Eric Tsang’s Mood Unaffected by Police Arrest

Speaking on behalf of Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) over a purported drug scandal, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) has made a mortal enemy with restaurateur, Kenny Wee (黃浩).

Eric was arrested by the police yesterday for having slapped Kenny with criminal intention purposes. Currently released on bail, Eric claimed that his mood has not been affected despite the matter being under police investigation. Last night, he was spotted gathering with his friends for a game of soccer.

Responding to the media for the first time regarding his arrest, Eric said that he believes the judicial court is fair. He revealed that it was heartwarming for him to receive hundreds of calls from friends asking about his well-being. “I am very happy that many people care about me. Since 8 AM, my phone has been ringing until the battery is out! Even people whom I haven’t contacted for a long time gave me a call!”

Showing up at a “Doomsday Party” in Kwun Tong, Eric was asked if he would temporarily keep away from drinking to avoid arousing any kind of unnecessary suspicion. Eric, who was currently in a high mood, replied that he would still continue to drink. When asked about Kenny’s interrogation at the police station yesterday, Eric did not wish to respond further.

Kenny Wee’s Witness: “I Saw Nothing”

After claiming to have been slapped by Eric Tsang in a threatening manner at a wedding earlier, Kenny Wee allegedly told the police that he had an eyewitness. Unexpectedly, when the police later interrogated the witness about the case, the witness claimed that he/she did not see anything. Hence, Kenny had to visit the police station once again to provide further details of the case.

Yesterday, Kenny was spotted with his wife, Suki Chui (徐淑敏), at the police station from 5 to 9 PM. Kenny avoided the camera and the couple appeared expressionless. Allegedly, Kenny later visited the police station once again last night to discuss his case with other witnesses.

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  1. eric tsang’s father, tsang kai-wing, was in the police force from 1940 to 1972, and served as a sergeant-major under the legendary “HK$500 million sergeant” Lui Lok, so-called for the wealth he earned in bribes received as a police officer, tsang fled to taiwan from the icac in 1976 after being convicted of corruption and sentenced to three years in jail, while still free pending an appeal. in 2001, the department of justice seized his house in la salle road and later auctioned it for HK$4.35 million after 10 years of civil proceedings, he died in taiwan in 2011 with eric and other family members around him, ( tsang senior was also once briefly a professional soccer player )

    1. Thanks for the info. This is something new to me. I heard about the case, but did not know that the sergeant-major was Eric Tsang’s father.

      What is your hint then? Curious to know.

      1. haha, you’re a smart one, sandcherry, was thinking if there are any ppl who studied psychology who can read and explain to us what is in eric tsang’s mind, bear in mind though that his dad is not the legendary lui lok but tsang kai-wing

      2. yeah, it’s confirmed.. eric tsang’s dad died in taiwan and lui lok passed away in vancouver, so they are not the same person, anyhow, i think the way eric behaved in public reflects upon his upbringing and the envinronment that influenced him the most.. (how his dad and friends behaved), see how he still plays football (his dad was once a professional footbal player) and he does seem to talk as if he don’t give a damn about anything

      3. yeah, it’s confirmed.. eric tsang’s dad died in taiwan and lui lok passed way in vancouver, so they are not the same person, anyhow, i think the way eric behaved in public reflects upon his upbringing and the environment plus the ppl that influenced him the most.. how his dad and friends behaved, in a way he was looking up to them as a small boy? see how he still plays football (his dad was once a professional footbal player) and he does seem to talk as if he don’t give a damn about anything

    2. U mean Eric Tsang can do what ever he want ,including i mean anything in hong kong …. wow where is the justice …

      1. oh no, eric tsang can’t do whatever he wants in hong kong or anywhere else in the world, that’s why he’s not too happy about it hehe

  2. What’s actually the truth?

    Kenny said yes.
    Eric said no.
    Witness#1 said no.
    Witness#2 said ?

  3. This Kenny guy changes his statements so fast than me changing my clothes!!
    At first, he drank quite an amount of alcohol then story changed, he didn’t drink any after Janet Chow (周家蔚) came forward and said she did not see this Kenny guy drunk.
    Then the tape, at first, got tape then the tape belongs to his worker then now he didn’t know if the tape existed, he only received threatening calls then most recent, he got CCTV footage >.<
    Footage of what??
    I can't disclosed as its police case
    Then, he should shut his mouth at the first place!!
    He is a big liar!!

  4. no wonder tvb made ‘lui lok’ into an icon in one of its shows starring andy lau

  5. a three-decade-old manhunt for one of the most notorious figures of the hong kong underworld – a man who pumped millions of dollars of his ill-gotten gains into b.c, staff-sgt lui lok was part of a cabal of 5 powerful station sergeants who ruled hong kong’s police jurisdictions during the early 1970s, collecting graft while allowing the triads to conduct their criminal activities, the most infamous of the corrupt cops was lui, dubbed the ‘$500 million man’ he and 3 other dragons fled to vancouver in the mid-1970s before seeking sanctuary in taiwan, they left their families behind, according to a covert police study originally published in The Province in 1999, lui was part of an exodus of hong kong cops to canada, they fled after the establishment of the independent commission against corruption (icac) was formed in the mid-1970s, the study identified 44 corrupt hong kong officers, dubbed the “millionaire cops,” their wives, children and concubines, and found them to have invested tens of millions of dollars in businesses and real estate in canada, mostly in b.c. and ontario, with the help of immigration canada officials, asian organised-crime investigators found that 30 of the officers had invested in at least 13 b.c. companies and purchased about 50 pieces of property in the vancouver area, these included large homes in west vancouver and shaughnessy, commercial buildings, a shopping mall and vacant acreages, brain mcadam, a former immigration-control officer in hong kong, said in an earlier interview with The Province that he managed to stop at least 6 ex-cops suspected of being affliliated with triads from entering canada in the 1980s, ” but many more got through with their connections or by pumping money into investor immigration schemes,” he said, “some of these guys had close connections in high places and we were not seeing all the paperwork” the hong kong government later initiated civil proceedings to go after the loot amassed by the fugitive cops, it is believed that in 1986, hong kong authorities reached an out-of-court settlement with lui’s family, who remained in vancouver, in its ensuing investigations, the icac brought 260 police officers to court after finding 18 criminal syndicates operating in the hong kong police force, it issued an arrest warrant for lui on november 1976, making him one of the former british colony’s longest-wanted fugitives

    1. My God. What is this? A lesson in HK’s sordid history? Perhaps you should start your own website on that topic.

  6. I recalled reading somewhere ( many years ago)Eric Tsang was seriously hit by the triad gangster because he offended singer Joey Yung. Anyone here recalled the news? Thx

    1. yeah, also something abt Eric’s best friend, Natalis Chan saved his life by paying off the triad gangsters

  7. midget is dumb and it is reflected in the way he iook and talk, him trying to be boss is (annoyingly) funny, with his body frame and personality, it would be best for him to wear a clown costume and be one , no wonder he looks like ‘the king of clowns’ in the ‘trio’

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