Eric Tsang Plans Dance Competition Show for TVB

Eric Tsang (曾志偉) has been busy working in China since the official announcement of his new role as Deputy General Manager. He has already held multiple meetings with many different proposals for future variety shows. It is said that he plans to bring back the popular Super Trio <獎門人> game show and produce a large-scale street dancing reality competition open to dancers across Hong Kong and China.

Witnessing the popularity of dancing competition shows such as China’s Street Dance of China <这!就是街舞> and Hot Blood Dance Crew <热血街舞团>, which featured Jackson Yee (易烊千玺), Han Geng (韩庚), and Huang Zitao (黄子韬), Eric is confident that TVB will be able to attract audiences in both Hong Kong and China if it produces a similar type of show.

The plan for the show is still in its early stage, but several TVB artistes who have dancing backgrounds have expressed interest. Grace Wong (王君馨) really wants to participate, “I am interested in anything that is dancing related. However, I am worried about my old foot injury, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle street dance.”

Also recognized for his dancing talent, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) praised Eric’s refreshing idea but does not want to join the show. “My bones are brittle now! I need to leave two ribs for myself.”


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  1. hum…unless it is filmed in mandarin it’d be hard to break into the chinese market since china already has their own version. doubt that tvb would a budget as big as chinese shows. when i saw dance competition, i was thinking of something similar to star dream where the competitors are their lesser known artists/employees

  2. This guy still have unanswered sexual assault accusation but they are clearly covered up. He makes me sick in my tummy…..

    1. @hohliu thats what I thought to..”more innocent girls get violated by him”. Ppl put a blind eye to his deeds but there’s been many allegations (ie: rape of yammie lam).

    2. @hohliu
      I was about to say the same thing which shows how dark and dirty the entertainment industry is everywhere in the world. I was just watching old news about how Just Garland was sexually harassed on the set of the Wizard of Oz and mistreated. He has money and power along with the right connections so can sadly get away with everything. Life is just so unfair and I feel so sad for Yammie and other victims that were violated by him. He mistreated others too but yet is still enjoying the high life. I wonder if karma will ever bite him? Or will his descendants pay for it? Life is so unfair!

  3. It is people like Eric Tsang that is holding HK’s entertainment industry back. People put into decision making position based only have past fame but lacks the capacity or creativity to bring new energies and ideas to the industry.

    1. @tomtom I have to agree with you here. How is this new or innovative when there is already an exact version of this show already? If he really means to do something for TVB (and not merely collect a large paycheck), he needs to be looking forward, at emerging trends and create a show that is fresh and cutting edge. Instead he’s pitching a copycat show.

    2. @tomtom
      Very true and I guess after years of doing this, they are truly running out of ideas. These shows, dramas and everything seem so repetitive…

  4. I wonder what happened to Grace Han after they filed lawsuits against each other? Nothing came out after that. Definitely very suspicious.

  5. if Eric is able to invite outsider you know not just TVB artist then things going to get very interesting…

    1. @vodka Totally agree! TVB needs new blood, ideas and outside talent to create better shows. Recycling their own people is a waste of time. AND PLEASE, no more cheesy game shows!!


    So, basically a rehash of the old dance show. Trying to be Viutv now? Too little too late. The problem is they don’t have interesting artists. None of them are actually pretty enough or talented enough. Also idk why tvb wants to be associated with such a sus person. But they probably don’t care about harassment.

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