Former lover Nancy Wu Does Not Dare To Be A Big Mouth

Regarding Deep Ng (吳浩康) and Jacquelin Chong (莊思敏)’s recent break up, Deep’s former flame, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) said, “Since I’m not the actual person involved, I don’t wish to comment too much on this.” (Are you still in contact with Deep?) “Not much.” (You heard that he took drugs?) “Hope it’s just heated rumors; I don’t wish to comment too much on other matters.”

Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡) who used to be rumored with Deep, was also asked for her opinions. Yumiko asked, “Is this for real or not? You are saying this just to scare me right?” (They really broke up!) “Wow, I really didn’t know! But if this is true then I feel that it’s really a pity as they were together for quite some time. I’m not sure about other matters.”

Taiwanese model, Yedda Chiu (趙彤) whoacted in a movie with Deep’s ex girlfriend, Jacquelin Chong, expressed that she felt taken aback about their breakup, “Is this true?” Yedda gave an ‘O-mouthed’ expression. “Who snitched to you? Last week, we just attended Meng Yao (孟瑤)’s wedding together and I didn’t detect anything abnormal from her. I didn’t know that they had already broken up then. So shocking and such a pity!” (Ever discussed matters relating to love with Jacquelin?) “Yes, we always have. Once, she and Deep Ng accepted an  interview with a television station and they looked so sweet back then.”

On the other hand, Meng Yao professed, “I don’t know the reason behind their break up but when Jacquelin attended my wedding, she didn’t look unhappy. Tthey had been dating for so long; it’s such a pity!” (Consoling Jacquelin?) “If this is true and they really broke up, I will definitely give her a call to console her.”


This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

Ah K: Translated this article cause I remembered Deep Ng used to be lovers with Nancy Wu and they used to look so cute together. I like Nancy Wu as she seemed very easy-going on Weibo. Recently she came back from a vacation and Felix Wong and Oscar Leung mockingly chided her for not reporting to Stone Sir (Felix) that she’s going on a vacation. Haha and she actually played along with them when she returned and tweeted back, “Ahh! Sorry Sir! *salutes*”

Hope Nancy will be able to find someone worthy of her. I remembered she went on a date with Kenneth Ma before and was caught by the paparazzi but there was no more news of them after that, guess they felt they were probably incompatible and chose to remain friends?

In case, anyone doesn’t remember, Deep Ng isn’t a very popular actor, he is most well-known for acting as Tavia Yeung’s elder brother and a boxing fanatic in “The Academy” and “On The First Beat”, he is also known to be a singer as well.

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    1. I thought she hooked up with Kenneth. Their friends always tease them. Kenneth is a great guy and if he likes Nancy, she should go for it.

  1. How long has Deep and Jac been dating?

    I never knew Deep and Nancy dated. Nancy’s dating life seems quite low-profile. Who else was Nancy rumored together besides Kenneth?

    1. I read another article and its states that Deep and Jac dated for 5 years.

    2. Nancy dated Deep when she first started out in TVB, going to be promoted… she stuck with Deep when he was exposed taking drugs.

      After he broke up with Nancy and dated Jacqueline, the two girls had an ugly, verbal catfight.

      1. LOL catfight! Do you remember what they said to each other?

        Btw, Nancy seems like a nice person to me, I don’t get why she would do something so immature.

      2. I don’t like to watch women fight over men. It’s not worth it

      3. @Lol,
        SO do you like seeing men fight over women?? I don’t like seeing anyone fight for anyone since I never think it is worth it… Maybe you think 2 girls going after a guy is different from 2 guys going after a girl??

    3. Deep and Jacquelines dated 6 years if counted 2011 in.

      Their love story and breakup are in the newspaper for a long while with a lot of fight, tears and stuffs but maybe Nancy isn’t really famous and known by a lot of ppl so you dunno. Deep this time is also involved in prison, drugs thingy.

      Nancy had rumours with Nathan Lee (the one who danced with her in Strictly go dancing) and Derek Kwok, other than the small one with Kenneth.

      1. I see. Perhaps it’s because she didn’t get into a long-term relationship with any of them, so it seems like she doesn’t have as many pursuers. Wow, Derek is so much older than her, surprised that they would be rumored together.

      2. You might feel surprised if you know Derek is around Kevin’s age. Derek isn’t that old, even his look.

        To mention, lol, I rmb I feel so surprised when I know Ruco was born in 1977. I thought he is around Kevin’s age.

  2. Deep Ng is more famous than Nancy, it’s an obvious truth :P. Maybe you guys focus on TVB more so you dun know him but there were time he was very famous. EEG had plan for him to make him becomes first line artist, but Deep failed. Now he stayed in second line or even third line of EEG, along with Steve and Don. I heard his album, not too bad.

    And the actor peak of Deep should be his role in The book and the sword (China version, Niki is first lead).

    Jacquelines is a model, as well as a rich girl. Deep is named a male gold digger after dating Jac. Rumoured that they got married. Now they broke up.

    1. Since Deep won the ‘New Talent Singing Awards’ (HK Region), his singing of course, shouldn’t be too bad.

      He and Nancy participated in the same contest.

  3. I like the name Deep Ng but when you’re more famous for your relationships than your body of work, clearly Deep needs some deep thinking on his career.Wasn’t he involved in some drugs thing?Was he that guy?

      1. And wouldn’t that be one of the factors why his career is nowhere near promising right now?

      2. I thought his career is already buried now after the drug and prison case. EEG don’t promote him anymore

  4. Nancy is really pretty but is way too skinny!! SHe needs some more meat since those bones in the above pix scare me. I think she is a lot prettier than Fala…

    1. I think she’s very pretty as well. A very unique face shape, and she looks good in both modern and ancient dramas. I was rooting for her to win Best Supporting Actress 2010!

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