Florinda Ho Blasts Pakho Chau: “You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself!”

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Macau’s casino tycoon, Stanley Ho’s daughter, Florinda Ho was allegedly entangled in a love triangle with Joel Chan San Chung and Pakho Chau. Since divorcing his wife, Joel resumed his single status and became “friends” with Florinda, ousting Pakho. In Florinda’s blog yesterday, she anonymously blasted “someone” for lacking any shame. Allegedly, she was criticizing Pakho Chau!


Yesterday, Florinda admitted that she was friends with Joel Chan, drawing a clear boundary with Pakho Chau. Earlier, there were rumors that Florinda celebrated her birthday via a helicopter ride with Joel. In an interview, Pakho said that the man in the helicopter photos resembled Joel Chan. Perhaps Pakho’s statement incurred Florinda’s resentment!


In her blog yesterday, Florinda expressed her anger. She noted that friendships were based on the heart and should not be about using each other for gain.  She asked whether this person felt any guilt and shame? Did the person possess any conscience? Florinda said she drew the line clearly with this person. She did not feel any sense of pity, noting that friends can sit on the sidelines, but should not add insult to injury. Florinda’s severely critical post attracted sympathy from her friends, including past rumored flame, Steven Cheung andHe Jingfeng.


Pakho Chau Did Not Say Joel Chan Rode in Helicopter
Appearing at an event yesterday, reporters confronted Pakho about being the object of Florinda’s wrath. Pakho stressed, “I never said that the person who rode in the helicopter was Joel Chan. I only found out after reading the news. Why would I say that? It must have been a misunderstanding in communication.”

Pakho stated that he would not call Florinda to explain himself, as he did not want the issue to become more complicated.
In her blog, Florinda spoke about “a person who uses his friends.” Reporters asked Pakho whether he was the person Florinda was referring to? Pakho said, “I can not control what others think. I do not want to comment nor respond to whether she misunderstood. If there are additional misunderstandings, the situation will only get worse. I can not explain it.” Pako joked that he talked a lot, but he was not skillful in verbally expressing himself; he was better in written communication.


If Florinda did draw clear boundaries with him, did this make Pakho feel sad? Pakho said, “Can I not comment? Since the onset of initial rumors, we had very little contact. Our general blogging messages were misinterpreted as love exchanges. These rumors were just a misunderstanding.”


Currently, Pakho said he did not have a girlfriend. He said he never thought about pursuing Florinda’s sister,Lourinda [whom he was also rumored with]. Was Pakho afraid of chasing another heiress from the Ho family? “It’s not about fear; I just will not do so!”


Joel Chan Insists He Was Only Friends with Florinda Ho


Receiving Florinda’s support, Joel Chan was approached by reporters on the set of My Cruel Lover <我的如意狼君> yesterday.  During work, Joel dared not exhibit any signs that he was the victor. Was Joel happy that Florinda acknowledged their friendship openly? Joel said, “Recently, many negative rumors have been circulating; how can I be happy?”  Did Florinda’s mother oppose contact between Joel and her daughter? “We are only ordinary friends. I have never met with Mrs. Ho before, so I can not say more.” Joel indicated that he had to repair his mood for work. He noted that he has decreased contact with Florinda. When asked whether Florinda and Pakho reduced contact, Joel said he could not interfere as he did not know Pakho.


Earlier, Joel’s ex-wife, Ponny Yeung, indicated that she felt hurt after their divorce. Joel responded, “I have been busy studying the script for My Cruel Lover and did not have time to pay attention to the news. Now, I just want the incident to pass. My ex-wife does not work in the entertainment industry and should not be harassed. Everything should be directed at me.”


Source: Mingpao


Jayne: Pakho Chau seems to be digging a grave for himself! The more he says, the worse the situation becomes. And this article is from Mingpao, which has a reputation of being a more respectable publication that will not twist artists’ words shamelessly.


If you read between Pakho’s lines, he seems to acknowledge that he believes Florinda’s angry comments were directed at himself. He sounds afraid to talk about the situation further because of angering Florinda more. Will involvement with Florinda drag down Pakho’s rising popularity? Florinda does sound like a fiery heiress, whom people are afraid to cross lines with.


In contrast, Joel is a lot more seasoned in handling reporters’ blunt questions. He skillfully deflected allegations that he was romantically involved with Florinda, disapproval from Mrs. Ho, and even rumors about his ex-wife. He refrained from commenting on Pakho’s rumors, although allegedly, he may have directed some fiery anonymous remarks at Pakho himself in former blog entries.

18 comments to Florinda Ho Blasts Pakho Chau: “You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself!”

  1. Aly says:

    I don’t feel sorry for any of them! They will have to resolve their problems soon without dragging more people into the picture! Even though Joel and Florinda claim that they are only friends, I can’t help but think that Joel really divorced his older wife for this young, rich heiress. Even if they are not together yet, just the fact that he is now single will be able to bring them closer together. I think only time will tell.

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  2. iampheng says:

    I suggest to wait this whole shady dealing out too. Maybe we’ll get to see pictures later, lol. But I doubt anyone would want to piss of a wealthy heiress like Florinda. Money talks.

    Login or Register before you can reply to iampheng
  3. Funn Lim says:

    Why can’t she pick up the phone and call him to blast him? Why must everything by blog? If you say “Leave us alone!” then perhaps you should also “Leave us alone!”

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    • moonriver replied:

      I feel that blogs have become a perfect channel for attention-seeking artistes to create scandals and publicity for themselves. People who want paparazzi but cannot find any behind them. So you have to blog, get all the attention you want, and when you’ve had enough, you say “leave us alone!”

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Totally agree and I think blogging is such a bad idea since they have their words in written form and easy access to it too. I don’t feel bad for any of them and hope that they can just keep everything to themselves and resolve it all themselves.

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  4. Joan says:

    If she was not rich I doubt these guys would pay attention to her or give her the time of the day. She is average looking and body is a bit thick and saggy from the pics. She is lucky she is rich, else no one would tolerate her attitude.

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  5. Fox says:

    Lourinda? Such a funny name.

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    • Snow replied:

      its actually Laurinda

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  6. nuts says:


    have you guys seen Florinda’s before pictures? are natural girls a needle in a haystack lately? i can only think of a handful(which isnt alot) of celebrities females that didn’t have any altercations to their body and faces.

    guess Joel is lying when he has decreased contacts with Florinda if press just caught them on a Helicopter joyride recently. i agree with Jayne, Joel seems seasoned in deflecting the press off his back. right now, he cannot admit he dating Florinda because he got heat from colleagues and those around for leaving his old wife.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      She lost weight. The features were there.

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  7. nuts says:

    Joel’s no A-lister, even though he’s rich, he’s still at a much lesser tier status to her, im shocked an heiress like Florinda possibly be attracted to him. maybe an infatuation with an older guy? i heard she has many pursuers(reports allude them wanting to piggybank their way to elite status), it doesnt quite settle that she wants a once married man and not one that hasnt married before for her family reputation sake and have less scandal.

    its hard to date a girl so much richer than you because its that uneven balance in the relationship. some might even think you are a gigolo. not saying whether Joel is or not but ppl will assume he lives off of her, it will shrink his ego in the long run.

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    • pandamao replied:

      Lol – thanks for the info. I always thought the entire Ho family were all good looking. Now I know how they are good looking.

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  8. Kaytie says:

    Pakho Chau should take a lesson on how to properly respond to the paparazzi’s questions. He’s literally digging a grave for himself! He’s afraid to make one more wrong comment and Florinda will hate him even more. Here’s the real question: will this situation end their friendship? Or will it get dragged out?

    Joel Chan has negative rumors on his shoulders and it’s not looking good on him at all. He’s working hard to act every role he receives and I can see that he has the potential to climb up the ladder. But his so-called “friendship” with Florinda is in an ugly situation. If they are literally dating then just admit to that instead of using “we are only friends” excuse. I believe there is some level of liking that they both have for each other. I remember I saw an interview where she attended a function a reporter asked her about her schooling. Why isn’t she back in England for her college studies? Could it be that she’s staying because of Joel? Possible.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I just feel that the “we are only friends” excuse is just so stupid and old. EVERYONE that dates and gets caught red handed all use that same old excuse when it is just so obvious. Honestly, if Florinda was not from a rich family, I wonder if these guys would bother to pursue her??

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      • lol replied:

        pak Ho and Joel sounds like immature fools. I don’t think they will chase Florinda is she’s not from HK’s tycoon family.

        Joel is a rich kid but Florinda’s wealth and status might be a few level higher above his family’s.

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  9. Judy says:

    Florinda is naive to think that Joel’s interest in her has nothing to do with money!

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