rather learning how to behave with integrity.

“Boss Hung is a person who treats his staff members very well,” explained Eddie. “He will strive to do things himself, which is something we should all learn from him.”

Eddie also shared that Sammo would personally cook for the cast and crew: “He would make soup for everyone, and the flavor was always extremely good. As a result, mealtimes on set would always last longer than usual.”

In addition, Eddie praised Sammo for his professional attitude and ardent love for the film industry. “Boss Hung has acted in so many movies, and he still loves movies so much,” he said. “My master is someone who has turned movies into life. In my eyes, he is a legend.”

Although Eddie’s work schedule prevented him from accompanying Sammo to the Taiwanese premiere of The Bodyguard, he still made sure to send a basket of flowers and asked his family members in Taiwan to look after his master. Eddie also asked fans to look forward to his and Sammo’s next collaboration, Call of Heroes <危城>, which is expected to have a summer release.

The Bodyguard is very enjoyable, but I didn’t have enough scenes with my master,” joked Eddie. “Those wishes will be fulfilled in Call of Heroes.”

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