G.E.M.’s Facebook Videos Make the News

Yesterday, pop singer G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) went on Facebook to greet her fans via live video, where she was seen riding a open-top double-decker bus with her staff on Nathan Road. In her series of live videos, she greeted the fans happily and briefly introduced Hong Kong, exclaiming that the city is known for its night view. G.E.M. later disclosed that she was doing a photobook shoot at the time, and did not return home until after midnight.

G.E.M. was very excited in the videos, jumping around and having fun. However, things took an interesting turn when a photo from the scene, taken from a mobile phone by a staff, surfaced online, which showed G.E.M. with her legs spread opened. Although the picture was censored, a netizen claimed that G.E.M. had accidentally revealed her undies in the photo. And, as expected from the Hong Kong media, the photo made headline news in Hong Kong.

The photo became a hot topic of gossip online. Many netizens warned G.E.M. to be more careful when sharing pictures, and a few fans said the photo shouldn’t have been posted in the first place.

But that wasn’t the only G.E.M.-related activity that made the news. The singer-songwriter later went to Mongkok for a fun photoshoot, and G.E.M.’s interesting outfit—blonde wig, crazy neon lights, etc.—became a hot topic online as well. G.E.M. joked that she looked like a neon goldfish.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am not a G.E.M fan but I am going to support her here, basically a spade a spade. There were times when G.E.M foolishly or arrogantly put herself in the line of fire but this is not one of those times. So what other underwear got exposed during her excitement oceanfront ng and jumping up and down from being happy. The media make trouble where and when it is not needed, relevant. At least she was wearing underwear. Like I said yesterday, they lack class, morals education and common sense
    Good to the fans having the sense in supporting her this time. This is not worth giving her a hard time over.

    1. @bubbletea U mean Gem lack class, morals education and common sense? Yeah. I agree. She knows she is wearing skirts, and what would happened when u spread open ur leg and took pictures at this angle. And then show to the public. Where is the common sense. Unless she purposely do it for the news.

  2. this article only made it to the headlines b/c it’s asia…if it was the us…who cares?!

  3. Lol the way she sat with her legs spread open and one leg up, i dont think it was “accidental ” and anyways i dont think she gave a da-m either.

    1. @isay Totally I agree with you 100% on this. She is a celebrity – how can she not know about these things? You don’t “position” yourself like that & not expecting news.

  4. i never like her , arrogant lady , how can she sit with her legs wide open ????

    1. @kimo28 I agree she is arrogant and all that but the media still blows up every single little thing. The netizens too seem to expect too much much perfection and righteousness from these men and women News flash, the celebrities are only human.

  5. GEM can do whatever she wants (except harm others) and I won’t give a [email protected] I respect her and her craft, anything else she does is none of my concern. It’s much better than those stars who can’t sing or act and who, in my opinion, has zero entertainment value but prances around TV and the news all day with zero shame. Oh and they represent themselves as the paragon of virtue. Puhleaze.

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