Fans are Having Nicer Things to Say About the Chinese Version of “Descendants of the Sun”

When Korean drama Descendants of the Sun aired in 2016, the series became an instant cultural hit, further expanding the impact of Hallyu. Numerous adaptations across Asia followed, including one in Vietnam and the Philippines. A Chinese adaptation was also planned.

After the Chinese drama Dear Uniform <亲爱的戎装> was announced, many fans saw it as a mainland remake of Descendants of the Sun. Although the drama is based on a novel unrelated to the Korean drama, both series follow a similar story about a soldier who falls in love with a surgeon.

Starring Johnny Huang (黄景瑜) and Sweet Li (李沁) in lead roles, Dear Uniform was initially met with negative reviews. Fans have used the words  “outdated” and “cheesy” to describe the drama’s outfits and action sequences. It wasn’t until earlier this week, when the studios dropped brand new sets of character posters and drama stills, when fans started to rethink their initial opinions of the show. Praising the show’s high production value and the cast’s sincerity, many fans are now looking forward to Dear Uniform‘s 2020 release on iQIYI.

Dear Uniform also stars Fu Chengpeng (傅程鹏) and Xu Honghao (徐洪浩).

Check out some of the stills below:


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