Francis Ng Deletes All His Posts and Leaves Weibo

Heartbroken to see his 7-year-old son Feynman staying up late at night to complete his daily homework assignments, Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) took to his Sina Weibo to relieve his frustration at schools for giving out too much homework for kids.

He said, “Why is there so much homework! Even I, as a parent, can’t take it. What is the purpose of going to school? If it’s to make money, then please take a look at the grades of those who are on the wealthiest people list. I don’t think many of them had very good grades. If it’s to gain knowledge, then we should all groom our children to do best in what they’re interested in. Then, the world would have many children with many different talents.”

But what was originally a simple complaint about homework turned into a huge media misunderstanding. A Chinese media outlet took Francis’ words out of context and published an article that said Francis was slamming wealthy people for having poor grades in school. Netizens who read the erroneous article also did not read Francis’ entire Weibo post thoroughly, and many of them left angry comments on his Weibo, even attacking him.

Enraged at being attacked and misunderstood, Francis made an angry follow-up post, “This place is seriously uneducated.” He exclaimed that many netizens attacked him without reading carefully or getting the message.

A few minutes later, he said, “If you want news, I’ll give you news. Friends, I will no longer be using Sina Weibo to chat with you all. From now on, this will redirect to my Tencent Weibo. Your next headline can be that Francis Ng is angry and has decided to move to a new territory!”

Before deleting all his posts on Weibo, Francis said, “My mistake. It turns out that Tencent Weibo doesn’t exist anymore. See you all on Facebook then, haha! Thank you everyone!”

Source:, Oriental Daily

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  1. The news like to take things out of context to make a profit. It’s what they do -__- to make ppl (often celebs) miserable or rise to fame.

  2. Nice to hear this from someone who is chinese… It is true what he says… Kids in my opinion are suppose to enjoy their childhood and all the time I think the kids in HK are under too much pressure.
    I have 2 kids 20 and 23 years old and I have never pushed them to do any of the school work. My 23 year old has a Master Degree and has a well paid job… and he was a lazy student.
    My 20 year old is hard working and still has 2 years left to do on her master degree course… and both have been left to their own devices!!!

    1. @forgetful Maybe that is why the ones that will change the world in a good way are those who does their homework diligently. The rest like us all, we get by but we won’t make an impact that will have our names etched in history, again I stress in a positive way, not like those mindless drones of religious fanatics that just did what they did in Paris.

    2. @forgetful I agree with you. HK school system is way too stressful. Even now in the US, it’s getting stressful too. I remember when I was in kindergarten, I didn’t need to know my ABC and I barely speak English as my parent didn’t speak any English then. Now even before they start, they need to know their alphabets, write their own name and their numbers. The way they do math here now is dumb as we as parents have to learn the new way just to teach our kids and it’s a whole learning curve for everyone!

      @funnlim some of the wealthiest people never finished college. For instance, BGate, MZuckerberg, oracle CEO etc. I don’t believe pushing kids to the extreme like they do in HK or Asia in generation is the solution. I believe kids who want to succeed will find their own way, doesn’t necessary mean they need to do well in school.

      1. @happybi Well-said! The education system nowadays has truly gotten ridiculous. I can totally relate to what Francis said because I feel the same way based on personal experience (though in my case, it’s the education system in the U.S rather than Asia). My nephew is in preschool and the amount of ‘homework’ he is given by his teacher is absolutely ridiculous – but what irks me the most is that a lot of the schools just ‘go through the motions’ in terms of assigning homework in order to meet a certain curriculum and don’t even bother to understand whether the homework they give is appropriate to their students’ age groups. As an example: the 2 worksheets that my nephew brought home the other day as assigned homework literally made my jaw drop – one worksheet asked him to write 6 COMPLETE sentences using the word “after” while the other worksheet said to write sentences (directions said specifically to write COMPLETE sentences) using nouns and pronouns. Um, did I mention that my nephew is only 4 years old and barely even knows how to write his own name? Yet he’s expected to know how to write complete sentences and understand the difference between nouns and pronouns??? Hmmm….

      2. @llwy12 It really have gotten ridiculous. Just very stressful for the kids and the parents. In the US, we don’t have hired help to help us with our daily chores and watch our other kids. So everything we have to do ourselves. 6 complete sentences in preschool is absolutely crazy! So what end up happening is the parents doing it for them and that mean added work for us!!! Don’t see how they think kids will learn this way. At that age I feel they should just be having fun and learning social skills! Feel bad for your nephew and the kids for sure.

      3. @happybi Yep…beyond ridiculous actually.  What’s worse is that when we talked to the teacher and principal about the matter, they pretty much hide behind the government, claiming that they are only going by the curriculum mandated to them by the state and all schools in the district are like that.  They basically told us to blame the former governor of our state for it because it was a requirement he had established (I’m not kidding – they literally told us to our faces to go complain to the former governor if we didn’t like it).  Which leads me to the other thing that ticks me off to no end about the education system – the attitudes of the teachers and administrators…..they pretty much don’t give a crap about anything as long as they still get a paycheck (which they are guaranteed to get regardless of how they do, since teachers in the public school system can’t be fired because they are backed by unions). 

        Needless to say, I definitely have a better appreciation for those parents who choose to home-school their kids instead of putting them through such a ridiculous system (by the way, private schools aren’t necessarily better either – really depends on the school and what their focus is).  Sure, home-schooling is looked down upon and oftentimes criticized by society due to its lack of ‘structure’ (i.e. doesn’t provide the student with a formal classroom setting environment type of learning style) and other reasons, but honestly, how is that worse than kids dreading going to school every day because all they do is sit in a classroom with incompetent, uncaring teachers who merely ‘follow a script’ and drone on and on about things that kids at that age won’t understand no matter how hard they try?  The education system may be messed up, but in a way, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since society’s overall mindset is just as messed up!

      4. @llwy12 Absolutely! And yes, private school is overrated!! I also do not mind home school at all because at least it’s not 1 teacher teaching 10 kids but 1 mom focus on their own kids so for me that is an added bonus already!!

        Gotta say though that your sis got it worst then me! Having them hide behind the former governor is just maddening for sure!!

      5. @happybi I never quite buy the home school thing because schools, apart from learning ABCs is also a place to learn to socialise. Home schools.. tend to not socialise with kids their own age. May lack in social skills and EQ. I look forward to schools mainly because I get to see my friends during lunch time at canteens to gossip, etc. I don’t think I can have that if I am home schooled. And seeing your mom every day now including studying may be too much for some.

        Ahh I wish I was in private school. Heard got swimming classes, etc. Must be fun!

      6. @funnlim depends… as there’s always playgroup parents can setup their kids with if they know any other home school kids. Public/private and home school all have their benefits and issue. Just need to find one that fit their needs. Some kids who for instance have issue socializing may prefer being home school.

        As for private schools… you get extra activities but it’s something parents are paying for.. not free!

  3. I don’t suppose the attitude of “post something-get criticised-tantrum-leaves weibo for another weibo” is a good example for the son on how to deal with peer pressure?

    Look, at least the schools give homework. Some don’t even bother. And a plus point for his son; if too much homework, get homeschooled. Francis can afford the private tutor. Is the son in private school now? And if can’t even stand homeschooled, quit school. Set him up on a trust fund. Not like he ever needs to work, ever.

  4. I’m a parent and I totally agree with him and know what he means. It’s utterly stupid that some people can misinterpret his comments. He’s right about wealthy people. They are rich because they have a good business sense, which you can’t get from education, along with inherent personality traits like confidence, hard work, belief in yourself, sense of responsibility, drive, ambition. Some of the richest people didn’t even go to college and they write like a third grader, but they got rich because of an inherent talent, drive, and hard work.

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