Frankie Lam Takes on New Job as Vice President of ATV

At the press conference for the 2019 Miss Asia Pageant 2019 today, Frankie Lam (林文龍) was announced as the new Vice President of Asia Television (ATV). The move surprised many people, as the 52-year old actor is most known for his dramatic roles in TVB dramas.

With 30 years of experience in Hong Kong television, Frankie promises to steer the troubled station in the right direction and produce more quality programming. Accepting his new role on stage, Frankie said, “Thank you ATV for giving me your trust and such a high responsibility. I will use my experience and knowledge to work hard in this job. From TVB, ATV, HKTV, to Mainland China, I have gained many experiences. I will apply the best practices I have observed and get rid of things that don’t work. I will make ATV amazing. I want viewers to know that the Asian market is not only known for dramas from Japan, Korea, and Mainland China, but Hong Kong can also produce good quality dramas.”

Still adjusting to his new role, Frankie will be learning on the job. He said, “ATV has a long history in [Hong Kong] television. Many people reminisce its glorious past, but we have to look forward at the same time. We won’t disappoint everyone and will do our best.”

When asked if he took the vice president position because of the enticing million-dollar salary (HKD), Frankie said, “Don’t always place money too highly. I am good friends with Jessie Lai (賴彩雲), the Non-Executive Director and Co-Chairman of ATV. She is very caring towards her friends and staff.”

Frankie’s biggest project on hand is the upcoming Miss Asia Pageant finals, which will take place on December 29. ATV places great importance on the pageant, which will be hosted by Kenneth Chan (陳啟泰) and feature guest performers Richie Ren (任賢齊), Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜), Kong Wah (江華) and Connie Mak (麥潔文).

Asked if his wife Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) will be making an appearance in ATV productions anytime soon, Frankie said her focus will remain on raising their nine-year-old daughter.

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  1. Wowza, this is hella surprising. Really hope Frankie will do a good job and make ATV the new champion of good television.

  2. “I want viewers to know that the Asian market is not only known for dramas from Japan, Korea, and Mainland China, but Hong Kong can also produce good quality dramas”


    This man was a mediocre actor at best. I hope he can run an organization better than he can act.

    Maybe Frankie should just stick to acting.

  3. LOL. Good luck with that, Mr. Wooden. ATV has been dead and will probably stay dead for years.

  4. how the station even manage to stay alive, ATV will never make a comeback and rise again … TVB and ViuTV are a rough competition even though its been bad for many years.

  5. Hmm….I see a pattern here. First, HK Open TV invited actor Wong Hei to take up a similar position over at that station (though that didn’t last long, as he officially stepped down this year), and now ATV (which is a web platform now that they lost their license) is inviting Frankie to helm its station (another actor who has little to no experience in the area of producing/managing television content)…not trying to be mean, but I highly doubt this is going to last, as ATV has been cycling through execs faster than we can say “what the hell?” Besides, ATV has been “back” for like what, 1-2 years now, and most people still don’t know that they exist…

      1. @mike
        Frankie won’t be able to do anything. It’s the investors and the other powerful people within the station who speaks. This my just harm his already freelance acting career limiting himself to this station…

    1. @llwy12 whether it will be a succes or not for frankie depends on 2 things. one is if he can choose the right person on the right spot and second if there is enough investors that bring a lot of money. but i think without a tv license its hard to attracts investors and ads income which is crucial for a tv station. he may have the right vision but without hard cash he cant survive.

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