Former Flame Ge Huijie Tells Wang Feng to Go to Hell

It’s not surprising to say the least, but Wang Feng’s (汪峰) former flame and birth mother to his oldest child, Ge Huijie (葛荟婕), is back on social media to bash the Chinese rockstar.

Ge Huijie, a 29-year-old model from Zhejiang, didn’t hold anything back when she released her fire on Wang Feng. She wrote on Weibo, “Hey Wang Feng, my only wish for you is to die soon! Stop putting the kids in harm’s way! I admit that I wasn’t a responsible mother then, but you’re definitely not a good man! My heart goes out to the people who had a relationship with you, because I was one of them and I feel their pain!”

The model then ended her message with some harsh words, saying, “My life was ruined because of you. Wang Feng, you are a [expletive]!”

She also left a message to Zhang Ziyi, calling her out as a person with “bad intentions.” Ge Huijie said, “Ms. Zhang, what are you doing? I’m not trying to be unreasonably troublesome here, but I just cannot rest well knowing that there are people with bad intentions getting together!” This message was later deleted.

This isn’t the first time seeing Ge Huijie bash Wang Feng so openly in a public forum. The Chinese model was everything but happy when she first heard about the news of Wang Feng’s marriage to Zhang Ziyi. When Zhang Ziyi gave birth to their daughter Xingxing late last year, Ge Huijie mocked Wang Feng, “Congratulations, it’s a daughter again. Please don’t change the mother this time.”

Wang Feng and Ge Huijie’s messy relationship started in 2004, when Ge Huijie first entered showbiz as a model. She was only 17 years old when she first dated Wang Feng, who was 16 years her senior. In 2005, at 18 years old, Ge Huijie gave birth to Wang Feng’s oldest daughter, Apple.

Wang Feng and Ge Huijie separated under irreconcilable differences. Wang Feng also gained full custody of Apple, stating that Ge Huijie was incapable of taking care of their daughter.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Lmao this lady cracks me up. Whether she’s being truthful or not, I have to say, it’s refreshing to see someone so open about their negative feelings.

    1. @coralie

      she also sounds like a vengeful psychopath. Ziyi and Wang Feng had better be careful about ‘accidents’ happening.

      1. @msxie0714 oh yea for sure she sounds like your top of the line, jilted bitter ex. But that’s why it’s funny to me. How do you take that seriously?

      2. @coralie

        it’s hardly funny when her rants come off like death threats. people with such hatred are the ones who go off on murderous rampages.

      3. @msxie0714 woah woah woah…she didn’t say she wants to kill him, just that she wishes he was dead. Bitter & immature, yes but to call her murderous or with murderous intentions is kinda over the line. And also this isn’t someone you actually know. What this person does doesnt affect you or me, so I tend to not let negative sentiments get to me

      4. @coralie
        By the same token, you don’t actually know her either.
        Going into a vicious rage so many years after the divorce doesn’t make her seem like a mentally stable person.
        It’s rare to see someone finding her toxic attitude ‘funny.’

      5. @msxie0714 If we were to judge anyone, it’d be someone like WF who’s had multiple divorces. Me thinks he’s probably not all there either. at least GHJ has the courage to admit responsibility in her poor relationship with her daughter – she may have her reasons for not liking (ok outright hating) WF. we dunno anything so i won’t point fingers.

        i tend to laugh at a lot of things, don’t be so serious 😛

  2. This woman has serious mental issues, for real. She sounds like a woman scorned and she is furious. Lady needs to give it a rest, find a man if she doesn’t have one and get on with her life. Why is she attacking Zhang Ziyi?.Ziyi has done nothing to her. Ziyi better be careful of this nutter. Sounds like she is still holding onto a lot of hate from a failed relationship. I can see by her crazy and negative attitude why Wang Feng raised their daughter. Can someone say uber nutter.

  3. I think it’s good that she doesn’t have the primary custody of her daughter. She sounds like a psycho here. She needs to get help for her mental. She can do some psychological damage to her daughter if she doesn’t fix herself.

  4. Oh gosh! She sounds like she has a temper. I wonder if she was drunk when she wrote that message? If she does every try to take back custody, this message won;t sound good in front of a judge. People need to understand that they need to let go of the past in order to have a future. Maybe someone could recommend a counselor to her.

  5. he must have really wronged her. it’s true that it’s not a good idea to openly criticize someone with expletives, could be spur of the moment but it takes some hardcore anger to do that. there are better ways to do it even if you were to do it in public like satirizing but that it takes skills…. yes, this incident proves that she’s a hot head but she gets her point across.

    1. @m0m0
      but sometimes when you openly expressed something, ppl think you are a psychopath? haha lol…look how all negativity is on the woman? lol…
      I remember clearly on the Teresa/Him Law scandal. The girl claimed to be hit by the guy and she’s frozen? sigh… I mean it’s like seriously who’s the victim here you know? What just hold it in? It’s weird and it’s often very hard to judge since they are the victims and if you switched baby mama’s twice, dude must not be a peach either? haha lol…
      True, let bygones be bygones but sometimes ppl let anger got in the way first and to others it might be totally wrong but to them it’s probably a way to let it out and heal? lol if that makes sense.

      1. @kiki Kiki, it is not a matter of judging this woman, cause clearly she has issues. It is not the first time she has thrown a social media rant about her toxic feelings towards Wang Feng. I have to agree with the other commenters who think she is an angry, disturbed woman as the signs are clearly there. An angry vindictive person will go on social media and wish someone they once loved and share a child with to die, or a mentally person will do it. A person who is both mentally unstable and angry will also do it, and she is a prime example of both. Why is she attacking Ziyi. All Ziyi did was fall in love with WF, married him and become the mother of his child. What bad intentions does Ziyi have?. She does not want WF’s money, she does not need to use him to further her career, so it sounds like the ranting of a delusional woman to speak of these bad intentions of Ziyi’s.

        Ok, Wang Feng had a baby with this woman and the relationship did not work out. What is so wrong with his wife being pregnant and giving him another child. What is wrong with CHANGING THE BABY’S MAMA?. WF did nothing wrong in that regard. It is not like he made both women pregnant at the same time. I know women and men who had many loves/lovers before they finally found the one. Sometimes true love’s path is a long, rough road before you get to the smooth end of the journey. If WF is not a peach, it is not because he has children with different women I hope, cause that should not make a person a bad individual.

  6. She def. have an issue moving on! Why waste your energy on someone that you obviously still have issue with? Still young, just move on and live a happier life! As long as he’s taking care of your daughter, all is good! No point obsessing over his life!

  7. Ehh honestly I think she’s just really upset cus she probably thought this guy was going to be “The One” for the rest of her life. She met him when she was a teen, barely knew anything else (and when WF was a ripe ole 34… old geezer much) so his presence in her life back then probably meant a lot. And then she had a kid with him. This is why you dont have kids until you’re done with school…cus she was just a child and she had her own child. And then he kicked her to the curb (I’m guessing) and found a fab new boo (zzy). There will always be old geezers welcoming and loving sweet naive young things like our once innocent lady here. Who else to blame but this man who has semi ruined her life

    1. @coralie (*thumbs up* ) … Rather than ‘judge’ her and call her bitter for not moving on …. I think behind every unaddressed ‘resentment’ pple have – there IS always a back story. She probably feel injustice that this (in her opinion) ‘douche’ is living his life merrily and getting public endorsement for it too, while maybe ‘ruining’ hers in some way. Unless we can also ‘很潇洒’ dismiss so many years of our own youth/life when something like this happens … and just ‘move on’ WITHOUT harbouring any resentment … maybe we should NOT just flippantly dismiss her as someone with issues.

      1. @nomad822 right? just ’cause someone openly criticizes and voices negative opinions, doesn’t mean she’s the one with problems. maybe her issues with him are legit, just that she does it in such an abrasive way, the public doesn’t like it.

        and YES, what you said here: Unless we can also ‘很潇洒’ dismiss so many years of our own youth/life when something like this happens … and just ‘move on’ WITHOUT harbouring any resentment … maybe we should NOT just flippantly dismiss her as someone with issues.

      2. @coralie Precisely.

        1) She’s vocal about issues bothering her and which she feels injustice for = she’s judged as “psycho”

        2) She bottles it all up, reins it all in and gives everyone face = she gets marked labelled the evil “ex” anyways

        3) She suicides bec she bites her lip and reins it all in = the ‘feel good about themselves’ self-righteous crowd come out and say … “Poor Thing. Why didn’t she say anything about what was bothering her? It must be depression”. DUH … who wouldn’t be depressed if they were on the receiving end of unfairness, and cannot talk about it too?!?

      3. @nomad822 yeah I completely agree. A lot of ppl like to skim the surface of problems shown but don’t like to delve into why those problems exist at all. But it’s just a little annoying to me cus ppl here are so up in arms about a lady who, for her own reasons, obv dislikes her ex a lot. Without even considering if her behavior has a basis, they just pour judgment deeming her crazy, demented & psychotic. For all I know, maybe she is, but nobody even gave her the benefit of a doubt.

    2. @coralie I think they both at fault for their broken relationship. We all live and learn from our own mistakes. She needs to learn from her own mistakes and move on and that is the best thing for herself and her daughter. Her anger/resentment can ruin her daughter in the process also. Happiness is the best revenge in my opinion. She was 17 when she met him – it means she had 12 years to realize what this relationship did to her and how she can learn from it.

      1. @dramas4me yes…another thought is that maybe she still loves WF. only when you’ve really loved (still love) someone, can you hate that bitterly. her resentment and angst is probably misdirected, but technically he took the best things from her life, so i could understand the anger.

        but i have to say, this lady (though bitter & resentful), has the funniest crack ups. and she’s so openly negative, idk, it’s funny!

  8. What do both of them see in him? Must be internal… Zhang Zhiyi looks happy. He must be not bad then.

    1. @hohliu Zhang ZY’s taste in men is a little questionable. That Nivo guy, and before that … the 2nd 太子爷 of the famous Fok family … etc.

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